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Flipped BitCoin for 10% gain.

I used the metrics provided by Newton’s Full History of trades. I used one standard deviation instead of beta because I couldn’t use a beta function with the Timestamp on the X-axis, in sheets.

I only made a couple of dollars and it was enough to cover a penny saver and top loader.

I was ready to hold BitCoin for a year because of having cash in the account to buy more if when it drops. I didn’t listen news and sold before waiting for it to climb above my forecast.

I’m Enjoying My Americano With A Shadowless

Maybe I’ll pull another card.

I’ve been Messaging two Pokémon Fans.

I Enjoy The Pokemon I Have For Sale

Is Nintendo, Apple?

I’m wondering whether the manufacturing of Pokémon ranks up there with Apple Computers.

I Prefer Not Getting Wound Up Over Music

Luckily, it’s something to do sitting at my desk.

I look forward to sitting at my desk chair in the first time in 10 years.

“You’ve Got To Sell Your Pokemon”

Luckily, I have an Uber too.

I Got A Monopoly With The Board Game Using The Scarcity Principle

I know which Pokémon are scarce so price will rise to meet demand.

I “Can” Push My Jaw In!

I busted my big shoulders so I need 3 pints to make me feel better.

I want to Uber Fistfuls of Cash

Pay The Bird Dog to Bring Me Renturly Till I Run Out Of Money

Then wait till they buy the remaining properties.

I’ve got a Monopoly

The New Way Mom Looks At Me Is As If I Have To Write Something Better

I’ve adopted it her suggestion to edit my writing

Do mouthguard exercises every night at bedtime.

Like My Page Can Make An Indie Rockstar Depressed

An Image Clssifier costs $13K in Orthodontics.

$13K is twice the amount of a JV. Who wants to JV with me?!

I Don’t Want To Be Charged For A Mouthguard

Chew on a salad.

I drive the speed of traffic on a ramp. No one cares about the Royal Family on Sunday.