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Uber Makes Sure I’m Full So I Can Get My Pokedex Submitted

My name is Michael, and my shipping cost is to afford opening another pack of pokemon.

Hopefully I can open up another pack of pokemon!

I have Shining Fates packs in the bank.

I’m Enjoying My SHOP

I’m enjoying my SHOP suppliers.

Buy Pokemon

I’m Ubering tomorrow part-time.

Bring Me Fistfuls of Cash

BitCoin isn’t going to double as fast as I originally thought. I’ve been getting lots of good data in Mixpanel. I’m not reaching for a mortgage calculator because I can calculate principal and interest in Sheets.

The interest pays the balance.

I can crack my back like a chiropractor so I don’t need to twist my back. The best part is, I can bend over!

Lotsa Precipitation In Edmonton

I think BitCoin’s going o reach $50K. My AirMiles Cash Miles is maintaining its value. Edmonton’s getting a lot of precipitation next week.

I hope you share my Raichu GX in the Bird Dogging Urly Birds Group. I tried hard in Calculus in Univeristy! I’ve priced my cards like PSA is going to grade them.

My business will be a success because I’ll lower my price

I thought I wasn’t spending any money this and I did calculus and put $19 cash in my pocket for the weekend to keep my spending on my MasterCard down. I bought a Galarian Meowth V! I’m hoping to get it graded and flip it. Enjoy the Edmonton weather! I don’t think I need any more hoodies.

I made a successful delivery near Stony Plain.

It was School of Business material if Standard Oil wanted me to manage them. It would be motivating if Startup Unlimited named themselves after Base Set Pokemon from 1999.

I’m Hungry!!!

I’ll probably pickup Walmart. I am very excited about filling Renturly with pokemon and Digimon from SHOP, unfortunately I have no revenue from Renturly so I can’t spend anything on SHOP. I lose money selling cards via Lettermail. It’s very disappointing. It’s likely that items will be shipped via Facebook and not Uber. My mom thinks I shouldn’t pay and that I should just get revenue, which is true according to how to optimize a business: get revenue and then match expenses. It’s exciting to see whether Mr Barber expands or contracts. I’ll probably gain cash and not have to go to the bank. This week: No Uber cash tips.

My Family Helped Me Edit My Published Posts

Am I going to buy 3 pints form Sherbrooke Liquor with a bag from SHOP in hand or is my AirMiles going to provide enough Uber Cash to support beer I'm tired of. I'm listening to AHS's 3 PINT recommendation! I was very excited and happy to consume that I have Mixpanel data from Canada while working out at planet fitness... without spine pain! We didn’t buy too much Gold. SHOP is a competition.

Exchange of Terms

We’re going to chop some wood from the Satan that left me alone.

Serious buyers only.

We need more data like I need a new prescription.

I’m Sowing Seeds On Meta

Actually gained money on inventory because heating the house and planning to afford more inventory.

The compression Jerks are just about my teeth: Making a cash offer pulls them in!

Richard Hendrix is so powerful because after the trade, it’s petty cash: I invented fire. Who are these brewers?!

Tip so Uber Drivers Can Come Into The Building

I can afford compensating the Flock Gold Chain Fistfuls because: Flock is up and to the right.