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Greninja Gold Star

More machine learning with CVP Analysis. With Boosting I’ve Reached 7000 Impressions on eBay, booping for another sale. I know from last two years that I’ll make $142 in 2024 and I’ve got to compete. I changed things up and Deleted Facebook from my iPhone 11 Pro Max. A rational businessman believes he'll earn more money than he spends and that spending on the right things on the weekend will improve the value of his real estate.

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Celebi V

Celebi V

One of my Amazon Trucks dropped off more rare Pokémon. $12 is the minimum purchase price determined by collecting more data over 11 years and using solver with my new MacBook Pro.

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My List of Motivated Seller


Get a list of motivated sellers that just got out of their last property and are looking for a place to build a cash generating business.

My bird dogs want pokemon cards and will drive to your house to buy them.

My bird dogs are dogging in Edmonton so don’t be surprised if they’re at your door ready to trade.

My leads are for marriage and divorce because so you need paperwork. Sellers are near me.

Real estate is cash flow!