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Real estate professionals are afraid of dealing with Tire Kickers because they are a waste of time and present fake deals. If you believe what Tire Kickers say and then distribute their information, you could be a Tire Kicker.

Tire Kickers create Daisy Chains because they believe that they have a deal when they do not. Daisy Chains are large links of real estate middlemen separate the buyer from the seller. Real professionals verify the identity of cash buyers and motivated sellers before bringing them to the table. 

Tire Kicker!

If you find yourself in a negotiation and can not proceed because you are afraid of being circumvented then chances are you are a Tire Kicker and have not spent the time putting the buyer or seller that you are bringing to the table under contract. 

  • I have received signed contracts from wholesalers verifying that they own the contract. 
  • Some cash buyers say that they have no problem providing bank documents. 
  • Real estate brokers have no problems collecting documents from cash buyers. 

If you deal with someone who says that the information is too sensitive to provide and who wants urgent access to your buyer or seller then they are probably fake and trying to cut you out of a real deal.

Tire Kickers try to build relationships with your buyers and sellers in order to circumvent you, which ends up with you not getting paid.

How can you spot a Tire Kicker?

Tire Kickers try not to pay earnest money deposits (EMDs), while real coaches budget to put deposits on wholesale contracts that they purchase risking a few thousand dollars at a time to do so. Real professionals also put your money in escrow. If buyers don’t put your money in escrow then you know that they are not real. There is no need to chase a deal for them.

Tire Kickers put a lot of pressure on you to get information quickly while offering nothing for it. Don’t give up information without knowing that you are going to get paid. Some of the most valuable information that you should not give up is buyer and seller contact information. This can accidentally be exchanged via contracts. Avoid giving up this information before having a contract with your buyer and seller. It is okay to share information when you have a contract with a buyer and seller and know that they are real.

Some people will say that Tire Kickers don’t have their own web domain as their email address and don’t have well designed websites. I do not know what to make of this one because it is relatively easy to make a website. An email from a website with a high domain authority from Moz.com is very believable and probably not a Tire Kicker. However, I have seen the “From” e-mail address faked before.

I think that the best way to spot a high quality real estate professional is by knowing them for a long time and by peer review.

You might have trouble finding someone that will trust you to go out and get them a deal. They might say that they have been in real estate for 20 years and have a few connections already. Some people believe that the big hedge funds won’t provide bank statements. This article on Forbes about how the wrong client will suck you dry when you think that they are valuable is true. The thing about circumvention is that you never know it’s happening to you. Don’t trust these people at first. 

You do not need to work for them until you know that they are real. 

You are the real estate professional that verifies the identity of your cash buyers and motivated sellers. I’ve been told that your reputation is everything in real estate. 

What have you done to verify that your cash buyer list and motivated property sellers are real?

Michael Sadler is the Founder of Access The Flock Online Real Estate Marketplace where he helps Real Estate Professionals make money accessing cash buyers and motivated sellers. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTUBE, LinkedIn Group, LinkedIn Personal.


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