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Gyarados #43 Reverse Holo

Paldea Evolved

I hope you request to join my Bird Dogging Urly Birds Group.

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Togekiss #45

Roaring Skies

My pokemon show strong ROI from grading and I'm using TCGPlayer.com for making my decision.

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Mewtwo #51

Pokemon Evolutions

I paid for my Mewtwo this past weekend and started paying cash for rare pokemon. If you have them in bulk in the $2-$3 range I'll purchase them.

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My 9Q Pokemon

Safe and secure

I’m outsourcing grading to PSA for my Charizard.

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9 Pokémon Is Bulk

Sorry to Disappoint

I didn’t get caught off guard by a 1 & 1/2 inch binder. I found space in my cupboard. This is the start of my second short run aggregate supply cost curve. Is it a $2 pokemon or $1? Could I promote a $1 pokemon into fan art?

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Competing For More PSAs

I’m making space for a larger quantity of PSAs and selling my scrap and they include rare pokemon. My cash deal happens next. This week included Economic Profits.

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I’m in the Long Run Supply

My collection is getting more elastic and I’m in the long run causing me to want revenue for my most valuable pokemon and keep lower rarities safe and secure.

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Technical Machine: Devolution

I just don’t want customers to spill my cards on the floor

I’m not an indebted maker of Graded Pokemon even though I’m still cliff jumping off competitors with a high markup.

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Walmart Butcher Still Needs Portion Control

I keep forgetting not to compete versus myself. I’m looking forward to pricing my Pokemon on Facebook. I did a workout with bands on my obliques.

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