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Growth is fan art not rigorous math.

I’m not doing forecasts with marketing data.

Scheduling my post in the evening causes competition. Saving money to buy silver happens in the face of competition. I can get my price high enough to sell at a gain cause I’m not doing forecasts with marketing data.

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I’m being more selective with accepting trips

My Uber Acceptance Rate Is Going To Drop

I’m online for an hour turning down Uber trips that are $3. I don’t count on getting more than 3 trips from Home. I don’t want to get stranded hoping for a busy area reward.

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Some people enjoy the hobbie of pokemon.

My Perfectly Competitive Hobbie Can Produce Profits

I can’t set the price. I’m taking price from Facebook Marketplace pokemon sellers and average total cost is shifting up and down depending on the Pokemon paid for. My low quantity demanded, when 1, is called a ‘Zard and banks on my low quantity of 3 demanded and absorbs the cost of my graded pokemon. Average total cost causes consumer surplus and $45 for Charizard VMAX causing me to run a profit.

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My Sales Are Causing Demand For More Pokemon

I set price = marginal cost.

Next, my marginal revenue is a big bill. My higher quantity produced means I need to buy 2 rare pokemon for grading and then I set price = marginal cost. Producing more Pokemon in Edmonton means I can provide a lower price.

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I’m Staying In The Pokemon Marketplace

Im not forgetting about sunk costs

Don’t show me a pokemon post that causes liability. My sunk costs aren’t causing a weekend expense. Next, my marginal revenue is a big bill.

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I Put My Hopes And Dreams Into Pokemon Like 2008

Pokemon Is All I Got

Pokémon is a call option cause I already sunk my money into them. My spending on pokemon is a charity which I give to myself. My family will never let me sell at a loss. My pokemon is an app I built and cybersecurity is not a question.

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I’m In A Circle Where I Uber For Pokemon

I’m In A Circle Where I Uber For Pokemon

My competition wants me to buy more expensive pokemon and Uber’s Busy Areas don’t provide remedies. I spend all day at home dreaming about marginal revenue, next my weekend is margjnal cost. I can never earn minimum wage and charting software quoted from my the flock’s buyers are guarantee business losses! Should I hop in a car to deliver pokemon when I can’t cover the cost of an oil change?

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20% Interest Is Lender I'll Watch Wearily

Large sums of money is on the line.

Have you considered the impossibility of forecasting a stock payout. My dreams of getting more PSAs graded should happen next. GO Oilers!

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