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I Created Space For My Saver 1s

I’ve Got Room In My Top Loader Binder

2020 Pokemon Sword & Shield Champion's Path #070 Full Art/Gardevoir V

When my pokemon arrive I’m keeping them on the Top Loader they come with and ready for sale.

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Weekend GDP

Uber Eats and Pokemon

You can buy a few Pokemon on the weekend.

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Summer Pokemon

It’s Perfect Weather for Pokemon

A pokemon in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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I’m Making Space For Scrap Pokemon

Make Space

I’m trying to make space on my cabinets for more Pokemon.

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I’m hoping for a Charizard

Banette 63 LP


This card has dust on it that could cause scratches to the front.

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Blitzle #50 Chilling Reign


Even though this card is a reverse holo it has dust on that might cause a scratch.

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I can see the picture on this card clearly and it’s centered causing beauty.

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