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Bunnelby is A Bunny

I used the growth function in sheets.


I’m successful at keeping the price per pokemon below $2.

Bronzor is XY

I ignored Amazon’s competition.

Bronzor XY

I priced this card as $0.73 with no growth.


Karrablast is $0.60 price.

Instead of lowering my price to sell it I consider advertising it if it’s worth more than the $2 minimum Boost, which increases demand from Collectors wanting higher prices for their own cards.

Pikachu is Market Ready

Pikachu went from $4.20 to $6.11 and I paid the expense to Boost it so it’s ready for sale and am considering getting it graded.


The growth in price was reflected in eBay’s shipping cost by lots of competitors.

I want to get back into holding BitCoin

Fees: I’ve been saving more money, not to get eaten by fees by the bank and Newton. BitCoin Offices’ paid fees on small margin trades.

Just take a look at BitCoin’s price in the short term.

BitCoin will become illegal if the price doesn’t change. I made $2 on my previous trade because I could measure the STDEV in Sheets. It took me a month to make that trade, which is quick money if you have savings from Ubering for the month. I’m really excited to buy BitCoin again.