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Buyers are Responding To My eBay Marketing

I’m at the top of the market

Hoping For More eBay Views

I originally thought I need a specific value from my PSA Submission, then I learned about having to absorb tax incidence: PSA Price Levels.

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90s Hockey Cards

Auction Prices Realized

PSA’s grading specials are a luxury tax, pricing my auctions on eBay.

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Aggron EX 2015 Pokemon XY

Aggron EX PSA

Active Inventory I’m learning AutoLayout expertise and earning during the weekend from 2-3 entrants.



Active Inventory It’s a rivalry for PSAs that have prices on them. Boost Content auction realized prices causes is a risk that causes 3 satisfied customers to come drive to Renturly every weekend.

My Competitor Is Selling 4 Cards For More

After marking up my pokemon ready for sale, my pokemon look good and a presence of a large quantity of a pokemon causes me to lower my price.

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I consider owners of Pokémon cards that want to trade, predatory. They must see value in my pokemon and want me to own their lesser value cards. It’s not a game of Monopoly where I can get them to throw in some cash.

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Competitors will apply their Lerner’s Index to my collection


$20 + $12 = $50 - $32 = $18 Contribution Margin

Active InventoryI’m having troubles buying 1st Edition Pikachu Neo Genesis because my buyer will negotiate a volume discount on my slabs. Compare with competitors on eBay, my market price is determined by whether the seller wants the Pokemon and not quality. A higher quantity of this Pikachu are getting graded by PSA so the price should be lower than the current eBay competitors.