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I’ve Got To Make Some More Slabs

I’m not a leader. I sent the message like 4 times for a booster box and every seller wants a pickup. A macho business attitude is not a gainer.

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Pokemonless Weekend Turned Into a Slab Promotion

Ill need more storage for PSAs from Amazon

I’ll go into debt if I make another PSA Submission in the next 40 days. I feel poor cause my cash offer fell through. My weekend has turned has been remediless.

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Will I Pull An Umbreon VMAX Tonight?

The incessant cliff jumping off demanded market prices for pokemon make me think I’m poor. At least I had an awesome four pack of craft beer.

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I’m Hoping For 10’s For My Rare Pokemon

10s aren’t going to be awarded to me easily making me liable for the risk I’ve taken. I’m not Ubering to make my PSAs in higher demand by buyers: I’m Ubering to supply a higher quantity of Pokemon.

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I Get Remedies From My Sunday Payment

Economics is making me appreciate my Facebook listing views. Those ‘Zard slabs aren’t leaders. PSA’s grandeur of their building leaves little love for my savings.

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I’m Searching For Price

My competition wants me paying $700 for Charizard. That will just be debt. And I have no one viewing my graded slabs today. I don’t want to take a bigger risk. Or else I’ll be a lemming on the edge of reality.

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Pricing When Demand Is Low

I have more views for cheap slabs than luxurious ones. I’m taking price PSA when the demanded market price is lower.

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Beautiful Pokemon

It would be something I want to get Pokemon. It would probably cause somewhat of an annoyance to promote them nonstop. Luckily, they aren’t gold and are beautiful - to be decided by PSA, making them perfect for promotion.

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I Created Space For My Saver 1s

I’ve Got Room In My Top Loader Binder

2020 Pokemon Sword & Shield Champion's Path #070 Full Art/Gardevoir V

When my pokemon arrive I’m keeping them on the Top Loader they come with and ready for sale.

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