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Downtown Then Grab a Starbucks

I’m going to The Beaches and get to see Itty Bitty Titty Committee live!!!

Drive Downtown Then Grab a Starbucks & Pee at Esso, then drive outside the ringroad for $20.

All you have to do, without a buyer, is click Request Money

Oil is a round-a-bout & my site is a Pokémon I just bought that’s Growth: Another argument that my prices are too high. We’re not waiting to buy Stock: We’re waiting to buy Pokémon.

My new Request Money feature works and it improves disabled peoples’ Reach to Housing.

How I Spend My Afternoon

I know buying a graded Shauna is too expensive. I’ll get my revenue and start buying again. I’m keeping rares in the house to liquidate. Get the birdie and get the moussie causes the cats to know the garden. My prices change as soon as I get back from Uber at 1:30-3:30pm. I learned how to take pictures without shadows.

I learned how to put my pokemon in Ultra Pro sleeves in a binder. Walmart has cheaper weekly whole wheat loaf, causes my MasterCard to reach zero at the end of the week.

I’ve Been Working Out Waiting For A Sale

Knee pain is just the hamstring.

Do plyometrics for balance and I will stay on top of pelvic tilt.

I’m Doing Olympic Lifting

I can do Olympic Lifting with the bar, only. I did 18 reps of keeping the bar in a straight line. I can drink milk after my power workouts.

Like it’s supposed, the pain goes into the back cause of the L4 herniated disc. I’m going to load up on chocolate milk for after workouts.

Do You Hate Logging In?

It used to be that you had to login with a phone number based off the MailChimp login form. Then I hacked my own login and now I have working software that allows you to pillage a daisy chain in Chrome.

Look at all the information you get when you login!

Now we can collaborate on deals - ready for competition to rigorous math for our paperwork! And my Rent.

Uber Makes Sure I’m Full So I Can Get My Pokedex Submitted

My name is Michael, and my shipping cost is to afford opening another pack of pokemon.

Hopefully I can open up another pack of pokemon!

I have Shining Fates packs in the bank.

I’m Enjoying My SHOP

I’m enjoying my SHOP suppliers.

Buy Pokemon

I’m Ubering tomorrow part-time.

Bring Me Fistfuls of Cash

BitCoin isn’t going to double as fast as I originally thought. I’ve been getting lots of good data in Mixpanel. I’m not reaching for a mortgage calculator because I can calculate principal and interest in Sheets.

The interest pays the balance.

I can crack my back like a chiropractor so I don’t need to twist my back. The best part is, I can bend over!

Lotsa Precipitation In Edmonton

I think BitCoin’s going o reach $50K. My AirMiles Cash Miles is maintaining its value. Edmonton’s getting a lot of precipitation next week.

I hope you share my Raichu GX in the Bird Dogging Urly Birds Group. I tried hard in Calculus in Univeristy! I’ve priced my cards like PSA is going to grade them.