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Cash buyers list

Cash buyers list

Ponoka Real Estate Is Great!

Pay The Bird Dog - blog using the Bird Dog Landing Page API - and get matched with Fistfuls of Cash.

The difference with Access The Flock is that there are no Daisy Chains, you can tell the cash coming from the listing with the OKBird - It’s Flock; Cash buyers and motivated sellers are paying me cash to access you.

Red Deer is near Ponoka, AB. Ponoka houses range from $300K-$500K.

Donald Trump Alive: Difference Between A Cash Buyer And A Terrorist?

Creative Real Estate Investing: Bird Dogging

There’s lots of opportunity around creative real estate investing.

I don’t know if you just want to read the top few pages of Google. Or if you need a book.

But there is a lot of repetitive information on real estate.

You can flip, hold, wholesale, and that’s about it. Those are all of the strategies that you need to know to get the access.

Wikipedia calls creative real estate investing scandalous: Bird Dogging.

I think that’s horrible.

Bird Dogs have their good strategies.

Mostly yard signs in the front law; That shows that you actually have control of the property.

What do you want to do an open house.

You’d have to sit there waiting for lenders to come in.

You can get cash buyers.

They have, let me see, how much cash they have today: It looks like they only have $22M.

I know they are vetted because they paid me cash.

Uh huh.

I spoke to a Bird Dog that actually said they don’t see themselves paying the price; That’s the first time a Bird Dog told me outright that they weren’t comfortable paying the price.

I didn’t even have to pivot.

I know soldiers want to Bird Dog Urly Birds - emails.

You can create a Bird Landing Page API. You need to program. Everyone programs. That’s how you are going to make your money.

You don’t need a 20% downpayment. Just do a joint venture and raise money from a cash buyer. Get rich quick!

All you have to do is Blog for Cash.

You biggest deal is Access. Because Flock is your net worth.

I’m number one for nationwide cash buyers list real estate.

Some of the risks of Bird Dogging are Bird Dogs cutting you out. They want cash buyer lists for free. These are Daisy Chains and Tire Kickers. 

The ultimate threat is that you don’t know if they want to access the President. Or make a $2B deal. Hopefully they want to make a $2B deal.

Bird Dogs want to pay 0% in tax. Just use tax software.

What you read from Warren Buffet is a crock of shit. He would have bought from me… Or maybe he has already and I didn’t know it; I have bulk motivated seller portfolios that pay me cash to talk with cash buyers.

All that matters is that Donald Trump is alive.

Banks Are Ripe For Robbery: Urly Birds Always Have Cash

Screw creative real estate strategies.

Let’s just rob a bank.

Let’s just cut each other out over who gets paid the most.

It’s not price: This isn’t a team; You have to pillage the Daisy Chain yourself. This is cutthroat. 

If you don’t have a plan for supper you are dead.

Some people might not condone me writing like this, this is just to Pay The Bird Dog. I’ll see you at the Mating Dance.

What are you going to give to me so that I have to pivot. Tire Kickers.

Bird Dogging Urly Birds is all it is.

You can be Bird Dogging Urly Birds for 12 months.

They screen phone calls so you can get more cash from them than I can get.. from them.

You are robbing a bank.. Not my bank.

I want to get as much price as I can out of these phone conversations.

Don’t compete on price.

You are a Bird Dog.

52 more of these and you will be Bird Dogging for me for years.

I just got commercial and residential land that is paying me cash. SFRs across south United States. Notes in Missouri and Ohio, And Lancaster at 11%.

It’s in California. I like California.

Bird Dogs bring me cash.

They just say they don’t see themselves paying for Flock.

Creative Real Estate Investing - Urly Bird With A Note In Lancaster

Bird Dogs have to OK cash buyers and motivated sellers before you Access The Flock.

Tire Kickers will have long-winded conversations before realizing that they have to pay the quote to Access The Flock and Bird Dog Urly Birds or face Daisy Chains on other websites.

Bird Dogs have to be OK.


You asked about contracts when you close. You Access The Flock, see that the Urly Bird has Fistfuls of Cash, and you are wondering about what creative real estate strategy to use and that you have to be serious about sending a contracts.

You need a MFA. You need a bunch of other contracts too. Like letter of intent, and non-circumvention non disclosure.

The main thing that you are protecting is access to you cash buyer or motivated seller that you are bringing to the table. 

These are all jokes. They will cut you out.

Get as much cash as you can upfront.

One Urly Bird deals in joint venture contracts. I like that. You can raise money and create win-wins. That’s how you create real estate investment trusts - REITS.

I have one Urly Bird with a Note in Lancaster, CA with Fistfuls of Cash.

You want to access them.

I will speak with you on the phone.

Cash Buyers Atlanta

The top sites are Bird Dogs, you want OK’d cash buyers.

There’s Fistfuls of Cash in Atlanta.

Atlanta cash buyers are buying all kinds of motivated sellers’ property.

They buy distressed.

Bring me the Renturly.

I’d tear it down; They’d buy anything.

I Have OK’d Cash Buyers; They Have Fistfuls of Cash

I’d just match you.

They’ll buy anything. I look for cap rate.

Real estate has to be profitable.

No one wants to connect with a lender. Bring me cash buyers.

My list is OK’d with cash.

Bring me all kinds of real estate assets in Atlanta.

No daisy chains.

I will OK you.

Bring me a portfolio of real estate that the Bird Dog Matching Algorithm can OK for the best value.

I want cheaper minimum purchase price; Cheaper Renturly.

What’s the Renturly; That’s the cap rate.

All these Tire Kickers waste my time.

You Can Find OK'd SFRs in Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is one of the best places for creative real estate investing online; You can get cash from motivated sellers.

I like the cap rates.

Bring me cheaper Renturly.

You can buy and hold these SFRs.

There’s Technology and Universities in Raleigh.

I got cash in Raleigh, NC. It extends to Atlanta and Florida. 

There are Bird Dog opportunities in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Don't Be A Tire Kicker - Don't Cut Me Out

A Tire Kicker is someone that doesn’t like commerce.

I have Chinese Cash Buyers.

If you want to Bird Dog Urly Birds, Bird Dogs have to be OK.

I like having Urly Birds with Fistfuls of Cash.

Bring me Urly Birds with Fistfuls of Cash.
The long-winded telephone conversations aren’t OK.
I need cash.
It’s hard to believe you’re bringing me listings with $150K cash buyer and there is no cash behind it; Everyone you access has to have cash.
You can just use Google or Facebook.
These cash buyers and motivated sellers are vetted.
Bird Dogs that work for cash buyers need to have cash. Or the Flock is a Daisy Chain.

Cash Buyers List

Cash Buyers List

Bird Dogs Want To Access Chinese Cash Buyers

Chinese Buying Real Estate

Chinese are buying California real estate.

Chinese cash buyers spend $2B in the U.K.

I’d like to match Chinese cash buyers with the U.S and the U.K.

I have been getting traffic from real humans, Chinese Cash Buyers, lately.

Many of the pages ranking first in Google aren’t even in business anymore; You just have to cash flow.

You want exposure for your listings; I can get your listings to rank first on Google globally.

Investments have been changed by China.

I have cash buyers OK’d with real cash.

Don’t be afraid to offend Chinese Cash Buyers, just don’t get cut out.

Events will cut you out; Host your own Bird Dog Landing Page.

Watch out for Daisy Chains.

Bring me a listing.

Don’t take your listings with you to China; Bring me a listing.

Get paid from Chinese Cash Buyers.

It will be interesting to see whether Chinese Cash Buyers can bring me more than a $50K POF.

The "Federal Reserve is hounding Chinese Cash Buyers on money laundering."

I’m looking for $2B Chinese Cash Buyers.

"100,000 new Chinese millionaires are minted each year."