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Bird Dogs Real Estate

Bird Dogs Real Estate

Nationwide Cash Buyers

Nationwide Cash Buyers

Buyers List

Buyers List

Cash Buyers List Free

Let’s take on this topic.

Is the cash buyers list free.

It is.

It’s all the cash that I got over the past 5 years and charges for access to it.

It’s Fistfuls of Cash. It’s Fistfuls.

I don’t want to spend my evenings with phone calls saying it’s the price. 

It’s not the price. The price is an algorithm.

Better yet, it’s a quote. 

So, I don’t have to deal with all of the Tire Kickers.

The more cash buyers or motivated sellers the higher the price. The busier I am the higher the price. 

If I’m not busy enough one month, the algorithm will drop my price.

So there are more cash buyers and motivated sellers.

It’s free.

It’s $19.99 at the bottom, minimum.

I don’t want to repeat myself.

I am going to have so many phone calls where the cash buyer or motivated seller has $1B dollars and can’t afford the Flock.

I could just get a bigger list.

Cash Buyers List

I did a distribution of all the cash buyers. And all the money is held by one person.

I Fixed The Algorithm

The mapping is the cutting edge of maps.

I fixed the algorithm.

The Mapping Is Off

The mapping is off.

Van Nuys Los Angeles Real Estate Renturly

There are $million dollar properties in Van Nuys Los Angeles Real Estate.

I probably have a list of motivated sellers with the cap rate.

That you can call.

I know the price, but I don’t want to tell.

It’s a quote.

Bring me a Cash Buyer.

The higher the POF amount, the more Renturly you get to access. 

What’s the cap rate of a Van Nuys Los Angeles Real Estate?

You have to get matched to find out.

You might be able to buy land in Van Nuys.

How To Bird Dog Real Estate Access The Flock

Bird Dog Urly Birds

That’s how you make money.

Profit. Cash Flow. Flock.

You need an iPhone.

You actually have to go to the houses.

You can fly there by boat plane.

Why Cash Flow when you can Flock?

I need $30K a month to buy Renturly.

That’s $8.1K a year.

I’m buying Gold.

A Bird Dog Contract

A Free & Open Website

I was thinking of making a contract for you to use when you Bird Dog. Of going to the lawyers and asking a contract for what would make your eyes pop - cash. About creative real estate strategies. But, which creative real estate strategy would it be for?

Would it be for a joint venture for a real estate pool real estate investment trust. 

I don’t think so.

I think that this is an open website.

I think that you are free to get whatever contracts you want to use off the internet.

Just do Creative Real Estate Investing.

Bird Dogger

Bird Dogger