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Real Estate Cash Buyers List

Real Estate Cash Buyers List

Cash Buyers List

Cash Buyers List

Why Bird Dogging's Not A Scam: Creative Real Estate Investing

Creative real estate investing can be filled with scams.

I’m reading this article to find out why it’s not.

Don’t go too fast when you are doing creative real estate investing.

You need cash buyers and motivated sellers.

You better make sure the value of the property grows.

You have to cash flow. Even if you don’t own property.

The split of the deal can be “so sweet” it makes you jump in.

You have to price low enough to be competitive.

They’re billionaires.

I’ll overlook taxes. Vacancy rates are really important.

Brandon Turner said that creative real estate investing is trading cash for creativity But I think that it’s Bird Dogs time.

You don’t need to analyze investment property.

There’s Renturly.

Just buy everything that Renturlys. Better yet don’t, just match. Be a Bird Dog for the rest of your life. And do it quick.

It takes no creativity at all. Bird Dogs don’t condone creativity.

That is the cruch of don’t speed; Don’t use creativity.

Creative finance is a scam.

Most of this can’t be figured out without being a mortgage broker.

You will Bring Me Cash.

The risk is no money scams. You have to pay the OK.

With the internet; LinkedIn, and Facebook, you can make money with nothing but time. There are so many cash buyers and motivated sellers.

Don’t ask questions on the phone. When you have a Bird Dog on the phone the best thing to is close; Send them a contract.

It’s important to Flock. But the most important thing is to make each Fistful of Cash more valuable than the next.

How To Wholesale Real Estate Step By Step

The most important thing when wholesaling step by step is to Access The Flock. You can get cash from Bird Dogging Urly Birds.

Cash buyers are real. You need to do The Mating Dance more often.

The Mating Dance: Nationwide List Cash Buyers Real Estate

Let me tell you a story about Bird Dog Success.

There was a Bird Dog that searched for a cash buyers list and got matched, and made money.

I need that Bird Dog to make money for the next 12 months.

They are making so much money that they are cutting me out; Making it cheaper for you to Access The Flock.

Let them make money.

I don’t need you to bring me that junk.

I want listings with cash.

I am at near bankruptcy and they are making money on $2B.

The cash Bird Dogs are bringing me raise my price.

Hopefully I have a chance to make money again at The Next Mating Dance.

So, What Do You Talk About?

How to make money. Creative real estate strategies.

“I don’t know what to say when I get a cash buyer on the phone."

Well, cut him out and bring me cash.

Raise your price.

You can’t because Bird Dogs are controlling the price of real estate.

But what are you going to do to make money.

When you access a cash buyer. You have to say something.

It’s a Daisy Chain in California. Is it a Chinese Cash Buyer?

Follow the OKBird.

That’s where you’ll make your money. Bring the money to me.

Flock Price

Get left with your shirt on.

You need cash.

You can’t trust anyone; You can trust OK.

When they say they are OK, they are not.

It’s good to have a list.

Find out about problems; If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Find out how much money you can spend.

Pay The Bird Dog:

Now you might not want to pay a cash buyer if you are a motivated seller. But, you can pay for phone bills.

If you are a cash buyer, pay the motivated seller.

Motivated Seller Real Estate

Motivated seller means that the seller is desperate and there is money in the property.

You might not want to tell a cash buyer that you are motivated. Or would you?

I have cash buyers today that want access to motivated sellers. They actually tell you that they want the most motivated sellers.

I don’t really want to get into all the ways a seller can be motivated - they’re desperate. 

Just look at - access - my properties and you can see the Renturly. You are so motivated to access them.

Urly Birds.

Bird Dog Real Estate

So Bird Dogs are bringing me cash. Even the cash buyers are motivated sellers; They are Bird Dogs. They can bring you anything, including cash.

They have cash in Virginia right now.

Bird Dog Success

The Bird Dog can be desperate, it’s all about price to make sure Bird Dogs are making money.

I want the real estate to move.

It’s good not to price for price reductions. It’s good to get the price right on the first time.

It’s basically robbery.

Answer your phones.

Motivated sellers are just like Bird Dogs; Make them rich.

Find motivated sellers real estate.

I think it takes cash, not communication.

I have a motivated sellers list.

This is really awesome.

I think it’s really important to shorten the time you take to close real estate deals. Bring me that money.

The time on it takes on market to sell - makes motivated sellers motivated.

Is it like Monopoly where you can pay more for a really good property?

You can let the seller pay rent in a different real estate.

Motivation isn’t the most important thing. It’s location.

I think motivated sellers come from Bird Dogs that aren’t making enough money.

You have to sell at market price.

Direct mail is at price.

Cash Buyers List

New York Cash Buyers

There’s lots of freedom in the list.

I’ll probably get lots of Bird Dogs that I have to OK because Fistfuls of Cash is the price of cash.

Bring that to me.

If I speak to you on the phone and you don’t have cash, it’s Not OK.

Bird Dogs Have To Make Money

Bird dogs have to make money.

Fistfuls of Cash

Bird Dog Urly Birds Is Bird Dog Success

I want you to access more of the Flock.

I Shouldn’t be so critical; Bird Dog success. 

I don’t want to go to REI events. I want you to Bird Dog Urly Birds.

You can spend the past 6 years experimenting on marketing channels.

I’m looking forward to The Mating Dance.

I Have The Lowest Price

This means that you can Access The Flock; Bird Dog Urly Birds.

If Bird Dogs are Daisy Chains, my price drops.

We’re all Bird Dogging; The top sites are Bird Dogging.

There has to be a difference.

I just match Bird Dogs at Edmonton REIA events and get all of their emails.

I’m the most desperate; Bird Dogs - with buyers and sellers - are setting the price of real estate.

I can still cut you out. You can still pillage Daisy Chains. My freedom.

I don’t really want to go to an REIA event. I just want to write and have Bird Dogs Pay The Bird Dog. That’s Flock. It’s an algorithm.

It’s beyond an algorithm. It’s Flock Technology. "You aren’t cutting me out:” There’s no way you aren’t cutting me out. Years of trying to figure out the price; You keep me at the bottom - The whiplashes. Now there’s just Flock.

Give me one phone call - The Mating Dance. And I will be back programming. 

What am I going to go put out yard signs. I have every cash buyer and motivated seller - I can match any room.

There are 3 strategies you can use.

Flock Pricing Is Actually Called Flock Technology

Flock Pricing Is Actually Called Flock Technology

Flock Technology is the most exciting piece of freedom.

It’s like being at a party.

You get Bird Dogs bringing you Flock, for a low price. For what I should have said earlier, a low price.

It is secretly the price of cash.

…It is cash.

You won’t pay if I’m making too much money.

You’ll pay a lot if I’m not making any money.

Fistfuls of Cash

Fistfuls of Cash is cash.

I’m trying to cut you out. You’re trying to cut me out.

This price is wealth distribution equality. So that you can get rich quick!

Is it wealth distribution if everyone is making the same amount of money.. Well it’s not Communism. You can actually get rich.

You can access $2B. I’m trying to price you out of all that money. But it’s impossible. I have to pillage Daisy Chains.

The more OKs I have the higher my rankings. 

Birds of a Feather

It’s not even the more OKs I have the higher my rankings, it’s the more OKs I have the more cash you have. Bring them together.

I need you to bring me billion dollar listings. I need you to bring me cheapest minimum purchase prices with Renturly. I need to buy arenas.

This is excit… I’m looking forward to The Mating Dance. I look forward to you cutting me out.