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There's an Argentina Urly Bird

There's an Argentina Urly Bird

I Have Fistfuls of Cash In Houston Texas

Bird Dogging A Cleveland Apartment Unit Deal

The cash buyers are in Eastern US.

I’ve been getting lots of matches from Cleveland.. from Facebook.

I Have An Apartment Unit Cash Buyer In Cleveland

Jdaris buys Apartment Units

They both have $500K. I put SFRs but you can get matched with other asset types.


There’s a $250K Apartment Unit in Cleveland.

Bring me $2K.

I Just Got 9 Fistfuls of Cash

I just got 9 Fistfuls of Cash

All you have to do is Bird Dog the Urly Bird. Send me $2K. And click that you got paid Fistfuls of Cash. 

Bird Dogs Want 50M Cash Buyers

I got Renturly from Miami tonight.

This Bird Dog is using Incognito to hide that they are getting paid.

They are going after the big $50M cash buyers; They should go after smaller ones that are repeatable.

I just Bankrupted A Bird Dog

I just Bankrupted A Bird Dog

Bird Dog Is Interested In Wholesaling They Are Bird Dogging Urly Birds

I Have Nationwide Cash Buyers

I Got Renturly From A 10M Pennsylvania Apartment Building

Accessed a $50M cash buyer.

The Bird Dog doesn’t have a phone number so I have to try to send him my contract via email at 5:30pm every evening; I want $2K.

Bird Dogs have phone numbers but 2/3rds of them seem to not answer.

There are lots of hotels that come up on Google when you search for Pennsylvania Apartment Buildings. They have phone numbers.

Loopnet says they sell for $4M.

I don’t know if my Bird Dogs are making any more. They have been doing it for years.

Birds of a Feather is growing doubling every week. I have a statistic that shows that it is correlated with how much you are getting paid. They have been making money for two of the weeks in the past month.

They use incognito when they are getting paid. I want them to click that they are getting paid Fistfuls of Cash.

You can make $1.5M in Renturly if you Bird Dog this Urly Bird.