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100K Motivated Seller in Virginia

I Have 4 Cash Buyers For 1 Georgia 30% Renturly MFR

One cash buyer is OK. He has been buying for years and paying.

The cap rate is 30%. $100K. You can pretty much make half of the property in one year.

All Georgia multi family residences motivated real estate sellers can access the cash.

Real estate prices are getting more expensive.

I’d like you to Bird Dog for years - the next year.

There Is A Hotel In The US

This cash buyer has $500K for a Hotel in across the US.

A Note


15% Renturly

Cheaper 45% Renturly SFR In Illinois

These are cheaper compared to the $500K listing.

There are Detached SFRs and Semi Detached SFRs.

This OKBird has an Urly Bird Grade of 1.

Illinois, USA

Illinois is a State that has Chicago. It’s 71.5% White. It has a lot of people.  Illinois has natural resources, oil. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean. The O’Hare International airport has been ranked as one of the world’s most busiest airports. Illinois has attractive farm land.

There are a lot of roads in Illinois.

The name Illinois means a bunch of gimmerish.

There was the Civil War in Illinois.

A lot of the immigration came from Europe.

Chicago, IL, USA

Chicago metropolitan area.

Chicago has a lot of black people and blues music.

Illinois is long, so it’s climate changes.

Barrington, IL, USA

Barrington, IL only has 10,000.

This is where the money is coming from.

Cash Buyers List - OK - $50,000,000

This cash buyer is OK.

They have Fistfuls of Cash.

It doesn’t say the location, but a Bird Dog already accessed them. You can access them by Bringing Me Renturly for an Apartment Unit.

Bird Dogs Can Make Fistfuls of Cash As Consultants

I’m Matching You With Urly Birds With Fistfuls of Cash To Bird Dog

On the top page of Google there are all kinds of ways to make money in real estate like appraisal. Bird Dogs want to be consultants.

Bird Dogs can be Consultants. You need to know the difference between price and brand. You need to match. 

Bird Dog Urly Birds for Fistfuls of Cash

For a Flock.

I told one Bird Dog - two of them - that you can make 1% of the minimum purchase price of the real estate. That’s a lot of money.

I’ve been taking all of the money; I’ve got $300K off a $200K listing.

One Bird Dog has insufficient funds on $5 Fistfuls of Cash. You need Fistfuls of Cash to Pay The Bird Dog and Access The Flock.

You need to Pay The Bird Dog; Pay the soldier, you need a Flock Technology, you need Urly Birds with Fistfuls of Cash that are OK.

I’m starting to see that Bird Dogs are OK. And now I want more Fistfuls of Cash. Bring me $2B cash buyers and cheaper Renturly. The Mating Dance will bring me more Fistfuls of Cash.

More Fistfuls of Cash would make this Flock.

That’s Flock, that’s really exciting.

I like making $1M off of one listing. I could use the Fistfuls of Cash. That would be OK.

One Bird Dog asked if I’m doing that. Making 1% off the minimum purchase price: I’m making 1% off the matching. And you’re Bringing Me Fistfuls of Cash.

Bird Dogging Flock Is A Get-Rick-Quick Scheme

I’m not supposed to tell you my price. I don’t want to get cut out; Don’t bring me a listing with out cash behind it: I don’t want a lower OK.  I want lots of listings with cash behind it; That would be OK. It would bring me more Flock. That’s you Bird Dogging Urly Birds for the next 6 months. I want that cash. When they aren’t cutting me out, they aren’t cutting you out. Bring Me Fistfuls of Cash. That’s Get-Rich-Quick. That would be OK. 

I just got cash; I have a Flock. You don’t want to make $1M a year or more in real estate. You want to make $1M now. You can make $1M off one listing. Money is being put into this house. I’m not talking about a one time payment; I’m talking about recurring Fistfuls of Cash till I’m old that Flock. I have an exponential curve.

Bring Me Fistfuls of Cash.

The payments are OK. I want to make you rich. 

Pay The Bird Dog.

There Is Cash In Bird Dogging

Some sites say Bird Dogging is a scam.

They say that because you just collect a finder’s fee there is no risk - it’s a guru saying a scam.

I say that you do you have to bring me a listing, and you get you access to Urly Birds that have brought me Fistfuls of Cash.

Now, when I’m on the phone. All I have to say is, the OK is just a couple of dollars and then you can get the cash.

The best part is when you click Fistfuls of Cash - That’s when you are Bringing Me Cash; I want your subscription to renew.

Bring me listings that match with the most OKBirds. Use the Active Cash Buyer and Active Motivated Seller Listings.

When I say you need to bring me different listings, I mean you need to bring me listings where there is cash behind them. Otherwise, my OK is getting devalued, and I am getting cut out.

With just an access, this minimizes your risk.

You need to be bringing me listings all of the time once you are a Bird Dog. Your expenses shouldn’t matter, it’s the Flock.

Its Like You're The Bird Dog And They're The Urly Birds At A REIA

I just re-read what content is published on my site. And some of it is out of date - The Bird Dog Success still applies; It’s because I’m updating as I am doing a Startup. A lot of it has been pricing. 

Bird Dog Success

The Flock is Flocking

I want you to get the Fistfuls of Cash from the OKBird.

Some of the things that you can do...

It’s Like You're The Bird Dog And They're The Urly Birds At A REIA 

I just want to go to real estate investor associations and get Urly Birds - emails.

The more Urly Birds the bigger the Flock.