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Australia is Dogging OKBird

Australia is Dogging OKBird

I just Bankrupt the BOSS

I just Bankrupt the BOSS

Bird Dogging Active Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers

UK is Australia

New Mexico is Bird Dogging

New Mexico is Bird Dogging

The Chief Bird Dog Pays The Bird Dog

The Chief Bird Dog Pays Bird Dogging

  1. Renturly is inventory under a real estate contract.
Bring Me Renturly is a top line item on a cash flow statement for cash buyers. Renturly is the OKBird I get from Motivated Seller Listing. Bird Dogs bring me motivated sellers with a cap rate and want 3% of the real estate. That is the Renturly. Renturly is Fistfuls of Cash. Renturly is backed by VNQ shares.
  1. Access the Flock - Simply means access to the cash buyers, sellers and houses for sale.
My logo is on my Facebook Page. Access The Flock means that you can come here and get all of my assets and I would have to Pay you Fistfuls of Cash to Access The Flock.
  1. Bring me fists full of cash - What do you mean by this statement?
Bring Me Fistfuls of Cash means bring me a cash buyer; fistfuls. It’s different when it’s a motivated seller: That is Renturly.
  1. Pay the bird dog fist full of cash- who is the bird dog? Is that the person who brings the contract to you?
All users are Bird Doggers. When Urly Birds are being Bird Dogged they are Urly Birds That Always Have Fistfuls of Cash; That is Access The Flock. When it was programmed Access The Flock was the Fistfuls of Cash in your Birds of a Feather account. But Pay The Bird Dog is my Google Ranking. So I need you to click that you got paid Fistfuls of Cash; Which you can invest in Fistfuls of Cash: ROM shares, IAU shares, and VNQ shares. It returns 12%: just as much as Fistfuls of Cash converts. You can be paid $12.5K from each Fistfuls of Cash. I know you want 3%: But it’s I used Internet Marketing. When you are Bird Dogging you Pay The Bird Dog. I need you to get paid Fistfuls of Cash because The Urly Bird Always Has Fistfuls of Cash. the Boss is Facebook Messenger: I need a like on my Facebook Page.  
  1. Pay the bird dog Renturly? This seems to mean the contract holder that list a house on your website. is that correct?
That means that you are Paying the Cash Buyer: That’s Gold.
  1. I believe your system matches sellers with cash buyers. What is the fee for this service? How is it assessed? Is it billed monthly or other?

Yes. That’s the Vision. OKBird is a quote: Renturly / Fistfuls of Cash Total. You Close The Deal. You are subscribed to Access The Flock. I get Flock. I signed and sent out a Wholesaling contract for $12.5K because that is a small fortune. I just want the deal closed;: You can cut me out down if it’s a smaller SFR.

Bring Me Renturly

It's the United States;

Bring me Renturly; I don't know why you are bringing me fistfuls