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I'm Not Really A Growth Hacker

I should work on better headlines, but I don’t want my email xml to get jammed up;

It stops sending when their is a character copies from where I type into the headline.

I want better headlines. I want my headlines to get clicked. I don’t understand. And I shouldn’t say I don’t understand why when I Pay The Bird Dog keywords it helps better than writing a full article.

It’s not art, it’s matching.

I’m matching buyers and sellers. Cash buyers and motivated sellers. This sends an email.

You can Access The Flock.

I shouldn’t have to explain what I am selling when I am on the phone. 1 year of phones to negotiate what it is you think I am selling. 

It is a brand. It is a matching service: I am selling you, matching you with a list. Not just any list but a match. An algorithm. To someone with money.

I am matching you with Fistfuls of Cash.

The more Fistfuls of Cash you have the richer you are. I can tell because you stay subscribed. It’s not the Bird Dogging. The more Fistfuls of Cash you have the more you are retained.

The Fistfuls of Cash are money. They have the cap rate and the email of the cash - the cash buyer.

You know that. Already. I know that.

I have a chart of the Fistfuls of Cash Flocking.

You can’t Growth Hack a platform.

I don’t even know if my writing does anything. It just sends emails.

You keep searching for stuff in the Bird Cage.

You want a free cash buyer list. I rank for nationwide cash buyer list.

You come on my website so I have to know if you are a Tire Kicker or someone with money. I predict.

My writing isn’t as good as the other websites. But it’s my voice. That's all that matters. I thought my writing was cash. But it’s a long term to pay off.

Your’e interested in Mixpanel funnels. I don’t even pay for Mixpanel funnels. I just use the Segmentation of different line charts. It’s deprecating to Insights. I like calculating the conversion rate. I’m not using the conversion rate this month. I’m forecasting price. I’m using Metcalfe’s Law to determine Flock.

You can’t Growth Hack a platform.

This is real estate. 

I am selling a list.

Gas Station 350K A Year

14% X $2.5M, $350K A Year

You can make $350K a year from a gas station.

I asked for gas stations. I have a couple of gas stations. 

I need a gas station buyer.

Preferably, with a $billion dollars to buy gas stations. And different asset types across the United States would be OK too. Like Government Facilities.

An oilfield wasn’t good enough.

They want gas stations. And cash now.

It’s a sale, a Bird Dogger with a client. Bring me those billions.

At $715 a month, you have the money for a motivated seller when it’s $350K a year. It’s a list. But you only need one.

Just put in a $billion for a Gas Station buyer across the United States.

I Want 50 Renturly From Hampton SC

It’s $10K.

I want $5K a year from Hampton, SC Detached SFRs.

Bring me the money and I might buy it.

If I had the money.

No Money Down

I have a cash buyer. $30M looking with a radius around Atlanta.

I don’t know if they will buy out of State.

If I could get some of that money.

I know billionaires aren’t easy to part with their money.

…But it’s 50% Renturly.

I can get 7% for making the purchase.

It’s just like in Canada… I don’t know if the States will go for a 7% commission. They’ll just laugh.

This is for a house. Not a $multi-billion portfolio.

They don’t want to wait.

They want the cash now. 

$700*12, $8400.

The price is too high. I have too many buyers and sellers. 

Bring me bigger deals.

Theyre Trading Real Estate

I don’t really know what I am going to say today.

I did some reading. I should say about platforms. And it said that I should train the Flock.

I feel like the Flock is already rich. I should at least complement them. I don’t think that they are looking for any creative real estate investing strategies. Or business plans.

I don’t know whether they have business plans. I should say that they put me in their business plans.

If they have business plans and money. They are billionaires. They are trillionaires; They just say excuse me when you question whether they have money.

I get Google searches looking for creative real estate strategies.

How about one:

If you are a Bird Dogger with a  client that is a motivated seller get the cap rate.

Bring It To Me

I’ll match you with a cash buyer when you bring it to me. For making the sale of the property you get 3% of the property: 3% X $30,000 like in Cleveland, $900. I get $900.

I’m looking for cash buyers or motivated sellers.

These are sales of property.

It’s like in Monopoly when the card gets traded to a different edge of the the playing board.

You Have 9M And Its 600 For An Apartment Unit

I can wait all month.

You work out of a library.

You can raise $9M from your cash buyer.

I know you’re a Bird Dog.

I want the cash buyer and motivated seller.

Bring me more money.

I don’t want to repeat myself.

It takes 3 months to sell a property.

You can pay 3 month’s rent while you try to sell the property.

I know you want it sold now. You’d don’t want it sold now. You want the cash now. You have a client.

Paying The Bird Dog Is Flock

Pay The Bird Dog and you will get Flock.

It’s rap music.

It means two things.

It means paying someone that comes to your house for cash so that they can have enough time to make money so they don’t need you.

I don’t even need to say that’s what I’m doing.

Bird Dogs are welcome to come to the house, with their brief cases full of cash and iPhones. And I will feed them.

I have people Bird Dogging The Urly Bird right now. They can blow my mind.

I’ve become the real estate guru.

No one listens when I say that you should be blogging. I think they think that they are thugs. But the phone conversations go completely different. Sometimes it sounds like rap music.

What else is Bird Dogging to Access The Flock. It’s war.

It’s sending soldiers across borders to fetch money for you.

They know where I am located. 

They have private jets and lamborghinis and lists filled with cash buyers that they can just come to the house and blow my mind.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m moving. I haven’t decided yet if I’m buying real estate. I might just rent my entire life.

But then, that’s not like in Monopoly: In Monopoly you buy everything and mortgage everything until you collect enough rent that you can get everyone out of the game.

I don’t want to do. I want to keep everyone in the game. The more money they make the more money they bring me. And complain about the price.

I want to rent hotels while my price gets higher.

I want to own every channel. 

That’s different music. I want to own every channel like access.

When you access it the price goes up.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next month. Maybe I’ll be worth $2B. And I’ll have a price that no one can pay for. And a list that keeps on growing.

You want to ask me how to build a list..

You need a Bird Dog.

It’s not a cash buyer data feed. That’s the XML that I send the emails out through with. You want to get on the email list and get the emails.

There might only be the price for money in the list. That’s all I could get. But that might be the price of cash flow. That’s the cost of buying $9B in Renturly.

I don’t want to manage property.

I believe in the cap rates. But I believe that I can get the cap rate.

That’s one thing that’s like Monopoly, the price keeps climbing so I can rent more and more expensive buildings. 

But, if I stay in one place I accumulate Gold.

Maybe I already own everything.

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