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I Have A 10M Cash Buyer To Buy A Florida Apartment Unit

50% Renturly

The cash buyer is a repeat buyer and motivated seller. 

You can make $10K.

High Renturly From An OKBird Dog

I Have A List Of Cash Buyers For Maple Valley WA 98038 USA

One Cash Buyer is OK.

The rest have gone Bankrupt or aren’t OK.

I have 30 cash buyers.

I Have 12K 15 Note

15% is a good return for real estate. It’s a little low.

It can be good to part to diversify:

$12K Note 15% Renturly

That’s a lot of money. 

This motivated seller is OK.

The Treasury prints money.

People wonder whether certain notes are still printed.

These are mortgage notes. From residential property - real estate.

They - the Government - designs money. They aren’t counterfeit, They are real bills.

These can even be the coins that you have.

These notes are paper - contracts.

There Is A Cash Buyer Buying 250K SFR In Phoenix

There is one $10M cash buyer. I don’t have much to say about this Phoenix SFR listing. It has Renturly. It’s not OK. It has a 12% Renturly. The $200K values are realistic.

There are a lot of cash buyers that are matched that aren’t OK. They went Bankrupt. They could be back with Fistfuls of Cash. But the $10M cash buyer is OK.

These Bird Dogs don’t answer the phone when they aren’t OK. They just want the quote. It cuts me out. 

There’s one cash buyer with $500K but he went Bankrupt; There has been a lot of Bankruptcies lately.

It’s about time that there is more Flock. 

This is another motivated seller listing. It seems like real estate is crashing, unless the one $10M cash buyer buys all of these properties.

$8M Apartment Building in New York

Birds of a Feather

This is the Big Apple

$10M Global cash buyerNew York motivated seller.

$8M Apartment Building. This is a really expensive Apartment Building. Most apartment buildings in New York is $800K. It’s Luxury.

Other sites have cheaper Apartment Buildings.

Bird Dogs are getting paid 2% to 3%. Hopefully they don’t go Bankrupt.

In New York, you could "buy a mansion for the same price was a 2 bedroom apartment." This is an Apartment Building. These are rich people.

Bird Dogs can make $250K.

I don’t want anyone cutting out each other; I want them to be OK.

I already have a cash buyer willing to pay $10M. He’s been willing to pay $10M on all kinds of listings globally for years. But he’s OK. I’m just waiting for him to spend all of his cash, but he has other listings, like Grocery Stores. 

Maybe these two can make money on this Fistfuls of Cash.

You don’t want condos or co-ops; You want an Apartment Building. It says there’s only a 1% cap rate but these buildings are returning 8% a year.

It’s not a Chinese cash buyer; I have been talking to him for the past couple of years, but it could be a Chinese cash buyer Bird Dog.

The Chinese want to buy in New York.

The cash buyer has to worry about maintenance fees; Just worry about the Renturly.

I’m hoping for more listings from these two.

These two have fallen in love. 

These are OKBird Dogs.

These Bird Dogs can tell you whether this Apartment Building has an elevator. And other things.

There’s been a lot of real estate motivated seller listings this month. But real estate is still OK. Maybe these two can make more money.

I just need 16 cash buyers.

There is a 7 Renturly in Atlanta GA

REO; A bank.

Matched with $10M that is OK.

Atlanta GA 7 Renturly Attracted A Cash Buyer

No a cash $150K cash buyer attracted a $150K Motivated Seller.

There’s a 7% Renturly is Atlanta, GA that’s not OK.

The $150K cash buyer and $120K motivated seller are Birds of a Feather.

Fayetteville GA 26Km Radius



Fayetteville has a Church.

Fayetteville is looking for more Cops.

Is matched with 5% Renturly.

Not OK.