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If you are a real estate Bird Dog you have to sift through motivated sellers that are going Bankrupt. I called them Daisy Chains but they are the ones that aren’t Bringing Me Fistfuls of Cash.

Birds of a Feather goes out at 10:00am.

You have to wake up in the morning for the nationwide cash buyers list.

I have a Renturly in from Tennessee and Michigan.

When I spoke to the cash buyer last month he clicked that he was getting paid. I told him to click when he got paid cash. Bird Dogs aren’t clicking that they got paid cash. They could make $2K a night. I Pay The Bird Dog at 5:30pm when you are at the dinner table with a contract. And tell you - usually that you need more Fistfuls of Cash; you need 26 Fistfuls of Cash to close the deal. You are getting that much Fistfuls of Cash every second day. There could be a deal for $2K every second day. 

Cash Solutions said he was a cash buyer but didn’t see himself dealing with Wholesalers and weeding through Bankruptcies: Bankruptcies is where you make all your money. It’s serious.

I’m still matching Cash Solutions. So I am getting cut out. He is still considered one of the 83 cash buyers a month. I told him to unsubscribe from the emails.

I am getting motivated sellers from locations that match with Facebook. I am playing Monopoly with Fistfuls of Cash on the Facebook Page.

If you Want the Cash Buyers List you're losing your house

If you Want the Cash Buyers List you're losing your house

I Can Split The Yearly 4K Cap Rate With The Bird Dog

I Can Split The Yearly $4K Cap Rate With The Bird Dog

I think it's too demanding to say that I want $2K out of the deal: I just got the Renturly.

She’s excited to close many deals.

She needs to get more Fistfuls of Cash: 1 in 26 close. 

I can get cut out. 

I will have to see how many contracts I have to send before I close a $2K deal.

The house I am doing looks boarded up. It might just be the blinds closed from the Google Maps.

You can drive there and cut me out.

The grass needs to be kept better. There are cops.

The house looks small.

I will probably hear from her again. 

I want more people to have my contract.

I could get $7.

It’s $2K

It’s $2K

I got a cash buyer with a USA 1000 mile radius

I got a cash buyer with a USA 1,000 mile radius http://www.accesstheflock.io/buyer/1007

I Have 34K in Cleveland


I spoke to Bird Dogs in Cleveland before. There is Renturly.

Cash Solutions Withdrew

Cash Solutions Withdrew

2/3 Go Bankrupt

2/3 Go Bankrupt

Houston: Sugar Land is a thing

Houston: Sugar Land is a thing

Columbus Bird Dogging 500K Cash Buyer

I don't know if this cash buyer is real.

He has a worldwide radius. One motivated seller said that he is skeptical of the cash buyer because the radius entered is larger than the world's circumference.

I think he could have put in the cash buyer wanting to buy all of the assets worldwide. He put in MFR and SFR.

I still want to access him.

I send him to realtors in the morning - Birds of a Feather - Cash Buyers List - Bird Dogging Urly Birds.

I still need to see if realtors want a $500K cash buyer.

They have been giving me their emails: I want them to have a cash buyers list in the morning.

I need more Edmonton cash buyers.

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