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Bird Dog Real Estate

Bird Dog Real Estate

Virtual Wholesaling Real Estate

Virtual Wholesaling Real Estate

Real Estate Buyers List

Real Estate Buyers List

Cash Buyer

Cash Buyer

Motivated Seller

Motivated Seller

You Can Still Use The Renturly

You can still use the Renturly - Cap Rate - to determine if the real estate has cash.

The Real Estate Produces Cash

U.S. Real Estate Return Isn’t Worth The Risk Over A 10 Year Period

And It’s The Same For Global

I just had a $10M Cash Buyer buy the U.S. and I wonder if it’s fluff.

Gold is going up. Buy Gold.

The Technology stocks are soaring. All the money is going into the Technology.

It’s jacked up my price to $150USD.

You Can Make Money Starting Your Own REIT

I used to think you can’t make money.


With data I’m getting, it says that there is more Flock than failed charges.

That means that you will subscribe. That means that you will stay subscribed.

That means that you can make money buying leads on a  recurring basis.

You can make $100K

You Are Making Fistfuls of Cash

I can tell when you are making money

..And when you click Fistfuls of Cash to test out the system. On the rating system. The Urly Bird Grade.

I can tell you are making more money than you are spending.

Because there is more Flock than failed charges.

You are spending more money.

;I changed the Fistfuls of Cash button. so that you can rate when you only are Flock.

The Best Seller Landing Pages

I don’t know how I’m going to build your real estate seller landing pages.

I have a form that works.


It sends data to the cash buyers.

You want your Fistfuls of Cash to fill up.

This way you don’t have to manually enter in your Fistfuls of Cash. You can retire.

It’s automated.

Google is filled up with landing pages with beautiful photos that say they convert with clicks.

I bet they do convert with clicks.

But, what I think is different about my seller landing pages is that they get matched with cash buyers instantly.

I could have Northwest Edmonton all have seller landing pages feeding into Birds of Feather.

U.S. Globally!

I don’t really have much more to say on the topic.

Some of my best content on the matter was found in an early blog post, but it didn’t make the most Popular blog posts.