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Fistfuls of Cash-I Just Got A Listing

I just got a listing in Atlanta with the cap rate and discount values. They are Fistfuls of Cash because you can tell how much money you can make from the listing.

I care about Fistfuls of Cash.

Golden Egg Is All Of Your Reserves

It’s Your net worth.

You have the Golden Egg after you do the Mating Dance.

Birds of a Feather: The Mating Dance are meetings.

USA Real Estate

USA Real Estate

One Of The Things You'll Notice - Buyer And Seller Landing Pages

Say more things.

One of the things you’ll notice when you start your Bird Dog cash buyer landing page and seller landing page is that you might be hard for words.

You might say stuff that you regret.

You have the choice to forget cash buyers and motivated sellers or you can keep them.

Pay The Bird Dog


The more you have the more cash you have. So what you say is cash.

Just Bring Me The Cap Rate

I will use the Cap Rate to determine if the property is profitable and to Pay The Bird Dog With.

I just used the 50% rule.

I just used the 50% rule.

I Just Care About The Cash Flow

I Just Care About The Cash Flow

So I have this thing where I can see when you get Cash Flow and it’s all that I care about, because when you get Paid I get Cash Flow.

$30K Houses

Everything is $30K houses.

That’s just the way the value is working out.

You can still buy hotels — There is a Flock of Hotels on Access The Flock right now.

You can buy a $20K house with a $1K downpayment and refinance it if it’s worth $100K to Pay The Bird Dog with.

The mortgage is Fistfuls of Cash.

Call $20K the purchase price and $100K the market value.

Even though you have a $1K downpayment the bank can appraise the property and get a market value when you refinance. 

I just got a listing in Columbus, OH; Columbus, OH has all the money.

Bring me $300 a month.

Property Repairs

Buy a 5% cap rate so that the property can Renturly even though it’s an 80% discount.

I need Bird Dogs to Bring Me 80% Discount Properties.

Why Are There So Many Poor People In Real Estate

Robert Kiyosaki was right! Most brokers are broke. Screw the reports about real estate agents making $40K a year. They make $100K a year. I know.

They should be making $16M a year —  Not a year every deal!

You list $10M Cash Buyers and no one has any money: It’s all fraud.

Are you bidding on advertising? That stuff costs $7 a click, or a name.

It’s a fortune just to get your attention — And no one even cares about attention. They just care about the cash. The Fistfuls of Cash.

Maybe if you got a job first you could come back and pay.

You could make $300 from accessing a house with discounts.

Bring me a house with discounts and I could introduce you to ten cash buyers immediately that would answer my phone calls.

I know because I still have Fistfuls of Cash.

Cash Strapped Buyers Bring Me Motivated Sellers

Creative Real Estate Investing: I wrote an article about raising money for the Boston Real Estate Website which I can’t find and I wanted to share it with you.

It goes something like raising money from family when you are starting out with no money. That way you don’t have insufficient funds when you are making money in real estate.

You can also get a job to start your career.

I said it takes about $20K for a startup.

You just need to make more than $300 a month at what you do.

You can get cash flow from real estate.

Making $300 a month is the same amount of cash as getting cash flow from one piece of real estate that is $20K.

It’s like it goes right into the home prices.

I have about 400 homes in value that you can buy. That way you make the $300 a month.

I don’t like when someone says that they are just selling the property so they can just get cash and not make money. I am looking for Bird Dogs.