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Birds of a Feather Start Your Day

Birds of a Feather Start your day!

I was wondering whether to put an exclamation point after "Birds of a Feather start your day!” because I’m not excited.

I think if you bring me a Listing in the morning at 10am I you can make $100K a year; The American Dream.

I’m Canadian.

I should check my List. I don’t have any cash buyer listing in Canada. For Canadian realtors, they’re all Americans with a wide radius: I’m trying to figure out whether the cash buyers are going Bankrupt.

They say they already have their own lists that they can use when they wholesale. I don’t know if you want to work with Wholesalers; They are just middlemen with Daisy Chains that are serious. There is ISIS, there is Bankruptcy, and the Bounced emails aren’t serious. The app is not serious.

The list is Flock.

If you start your day with Birds of a Feather: The Birds can wake you up in your morning window; If you are lucky enough to live in a place with windows.

It’s either Birds of a Feather or Prison. most of the time.

When you feel Birds of a Feather, it’s best to get to your desk.

Have a cup of coffee first: So you can log in.

Facebook is Bringing Me Motivated Seller Bird Dogs

The Cleveland listing is believable because it has a 10% cap rate. It's for $25K. A little bit lower than the other prices I've been positing. This Motivated Seller accessed the door. Hopefully they don't go Bankrupt. Bird Dogs just need some Credit and then they can make $100K a year. Access The Flock

North Dakota is Bird Dogging a Houston Motivated Seller

They just listed this one. Will be OK tomorrow morning. For Birds of a Feather. $12K Deal: Small Fortune. Access The Flock

Houston Bird Dogging 250K Cash Buyer

Brought me Fistfuls of Cash. Access The Flock $250K is exactly how much they brought me. There’s a 5% cap rate: You can make $12K.

Houstons Bird Dogging A Multitude of Locations

Access The Flock This cash buyer is not OK; might be going Bankrupt. Can buy in Atlanta, Houston, & Indianapolis. $500K is not enough: I need bigger cash buyers. Can buy MFR or SFRs: SFRs might be boarded up. Use the Renturly.

Indianas Bird Dogging OKBird


Chicago is Bird Dogging $400K Dallas

Chicago is Bird Dogging $400K Dallas

Starting a REIT

Udemy has a course on starting a reit. https://www.udemy.com/reit-investing-how-to-value-reits/

Nationwide List Cash Buyers Real Estate

The Cash Buyers List is the Wholesalers toolbox. https://www.thewholesalerstoolbox.com/cash-buyers-list.html