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Bird Doggers Are Armed With An iPhone And Real Estate Strategies

They are out there. Coming to your place. Building.

They have real estate investing strategies and are ready to make money.

I have a dream of massive liquidity.

In my reserves.

People going around with iPhones doing searches of emails — cash buyers.

Right now they use it to match. Putting in values that they know are real.

I ask for Trillionaires and $1; Trillion dollar cash buyers and $1 Minimum purchase prices.

That increases the Flock.

I get more money and they get access to more Fistfuls of Cash.

Someone once told me they buy Flock.

But I own Flock.

They buy Fistfuls of Cash, even though Flock is the product.

Bird Dogs are going to have Flock on their Monthly Flock.

You will laugh at me for predicting the future; But it’s now. It’s already happening. They are logging in with their iPhones.

They authenticated using an email. The most successful companies in the world are based around an email.

They are 23%. Return.

There will be Bird Dogs walking on the street going to a location to get a buyer.

They will use Vendor Take Back and seller financing strategies. For when cash buyers don’t want to buy all cash. And want to buy with the $2, $1, the minimum purchase price possible.

They don’t want to part with their cash.

I see a recession.

I rank for nationwide list of cash buyers. Everyone is searching for cash buyers. And the motivated sellers list is growing. I modelled a US to 1.17 in the next two years. And Bloomberg said the coming recession on Twitter.

Flock Technology

Day-to-Day Prices drop to $.99 day-to-day.

Fistfuls of Cash are becoming more expensive than the U.S. dollar: I have in my model that the U.S. $dollar is going to drop in the next coming years — 2 years.

You can get an email for $0.99.

Prices in multi-family change day to day. 

That’s just like Flock Technology.

New construction of multifamily drops real estate prices.

Check your emails inbox for where to buy multifamily.

Im Pretty Excited About The Next 3 Days

The emails are going to go out 3 times a day. And the Flock is going to go up.

Maybe I can get it to $60.

That does mean that I’d make more money but it also means that you’d be getting more Fistfuls of Cash.

And I have evidence from 3 of you — Bird Dogs — that the price works as it goes up.

I gave away 3 free accounts because the click button to unsubscribe was in the wrong spot and they wanted to stay subscribed.

Another lady had two charges on her card that wasn’t her fault so she was able to resubscribe again. At a lower price, when the price dropped.

People are excited.

People need this. Bird Dogs.

It dropped — the price, the Flock — because emails weren’t sending.

In the coming three days I’m going to see a surge in Flock.

Access The Flock.

Bird Doggers Want CashBuyers To Start REITs

To start REITs.

“They really need this.” — Bird Dogger

Weeding Through Tire Kickers

I don’t really know what to write.

I’m so fed up.

You’re credit cards don’t work and you are asking me why can’t…need this.

My emails aren’t working.

My ranking clicks are growing climbing.

The Urly Bird is Flock.

I think I said everything that I want to say yesterday.

And now I’m getting motivated seller landing pages.

Google is an algorithm.

There aren’t anymore new keywords.

There aren’t from China.

They’re from Iraq.

The from China are robots.

No one has money.

I rank for nationwide list of cash buyers.

I am supposed to have all of the money.

Focus on what Flocks.

The Flock flocks.

The emails aren’t working.

Once the emails work you are going to unsubscribe. I am going to get Flock.

I am going to weed through you.

Tire Kickers.

This Is To Test Emails Going Out

This Is To Test Emails Going Out

Bird Doggers Are Tire Kickers Because They Dont Have The List

I don’t know if they just want to give feedback. Fistfuls of Cash.

You have to price things real low so that Bird Doggers have a chance to make money.

Even when you price things real low so they have a chance to make money, you take all of their money because they don’t have a plan for 9 months on How to make money.

Bird Doggers want to make money right now- $1T.

They have no money.

It’s like giving them a job. A piece of real estate.

Labor — They Have To Work For It

I don’t know what the problem is with giving someone a job.

They could make..

I’ve made phone calls through my database — Access The Flock and I’ve made $1 thousand dollars.

If you make phone calls through my database, you are likely to make no money.

It’s free.

I can see the ones that are likely to Convert the highest.

When you call them, they recognize Access The Flock.

They are excited.

They are Bird Doggers making no money.

They have to have a computer. And are ultimately Tire Kickers. 1 in 5 Converts.

The software is simple to use.

I have the algorithm that goes up.

I get every last cent.

I have the nationwide list of cash buyers.

Real Estate Gurus To Avoid Want You To Make Money Blogging For Cash

It’s not really that hard to blog.

All you have to do is write.

I just read the BREIA, Broward Real Estate Investors website and I want financial freedom.

I listed my website as a Bird Dog.

I figure that it pays money for getting money.

It’s an Algorithm

I say on the phone that you if you bring me a buyer a or seller that I can pay you Fistfuls of Cash. Is that a Bird Dog. 

A Bird Dog fetches you money — Like a POF Amount or Renturly. People are searching for Real Estate Bird Dog Opportunities, which I just call Bird Doggers.

That’s what I was doing; I was calling trying to buy properties. In Cleveland Cash Cows. It turns out that it’s hard to buy a property, find a property, not find a property but buy and hold a property. I need cash.

The investment world is trading around me. Trillions of dollars. 

As soon as I buy an investment, I need cash because people are trading around.

There are people on my site right now.

Bird Doggers are people that search for significant opportunities from real estate investments. They want Fistfuls of Cash. 

I built a Bird Dog. I want a Bird Dogger. You want the Fistfuls of Cash.

It matches you with the right Fistfuls of Cash — buyer or seller.

I’m tired of people not having money. It’s $0.99. Right Now.

How Much Can You Make


You could make 4% of $2M. A year!

$80K on a piece of property.

Google Was Calling Me A Real Estate Guru To Avoid

I’ve never considered myself a real estate Guru.

I just write so that you Access The Flock.

I was ranking with Robert Kiyosaki and Grant Cardone.

I shouldn’t name drop on my blog. But since these names come up with Google searches for something you are already searching for my name, I come up.


Make money. And landing pages.

I’m profitable.

I advocate blogging and making money while profitable.

How do you determine if you are profitable. Do you use last months profit? Do you use subscriptions? Do you use money in the bank.

People’s credit cards are going bust.

They are fraud; Stolen.

They are OK; I thought it was terrorism.

Makes you not want to have another phone conversation with you again in my life.

I just switched my headline from real estate strategies to real estate gurus to avoid want you to blog for cash. That’s what they taught in Business School.

How can you expect Bird Doggers to Blog For Cash when their credit cards don’t work and they don’t have any money.; I take every last cent.

Seller Landing Pages

I got a click for seller landing pages. It’s good that I got a click for seller landing pages. 

I haven’t decided whether I am going to build you your seller landing pages for you or hire a Russian hacker.

It’s an investment.

Once I have the first seller landing page, I can just copy them.

How To Start Investing In Real Estate With No Money Down

A Bird Dogger wants to buy Flock in real estate selling USA SFRs to Chinese Cash Buyers with no money down.

First, they need the list.

There’s money in the list. 

Don’t be a Tire Kicker.

Tire Kickers waste too much time but ultimately convert to Cash.

I don’t really know what to say.

You could use the Real Estate Bird Dog Landing Page for Your Bird Dog Real Estate Opportunities.

It takes time; There is a slope.

You need to build your buyers and sellers from nothing other than dopamine.

Pure love. Cash. I should say cash first. It’s like heroine, cocaine. 

I shouldn’t be saying this.

But, it’s like those drug trafficking movies where the cocaine gets flown into Miami;

It’s Renturly.

The cap rate.

That stuff is crack.

When I figure out the numbers. I can make millions.

Off of 700 people.

How am I supposed to make money off of 700–800 Bird Dogs.

Well I read books a book that says that it’s not the number of Urly Birds that you have it’s the size of the Flock.

The size of the Flock has to be bigger.

That might sound confusing but the Flock is the connections.

It’s the Fistfuls of Cash.

The Urly Birds Always Have Cash.

I can’t rate them down because I would be rating them off of my website. So instead I use the community — The Flock.

Someone once said that it’s the communication.

I think it’s the Flock.

Is the communication the brand.

Is it Communication. 

As in Communications.

I don’t know.

But the value of the buyers and sellers and Flock are growing exponentially.

From 50, 10 a month to hundreds.

It’s an alogorithm.

Bird Dogs Bird Dog Urly Birds.


I don’t really know what to say.

I feel like I’ve already said it, but I have a 500 word minimum.

I might as well talk about cash buyers and motivated sellers.

It turns out. They’re Bird Dogs.

They want to make money.

They don’t have money.

They are starting out.

I should say first that you are just starting out, you can start out here at Access The Flock.

Sometimes I even give out free subscriptions.

They have to be OK in the first place.

Then they are on the board.

I don’t want to say that they are on the board of advisors, but they bring me Fistfuls of Cash.

That’s good enough.

If you bring me Fistfuls of Cash you can be on the board.

For a higher price.

I want that Flock.

I should say above, that the price is $4.99. I don’t know the price. But last I checked it’s $4.99. So if you think it’s thousands of dollars — subscription — it’s not.

Not yet.

Not that I know.

I can check.

You have to Access The Flock.

Once you see the price, you’ll know you can afford it.

Because you are buying Fistfuls of Cash.

It’s half off.

It’s viral burning money.

It’s cool. Flock.

I don’t really know what to say. Read Fistfuls of Cash: 20 Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies.

Send 3 contracts if you are Cash Buyer.: Master Fee Agreement, Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure NCND, Purchase and Sale Agreement

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