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Fistfuls Of Cash Is What More Matches Means To You

Fistfuls of cash is what real estate agents and investors can make because there are so many matches on Renturly.

Fistfuls of Cash

It has never been easier to capitalize on the matches by simply picking up the phone and contacting buyers and sellers that your buyers and sellers are matched to. Renturly gives you access to these phone numbers making things simple for you.

Birds of a feather truly do flock together when it comes to making money on Renturly and in real estate. These aren’t just the right birds, there are many buyers and sellers that come together on your deal to give you the best chance of closing and making money. The more of your peers that you get on Renturly the more deals you can close. Birds of a feather do flock together and make cash.

These matches are so powerful because they are your buyers and sellers matched to buyers and sellers in the right locations looking for the right real estate. It’s simple, the more matches you have the more money you make because you can close the deals that your buyers and sellers are matched to. All that you have to do is use Renturly to list your buyers and sellers for FREE!

It typically costs thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to get one match. Here is a video on how to list your buyers and sellers for FREE and get matches:

As you can see, all that you need to do to make money in real estate is have one buyer or seller that you list for FREE on Renturly and they will get matched to a buyer or seller in the in the right location and for the right type of real estate. The buyers and sellers that they are matched to are currently active in the market. Renturly brings the right buyers and sellers together at the right time so that you can close a deal. The more that you use Renturly to list your buyers and sellers for FREE the more access to buyers and sellers that you get and more money that you make.

The best real estate agents and investors, are more visible to others, and will earn more money! All that you have to do earn money is ask your peers for a high Urly Bird Grade.

The number of matches is growing at an exponential rate, which means more money in your pocket. 

Are you ready to close the deal and make money?

Michael Sadler

Big Changes

I made a change in pricing. I now charge $1 for every $1K that I introduce you to as a buyer or seller instead of charging $19.99 a month for a subscription.

I think I can do this because I am making sure that buyers and sellers are real by asking for documentation. I verify buyers and sellers with a seal of the OK-Bird on the site when I collect documentation and rate buyers and sellers using The Urly Bird Grade out of 10.

The goal is to have closed deals. The value is on the buyer and seller’s contact information.

Michael Sadler

Search Sellers List By Location

People kept asking me where my buyer and seller list is so I made it searchable by market for you to do deals with. The real estate sellers list is found here: http://www.renturly.net/sellers-list

Michael Sadler

How To Interview a Real Estate Buyer Using Renturly

This is an audio file of me interviewing a real estate buyer for the REO & Notes across America using Renturly. Buyers will actually complete an interview with you using Renturly.

Michael Sadler

Michael Sadler

How To Interview a Real Estate Seller Using Renturly

This is an audio file of me interviewing a real estate seller for the Kansas City SFR using Renturly. There is a real problem of Daisy Chains & Tire Kickers because people fail to Interview and collect documents before introducing their buyers and sellers to each other. Renturly gives you the opportunity to Interview, collect documents, get introduced, and then close the deal in the right sequence.

Don’t rush too far ahead or you might run into the situation of getting embarrassed when you bring your buyer and sellers to the table prematurely.

Renturly allows you to Fly Over the Daisy Chains & Tire Kickers!


Michael Sadler

New Buyers & Sellers

Michael Sadler

Higher Quality Buyer and Seller Matching Algorithm

You are more likely to do deals with Renturly’s higher quality buyer and seller real estate matching algorithm; It keeps down the noise and leaves you with real dealmaking possibilities. As such, there are currently only 5 real matches. Keep in mind no one is graded in the system and that is the real way of knowing whether someone is a Daisy Chain or Tire Kicker so I will be making access to buyers and sellers that aren’t rated free because you will be doing the work of initially vetting them out and providing that feedback to the community. Your incentive to rate people is that the higher people’s Urly Bird Grade the more likely they are to show up in search results and the higher they rank; So they get more business. Likewise, low graded Urly Birds will tend not to show up in results and will show up lower in results as a signal that they aren’t worth your time.

Renturly has a new more strict buyer and seller matching algorithm for you to close deals with!

 It's nice when the birds flock together. 

Some things that you can do to access more of the flock are:

  • Make sure to save locations and asset types/building types because my algorithm depends on matching assets in a specific location,
  • Improve your Urly Bird Grade; This dramatically boosts your ranking in results because it signals that you are not a Daisy Chain or Tire Kicker. You can do this by asking people you know that trust you to vote you higher on Renturly,
  • Be the Principal buyer or seller and not a distant representative
  • Make sure you aren't asking too much commission as a seller. Likewise, make sure you can pay seller's commission as a buyer. 3% is industry standard.
  • Buyers need to be able to prove that they can pay the minimum purchase price.
  • If you are a seller, add properties to your portfolio too; It adds more points and ranks you higher with buyers
  • Great locations get extra points and War zones get points taken away.

Michael Sadler