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Bird Dogs Are Buying Laptops For Starting A REIT

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Bird Dogs are poor. They have no money. They are brokers that don’t have cash and no contacts. People have gone bankrupt multiple times trying to make money in real estate. People I know spent their whole career and aren’t retired. They're poor and old. The Government is paying them. 

No one has helped them get rich quick. No one wants to do business plans. The people that I talk to on the phone don’t want to do business plans. It’s the runway. They don’t want to budget for 9 months of startup while they learn to close. In 5 years coming on 6, I have only spoken to one person that says that they are working on their business plan. The people I talk to on the phone are Consultants. I get the impression that they are Consultants guiding a startup rather than people buying cash buyer and motivated seller lists.

Bird Dogs can make $100K a year. They own billion dollar buildings that generate billions of dollars a year in Renturly.

There are Bird Dogs. They can drive for dollars with their Android and iPhone. There is a list with cash flow. Urly Birds. Some people have made a million dollars. Everyone has paid. Using Metcalfe’s Law and the size of the list, every one has paid. And conversion rates. 70 people out of 800. 1 in 10. 10%. They can get cash as soon as they sign up. They have a 8 month runway.

I need more like that. You should Access The Flock.