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Northwest Edmonton Real Estate

It’s who has more Fistfuls of Cash.

You can use the Motivated Seller Home Leads map and the Nationwide List Cash Buyers Real Estate map.

They say it’s Japan real estate. But I’m seeing Northwest Edmonton Real Estate climb the rankings.

It’s the Bird Dogs in the neighbourhood at the houses driving around in cars.

They can get me some Flock.

People from Edmonton are buying property in Japan.

I wonder if there is deflation. 

Japanese are getting old and dying.

Might as well stay in a place with inflation.


Bring the money here.

Bird Dogs in Edmonton can get jobs.

Daisy Chains

You don’t want Bird Dogs to access your emails.

Because of daisy chains, people talk, they can communicate your motivated sellers to the internet.

Use an iPhone.

Nationwide List Of Real Estate CashBuyers

I have a large list of real estate cash buyers that you can access.

It’s the Flock.

Bring me Renturly and you can Access The Flock.

It’s currently between $7 and $25.

The more active Fistfuls of Cash you bring me the higher the price.

You need to get the Renturly from the real estate.

The Bird Dogs that do $300M Birds of a Feather don’t even want the $1 houses. They want the $300M cash buyers and motivated sellers.

They want portfolios.

They are Wall Street.

Someone just Accessed The Flock. And they didn’t answer the phone. I wonder if it’s just that they saw the price and and then decided they aren’t going to bring Fistfuls of Cash to Access The Flock.

What happens to a person like that. Like, when the Flock is the price of Cash Flow. You’d hope their credit card doesn’t run out. 

But that’s what I’m trying to do; Raise the price of Flock.

$100M Real Estate Portfolios

I don’t know why Wall Street wants $100M portfolios. They want cheaper minimums and higher POFs. So they do want higher POFs. 

If they are trying to match, I want cheaper minimum purchase prices too. T

That way I the higher the Flock.

Real Estate Cash Buyers List

I have a list of cash buyers nationwide.

I have a few listings outside of the country.

Bird Dog Real Estate Access The Flock

Bird Dogs are cops with the Government. They get you money. They could be politicians.

They are also — or could be poor people looking for jobs. Like black Americans. I shouldn’t discriminate; It’s not only the black Americans looking for jobs it’s everyone.

You could get cash delivered to your door step.

I’m mostly — Cash are cops — ranking in United States. But could rank in Middle East Countries and Russia. I rank in United Kingdom. I have a couple of clicks from Canada.

It’s good to match them. Then you get the cash.

I’m just trying to take all of your money. I’m playing Monopoly. I’m trying to bankrupt the government. I want to be the one with all of the Fistfuls of Cash.

If you bring it to me, I will make you rich.

The more Fistfuls of Cash you bring me the more money you make. 

You can really only bring me Fistfuls of Cash for a few months before you go bankrupt.

You should be able to make the Renturly — It’s more than $20B*0.03 = $1B. You should be able to make $1B.

I don’t think that I should tell you to start writing for a blog. And starting at the bottom, but how do you get to the top. You have to Cash Flow with the President.

They can force you to pay Taxes. But no one cares about paying taxes, unless they like living longer.

I wish, I could travel… to Punta Cana. Water is expensive. I was going to say so is Sand but the Sand is probably expensive cause it’s close to the water. I looked up the betas.

I don’t really know why I’m talking about wanting to travel. I feel like the cops just want you to stay in one location so that you can pay Taxes. I have to buy more product. I’m always looking for product placement on Netflix to decide what is Flock.

I could get a tech house. But that just means 21%.

Chinese Cash Buyers

Chinese Cash Buyers



Edmonton Strip Malls

Edmonton Strip Malls

How To Start Your Own REIT

How To Start Your Own REIT

Real Estate Bird Dogs

Real Estate Bird Dogs

What Is A Motivated Seller

Motivated Home Seller Lead

Motivated Sellers are:

  • Divorce (real estate leads)
  • Sick
  • Going bankrupt

Is it good to be a motivated seller?

Generally, your motivations to sell when you are motivated are not that good, but can a motivated seller make Fistfuls of Cash?

There are Real Estate Bird Dog Opportunities

When motivated sellers aredesperate the minimum purchase price is lower. You can access a nationwide list of cash buyers. Bring me the Renturly.

Edmonton Real Estate

Edmonton Real Estate