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How To Start Investing In Real Estate With No Money Down

A Bird Dogger wants to buy Flock in real estate selling USA SFRs to Chinese Cash Buyers with no money down.

First, they need the list.

There’s money in the list. 

Don’t be a Tire Kicker.

Tire Kickers waste too much time but ultimately convert to Cash.

I don’t really know what to say.

You could use the Real Estate Bird Dog Landing Page for Your Bird Dog Real Estate Opportunities.

It takes time; There is a slope.

You need to build your buyers and sellers from nothing other than dopamine.

Pure love. Cash. I should say cash first. It’s like heroine, cocaine. 

I shouldn’t be saying this.

But, it’s like those drug trafficking movies where the cocaine gets flown into Miami;

It’s Renturly.

The cap rate.

That stuff is crack.

When I figure out the numbers. I can make millions.

Off of 700 people.

How am I supposed to make money off of 700–800 Bird Dogs.

Well I read books a book that says that it’s not the number of Urly Birds that you have it’s the size of the Flock.

The size of the Flock has to be bigger.

That might sound confusing but the Flock is the connections.

It’s the Fistfuls of Cash.

The Urly Birds Always Have Cash.

I can’t rate them down because I would be rating them off of my website. So instead I use the community — The Flock.

Someone once said that it’s the communication.

I think it’s the Flock.

Is the communication the brand.

Is it Communication. 

As in Communications.

I don’t know.

But the value of the buyers and sellers and Flock are growing exponentially.

From 50, 10 a month to hundreds.

It’s an alogorithm.

Bird Dogs Bird Dog Urly Birds.


I don’t really know what to say.

I feel like I’ve already said it, but I have a 500 word minimum.

I might as well talk about cash buyers and motivated sellers.

It turns out. They’re Bird Dogs.

They want to make money.

They don’t have money.

They are starting out.

I should say first that you are just starting out, you can start out here at Access The Flock.

Sometimes I even give out free subscriptions.

They have to be OK in the first place.

Then they are on the board.

I don’t want to say that they are on the board of advisors, but they bring me Fistfuls of Cash.

That’s good enough.

If you bring me Fistfuls of Cash you can be on the board.

For a higher price.

I want that Flock.

I should say above, that the price is $4.99. I don’t know the price. But last I checked it’s $4.99. So if you think it’s thousands of dollars — subscription — it’s not.

Not yet.

Not that I know.

I can check.

You have to Access The Flock.

Once you see the price, you’ll know you can afford it.

Because you are buying Fistfuls of Cash.

It’s half off.

It’s viral burning money.

It’s cool. Flock.

I don’t really know what to say. Read Fistfuls of Cash: 20 Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies.

Send 3 contracts if you are Cash Buyer.: Master Fee Agreement, Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure NCND, Purchase and Sale Agreement

North Downtown Edmonton Stripmalls

North Downtown Edmonton Stripmalls

Creative Real Estate Investing Cash Buyers And Motivated Sellers

There are all kinds of creative real estate investing strategies.

All you have to do is search the internet — Google to find some of them.

Some of the basics that come up recurringly are:

    • Flipping

    • Wholesaling

  • Buying and Hold

I really believe that the only investment strategy that you can make money at is the buy and hold.

That’s because the channels to sell the property are too expensive for you to do it quickly; You have to own the channels.

There are two schools of thought. Old school and new school. The old school is that you use cash and have buyers and sellers. The new school is that you use a website and match.

If you go old school

You just follow the same three strategies.

You mostly just flipping. Wholesaling. And buying and holding.

There’s not much difference between the two flipping and wholesaling. You need to flip fast and buyers and sellers. The more buyers and sellers you have the faster you can make a profit on each flip.

With flipping you actually own the property for a while and have carrying costs. That’s what matters is how the strategies affect your financials.

You have the property as Fistfuls of Cash if you carry the property. That feeds into your Monthly Flock. Carrying costs are an expense. But if you have it rented you could get Renturly.

Wholesaling is flipping a contract. The Fistfuls of Cash is a printer and scanner and Apple. The Monthly Flock is Marketing expense.

You can merge the two old school and new school by having a website to do your marketing for you while you circulate contracts. Your revenue model can be to close a contract.

You have to make more than I charge monthly Flock.

There’s $10 Fistfuls of Cash there.

You get Fistfuls of Cash, on Your Monthly Flock as a top line item for selling a contract.

I don’t know if it makes any sense that I call Fistfuls of Cash Fistfuls of Cash it’s your Reserves, your balance sheet.

You want to get buyers and sellers to feed into your Fistfuls of Cash. You need Monthly Flock to do that.

Buy and hold is owning property. On your Fistfuls of Cash. You get Renturly when you buy and hold below your Fistfuls of Cash.

You want to own as many properties as possible. There’s $330T in Property.

So you can own the world.

To have a bank you need cash flow.

Cash flow is like prison.

What you really need is the Flock.

You Could Access The Flock

You could Access The Flock on Access The Flock.

Bird Dog. I’ll Pay you Fistfuls of Cash To Access The Flock.

Bring me Higher proof of funds and lower Renturly.

You could have your own website

Bird Dog Landing Page.

It takes time to build a Bird Dog.

But you are searching for Real Estate Bird Dog Opportunities and one of the best ways to do real estate bird dog opportunities is to have a landing page.

So you can build your list.

You need cash

You need Fistfuls of Cash to Access The Flock.

You need to blog.

It’s the price of Cash Flow.

I Pay The Bird Dog.

How To Start A REIT With Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies

How To Start A REIT With Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies And Fistfuls of Cash


Cash Buyers Want Motivated Sellers

Cash Buyers in California want Motivated Sellers.

With climbing debt nationally — across the US — there is more motivated sellers.

My job is to match them.

Bring me the Motivated Sellers…and Cash Buyers.

The Cash Buyers have billions of dollars. That will help the Motivated Sellers.

Students getting out of university with debt.

Can access Cash Buyers.

There’s more Chinese Cash Buyers in the first half of 2018 from cross border investment.

I see Cash Buyers from Beijing Join The Flock.

You need to Bring me lots of motivated sellers with cheaper Minimum purchase prices.

I’m looking for motivated sellers that will accept cash buyers.

You will get Flock.

It’s kind of predatory to buy from motivated sellers.

Motivated Sellers are banks.

You are robbing a bank.

I think the Cash Buyers from China are robots; It’s the beginning of a Flock.

Bird Dogging Real Estate Opportunities

All you have to do to start a REIT with no money is lose your house. There will be a cash buyer there to pay you Fistfuls of Cash.

The more cap rate — Renturly — The higher the price you can get for your asset type. 

If you want to make money as a cash buyer you need to buy the Minimum purchase price. As low as possible.

Or just bring me the Minimum purchase price — as low as possible.

That way, you get access to the most amount of Cash Buyers.

If you don’t have a house, you can spend the little amount of money that you have — Fistfuls of Cash — on leads.

Some of the Bird Dogs don’t buy leads. But they want the Flock.

Bring me Fistfuls of Cash.

I don’t care how you find your Fistfuls of Cash.

Ways To Get Fistfuls Of Cash

Cheaper Minimum Purchase Prices

You have to go into their house.

Fly there by private jet.

Get into that house.

Higher POFs Amount

To get higher POFs you need to Cash Flow.

The Cash Buyers will come to you.

Then you get the list.

You get the Flock.

How To Raise Money

Just Bring Me Fistfuls of Cash

To raise money you need to get a Motivated Seller. Renturly. That way you can get a cash buyer.

It grows like a Flock.

You use a list.

The more Birds of a Feather you get the more buyers and sellers you get — Flock — In Your Account.

It takes time.

It grows 0.02 a week. I pay you Fistfuls of Cash.

Some say that I pay you cash flow. 0.02% cash flow.

I think I pay you Fistfuls of Cash.

When you Bring Me Fistfuls of Cash you get Flock.

You bring me billions of dollars. I pay you Flock.

You get Flock in your Account.

The 0.02 a Week is Fistfuls of Cash.

It’s what you get for waiting.

That’s the Fistfuls of Cash Bird Dogs bring me. 

That goes in your account.

I want all of the Fistfuls of Cash.

You want the Flock.

The Flock ensures you get more Fistfuls of Cash in your account.

Than you can be a billionaire. Start a REIT.

It takes 5 years to have a Flock.

After 10 years you only know a few people.

Those are your friends.

They want the Flock.

They are the Bird Dogs.

Flock Pricing Types Of Real Estate Investing Strategies

There are tonnes of types of real estate investing strategies.

Just check out Fistfuls of Cash.

I don’t really know what to say.

It doesn’t really seem like Bird Dogs are following any kind of strategy;

They are selling real estate motivated sellers.

So they want Fistfuls of Cash from Cash Buyers.

That’s why I changed Cash Flow to Fistfuls of Cash.

You get Fistfuls of Cash. And the more Fistfuls of Cash you get the more Fistfuls of Cash you have.

It’s better than having someone yell at you.

Bring me Fistfuls of Cash and Renturly and you get $3M Fistfuls of Cash right now.

That’s how much Fistfuls of Cash active there is right now.

Just get the money.

I haven’t had any Cash Buyers. I shouldn’t say that. I was told the Cash Buyers are flying to location with airplanes.

That means someone is going to get the money.

Bring it to me.

I will make you rich.

You can make 2.9% of the Minimum purchase price. I take 0.10%. Do I need to say of the Active. It’s from this past week. It’s of what you access.

I think it’s a small amount. Compared to how much you are robbing. It’s like a Technology service.

It’s a Matching service.

I get 0.1%. Just try to take more.

There’s the Flock.

Just Try To Take More

Bring me a higher POF and lower Minimum purchase price pays you more Fistfuls of Cash.


You get the email.

They fly there with planes.

Someone has got to be getting the money.

Just bring it to me.

I will bankrupt you $3M.

I’m not making phone calls anymore. It says in the Emails to bring me Higher POFs and Cheaper Renturly.

I want a higher Flock.

You can make $2.9M. 

I can make $100K.

And bankrupt you at $20.

How Much Growth Do You Need For Your Investment To Be Worthwhile

It’s 0.02.

It’s 2% a year for you. 

And 2% a week for me.

Let’s make that 10%.

I’ll pay you the Fistfuls of Cash for that Flock.

I don’t care if you want the Emails. I see you robbing me on Video every day.

Those are Bird Dogs Bird Dogging Urly Birds.

Getting that money.

They can get…

How much can they get.

I really want that $20.

If you make $20 in 10 phone calls. You’re making $2 Accessing The Flock.

You get the Fistfuls of Cash.

You’ll unsubscribe within 8 months.

If not, it’s a career.

You could do this till you’re old.

I really want you to make more money. But if I’m not bankrupting you, someone else is going to.

I need that Flock Algorithm. I need the buyers and sellers to raise the price.

The more Flock that I have the more Renturly I get.

That’s more Renturly for you.

You can make $27M right now.

I want that in my bank account.

Bring me $300M Cash Buyer. A billion dollar cash buyer. And I will be worth $3M. I want that Lamborghini. Golden Egg.

That’s a lot.

Is that it.

That’s not enough.

I need that week after week, no, day after day.

I need this Email in your inbox.

These are real estate investing strategies. For the modern, 21st century.

Forget mailouts.

Mailouts are great. Mailouts are 10 years ago or whatever it is.

I should be making more money.

I should be closing better. I should be flying to locations to get $300M.

Put that in Flock. In my bank account. The Bird Dog.

Pay The Bird Dog.

Do you like those?

I need more graphics.

I have data that says I just need the data. The graphics are immaterial.

I have other data that says the graphics are worth exactly what you pay for them.

Starting Out In Real Estate

Starting Out In Real Estate

Starting Out In Real Estate

Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies

When you are starting out in real estate you are a Bird Dog.

  • Matching buyers and sellers.

The word Bird Dog is used as a derogatory term but it applies.

It’s when you get money.

The best way to get money is to match buyers and sellers.

That way you can Access The Flock.

The higher the POF you have the bigger the Flock. The cheaper the minimum purchase price — Renturly — The more Flock you will have.

SFRs always match.

You can get motivated home seller leads.

Some people call that terrorism. But it’s not; When you visit a house for sale the homeowner might come out wondering what you are doing. It’s not terrorism. It’s Access The Flock.

What Do You Need When Starting Out?


You need a business plan. One for 5 years. A 9 month business plan.

Otherwise, I will bankrupt you.

Write a business plan as you go — Are working.

You need to start a website — Bird Dog Dog Landing Page.

Bird Dogging Urly Birds is predictable.

You need an iPhone

Click Cash Flow:

You get Fistfuls of Cash when you bring me a Renturly.

The Flock is determined based on the Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers.

You Don’t Need A Broker

Those are agency agreements.

You could be an Investor.

Your Fistfuls of Cash will depend on how much content you have on your Bird Dog Landing Page.

You Can Just Match On Your iPhone

You don’t need business cards.

You Need A Car

Do you need a car?

You need to travel?

You can sit at your office and match.

You Can Grow Your List

The list is cash flow.

What You Write About Is Cash

Hook your blog up to Google.

You will be matched in Birds of a Feather.

You don’t even need to start a corporation.


You Can Access A Cash Buyer

Bring me Fistfuls of Cash and you can access a Cash Buyer.

Bring me Fistfuls of Cash and I will make you rich.

One of the best ways to get started is to bring me the Renturly from a SFR. That’s the cap rate.

You need an office.

You can think you will make a lot of money.

You can use SEO. Moz.

Access The Flock.

You Need Technology

Chinese Cash Buyers want emails.


Bird Dog Landing Pages.

Placester uses their own landing pages technology; I don’t know if anyone would ever use my Bird Dog Landing Pages. 

But there’s an API. For Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers.

All you have to do is hire me I’ll build you a Landing Page on your server. Or you can hire a programmer. Why would you do that? To build your own brand.

Your Bird Dogs can bring me Fistfuls of Cash. All you need to do is Blog.

I want to post the Blogging For Cash photo.

But who wants to Blog.

They want to Bring me Fistfuls of Cash.

I’ll probably hire a Bird Dog to install the Bird Dog Landing Pages. A Russian hacker.

I just read on Inman that your most important piece is to build a website.


I think that your most important piece is your blog.

Hook it up to Hootsuite. It’s viral. That means you get more Fistfuls of Cash.

Say you are a Motivated Seller, you can get Fistfuls of Cash from a Cash Buyer.

I have a cash buyer bringing me a POF in the input fields right now.

It’s for $54.

Everyone wants me to build them a Bird Dog Landing Page.

What Is A Cash Buyer In Real Estate

A Cash Buyer in real estate is someone that buys real estate all cash.

Just Bring me Fistfuls of Cash:

You can build a list of cash buyers.

You can get a cash buyer list. You can get a cash buyer from a list.

I don’t really know what to say. If you are searching for what is a cash buyer in real estate, then you probably aren’t a cash buyer. You probably are searching for How to start a REIT.

You are a Bird Dog.

That means you are bringing me Renturly from Motivated Sellers to access cash buyer POFs.

You need to match buyers and sellers.

I have the Bird Dog Matching Algorithm which matches you with Renturly and Fistfuls of Cash.

The More Fistfuls of Cash you bring me, the more Fistfuls of Cash you get.

The goal is to become a cash buyer. So that you get all of the Renturly. It’s at $30K active.

Bring me a billion dollar POF. You can Access The Flock.

A cash Buyer has a Proof of Funds — in their bank account, a statement.

So you are robbing a bank.

So, everyone is searching for a nationwide list of cash buyers in real estate and my price is going higher. Maybe I can bankrupt everyone and get all of the Renturly.

How Do You Get A Cash Buyer

Blogging is where to find cash buyers for real estate.

You can get cash buyers in any location:

  • You can get cash buyers near you.
  • Cash Buyers are buying real estate nationwide.
  • It’s Global

Nationwide Cash Buyers Real Estate

I say to put USA if you are in the States and buying nationwide. Because there are other countries, like Dubai.

Bird Dogs are still putting nationwide. And it is putting a dot on the map in the middle of the United States. 

Put USA if you are buying in the United States.

The Definition of Cash Buyer For A Motivated Seller

The definition of a Cash Buyer for a motivated seller is that they can move quickly. That just means that the minimum purchase price will be lower.

They also mention that being a Cash Buyer means you aren’t in a Daisy Chain.

Sometimes Bird Dogs bring me Cash Buyers and they aren’t Tire Kickers.

I’m trying to take all of their proof of funds by having the Flock be as big as the minimum purchase prices.

You have to negotiate the minimum purchase price once you have access. The minimum purchase price is the minimum purchase price. The cap rate is used to determine whether the minimum purchase price is supported.

You don’t really know that they aren’t a broker chain until they bring Fistfuls of Cash.

Do Cash Buyers Still Do Earnest Money Deposits?

Bird Dogs expect earnest money deposits to see if Cash Buyers are real.

One person wrote that cash buyer is ready to paying the closing lawyer to get deed or title.

How To Bird Dog Real Estate

You will need to first set up your Bird Dog Landing Pages.

You will then need to match the cash buyers and motivated sellers.

That’s how you get the cash.

You need to price out the Tire Kickers; Tire Kickers don’t bring you cash.

You Need Real Estate Bird Opportunities

You need to write a lot for more Bird Dog Opportunities.

Blog About Where To Find Cash Buyers

Blogging about where to find cash buyers is where you will get all of the cash buyers. Or you will write about motivated sellers, which attract cash buyers.

You need a contract.

Charge for higher POFs amount and Cheaper Minimum purchase prices. That raises the amount you can get for the difference — the spread.

Edmonton Real Estate

Edmonton Real Estate