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Bird Dogs Real Estate

Bird Dogs Real Estate

I Want To Bankrupt The Bird Dogs But Theres 30K Renturly

I can’t bankrupt the Bird Dogs; There’s too much Renturly.

Bird Dogs get the Renturly from Motivated Sellers. There’s $30K active. But millions.

Cash Buyers Real Estate Benefits Of Buying All Cash

Cash buyers pay less for real estate;

It’s like in Monopoly; You don’t want to mortgage your property; You want to pay all cash until you run out.

You might not want to buy with leverage.

I might not want you to buy with leverage.

You could buy all cash.

And be a cash buyer.

Cash Buyers Are Gold


If The Cash Buyers Are Countries

You have to sell Gold to get Fistfuls of Cash to buy real estate.

Countries can sell Government Facilities.

They can be motivated sellers. Say if there was a dilapidated prison.

Fistfuls of Cash is Gold.

Governments are Cash Buyers.

The Governments probably take out mortgages. 

Are the Governments taking out mortgages on real estate or are they paying all cash?

It would be interesting to see which they think is better?

Leverage on real estate is always good; It’s good debt: The reason you want to own real estate.

Motivated Seller Real Estate Leads

Motivated Seller Real Estate Leads

How To Make Money Wholesaling

Make money from the Renturly.

The Renturly is the cap rate and you can make a spread between the buyers and sellers; Get a cheaper minimum purchase price and a higher POF.

Wrap Around Mortgages

Risks of Wrap Around Mortgages and Benefits

What is a wrap around mortgage?

A wrap around mortgage is when a motivated seller finances the property and the buyer doesn’t have to put any of their own money down on the property.

A cash buyer can be a wrap around mortgage.

What are the risks to a wrap around mortgage?

The buyer might default.

They can both default. A motivated seller can be a bank.

You want the property free and clear. That’s why the cash buyer can be a cash buyer.

The motivated seller might be forced to take on too much second mortgage by the cash buyer.

The cash buyer assumes — takes over — the name on the title.

Benefits of wrap around mortgage

The motivated seller stays in their real estate.

The cash buyer owns the real estate.

Creative Real Estate Investing

Creative Real Estate Investing

Chinese Cash Buyers

Chinese Cash Buyers

Best Real Estate Strategies Real Estate Wholesaling

Bring me Fistfuls of Cash. Bring me something worth $500K and I’ll take $1000. That’s how you Wholesale.

I don’t really know anything about the best real estate strategies because I’ve just been accumulating Fistfuls of Cash writing for the past 5 years.

No one seems to listing when I say that you can make money blogging but they search for seller landing pages.

I wonder why they just search for selling landing pages and not cash buyer landing pages. I have an API for both. 

If you are trying to attract a motivated seller you would want a seller landing page, but you will get matched with cash buyers POFs and emails.

The best strategy for real estate is blogging.

Everything is real estate technology now.

All the money is made from real estate and technology.


I think that most people are on drugs and don’t want to write for years to earn cash.

The other people are websites — Bird Dogs — They Access The Flock.

I really just want you to use my API and stop sending me consulting emails through my contact form.

I don’t mind all of the Flock I’ve been getting the past little while.

I probably just need to write.

I really want my 20 Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies to stay Popular.

But I want to write something that is even more popular.

Wholesaling is one of those strategies that is in the 20 Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies.

I don’t even know what Wholesaling is. You get a buyer and match them with a seller. You could make a thousand dollars earnest money for showing the buyer or seller’s email.

I need to raise the price of the Flock.

Bring me a buyer and I will match you with a motivated seller. It’s the Bird Dog Matching Algorithm. The difference is, I will have all of the Fistfuls of Cash — the Flock — by the end of the phone call.

You will have Real Estate Bird Dog Opportunities.

You need a contract.

I want the higher POF in the input fields.

Cheaper Renturly.

Selling contracts is arbitrage.

Good luck doing it faster than I can do.

You might make $20M Fistfuls of Cash.

I just might bankrupt you.

Is Real Estate Wholesaling Illegal Is The Stupidest Argument Of All Time

You are not to supposed to have an agency agreement in Canada and can’t even be a broker in the United States.

Most are Consultants.

They match.

I think wholesalers are selling contracts and not real estate.

I’d like to sell a contract for $424.

I just need some Renturly from Japan.

I don’t even know what type of buildings they have in Japan but you can get me those.

You can make $5K wholesaling Birds of a Feather. And do 4 a month.

That’s $20K.

You might want to wholesale the billion dollar cash buyers for the $300M portfolio Birds of a Feather.

Those are Daisy Chains. And when they aren’t they are your commissions.

Bring me the Fistfuls of Cash of Cash for 4 deals. I want to make the $20K and bankrupt you.

Let’s see if I can do it at Flock $53.

I need to bankrupt every Bird Dog that brings me money.

If the Flock is too high, it will go back down. Bring me more Fistfuls of Cash.

You need to attach how much money you can make Wholesaling to time. You do that by having cash buyer and motivated seller list that you match. It’s cash flow.

I need you to do direct mail in the neighbourhoods that you are wholesaling. It’s direct access.

Virtual Wholesale

You can virtual wholesale using Google. You need to write a lot.