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Iran Oilfied Listings

Iran Oilfied Listings

Bird Dog Success: OKBird - No Tire Kickers Vetting Fee

Bird Dogs are OK.

I have to know how good the listings are that you are bringing to me. You are about to get a reward by accessing an Urly Bird with Fistfuls of Cash.

I have to know that there is no terrorism and that there is peace. It is a democracy; Bird Dogs are voting on Urly Birds to have Fistfuls of Cash. Bird Dogs must have Fistfuls of Cash when they Access The Flock. It is a sign that your listing is OK. There is the Urly Bird Grade on your listing.

You need to be vetted before bringing me Fistfuls of Cash. There is Flock Technology.

You can talk to vetted Urly Birds. Urly Birds have Fistfuls of Cash.

Construction workers have a vetting fee to make sure you’re not a terrorist.

You shouldn’t get yelled at by Urly Birds.

OKBird means you should make money.

You can Bird Dog for 12 months and make $2B.

The vetting fee is the listing and the OK; The listing has to have money.

You will get the OKBird on your profile for the duration of your subscription.

You are locked into the price once you Flock. And the Flock trends up.

If they don’t have the OKBird they are like-a-terrorist.

You will be charged every month.

Bird Dogs are matching.

Over the phone.

The Flock is cash.

Payment by credit card.

Urly Birds don’t want to get phone calls from like-terrorists.

The listings have to be OK.

Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies - Bird Dog Success: Matching

How To Bird Dog Real Estate

If you want to make money in real estate you have to make a spread on real estate cash buyers and motivated sellers.

You can bring me a bulk portfolio of motivated sellers in one listing of 10K houses in Florida for example and and get enough cash buyers to finance the entire sale. You could make $10,000,000.00.

Most Bird Dogs Are Brokers Like The President

From the phone conversations I’ve had with them.

Wholesale real estate buyers list makes more money because of the contracts.

It’s competitive. There’s 10 cash buyers and motivated sellers for every deal.

It’s really great when you close one deal.

The problem is scaling it.

You need a Bird Dog Real Estate Landing Page to make more Fistfuls of Cash.

Bird Dogs Are Like Soldiers

I can have Bird Dogs in any part of the world: Chinese cash buyers and Russian oilfields. Matching buyers and sellers for a spread. Bird Dogs bring me Urly Birds with Fistfuls of Cash. For them to be success, they have to be robbing a bank.

Fight for freedom.

The question you should be asking yourself when you are flying around is who do I have to pay.

You actually have to cash flow.


If you want to make money in Creative Real Estate Strategies you have to Pay The Bird Dog.

I say on phone calls that I want to help you make money. But I can’t! Cause it sounds like a scam.

The Bird Dogs will bring you money.

I have evidence.

Bird Dogs are matching buyers and sellers. And you need to be matching cash buyers and motivated sellers too!

Creative Real Estate Online Strategies

I don’t know why you would do an AFS - agreement for sale if - if you are a cash buyer; You’d be better off controlling the property. I don’t know anybody that would want to own an asset without having control! 

The cash buyers that I know don’t even want title. They just want cash for keys. They are Chinese cash buyers buying in California.


Rent-to-own is a great strategy for Bird Dogs because all you need is a cash buyers list and motivated sellers list and you can make $200 a month from the property. $6K in a few years.

The problem with this strategy is scaling.

You don’t have to put the property in your name. The cash buyer can keep the property in their name. You just get the cash from the property. For putting them together.

It takes trust to introduce the emails before they cut you out.

The bank will only allow you to own 4 properties. But I know some cash buyers that own 1000’s of properties.


They used leverage.

And improved property.

Buy And Hold

I know people that buy and hold. It’s really important. You need to buy and hold to beat out the Wall Street type.

I’m not a real estate guru. You don’t need to own real estate to get Renturly. All you need is time.

You can’t live in property for free. You need to Pay The Bird Dog Renturly.

You can bring me cash buyers and motivated sellers and Flock.

It takes time to be a cash buyer in real estate.

You need to move fast with lots of Flock.

Bird Dogging North West Edmonton Real Estate

Looking For Cash Buyers

Avoid getting cut out.

You’re probably flipping properties.

Get your hands on nationwide list cash buyers real estate.

You don’t just get one cash buyer, you get a list.

You might not be comfortable sending contracts, but just send them.

Just vet tire kickers. And you’ll get paid.


Many sites call platforms strategies. But they aren’t!

They are channels.

You need a business model.

So you make money, and I don’t bankrupt you in 12 months.


You need to make more money from Renturly so that you Flock.

With Flock pricing there is a vetting fee and no tire kickers when you’re starting a REIT.

Close creative real estate deals. You need to Bird Dog Urly Birds.

Bird Dogs Dont Have To Travel To Get Fistfuls of Cash

Bird Dogs don’t have to travel to get Fistfuls of Cash.

Some of you might like traveling.

Bird Dogs have websites. 

Bird Dogs Can Write Fistfuls of Cash On Their Blog To Access The Flock.

Writing allows you to get money in your bank account.

You can travel - freedom - when you have money.

Install A Bird Dog Landing Page For Bird Dog Opportunities On Your Website. 

Creative Real Estate Investing

All you need is your time.

Bird Dog for me.

Bring me a cash buyer or motivated seller and Access The Flock.

It takes 1 year to start your own site; Bird Dogging Urly Birds you get emails.

The Flock have money.

I need you to Join The Flock and the Bird Dog Matching Algorithm with match you with a cash buyer or motivated seller. Urly Birds always have Fistfuls of Cash.

The best creative real estate investing strategy is Joint Venturing. I said matching was the best in Fistfuls of Cash: 20 Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies, but Joint Venturing is the best when all you have is time.

There is still a quote when you Access The Flock. It’s a Vetting Fee. I need you to Bird Dog The Urly Bird. Urly Birds always have Fistfuls of Cash.

Access The Flock.

All The Factors That Determine Cap Rate

There are many factors that determine cap rate. Like if you are a restaurant.

It’s the neighbouring vicinities.

It’s a radius of all the money that you can get to the restaurant.

It’s the poverty rate. It’s the crime rate.

It’s the professions of the people in the neighbourhood.

It’s the vacancy rate for houses.

It’s what you set for negotiating the sale of the property.

Creative Real Estate Investing: Cash Buyer

Bird Dog Success: You Need To Match Them

Just use the maps to match the nationwide cash buyers list with motivated sellers.

You will make more money.

How to make money when you have nothing. But dopamine.

You need a cash buyer. You need a list. You need a motivated seller.

You need the internet.

You need a website.

You need to post so that you attract a cash buyer with a motivated seller.

Start a blog.

The posts on Twitter will get you your first seller.

Your charts will grow exponentially from there.

If you don’t want to start a website you can start a group.

You need a list - email list.

When you have a list you can close deals with contracts. You need to match them.

Flock Technology

Bird Dogs are determining the Vetting Fee.

They are OK. They are getting Fistfuls of Cash.

When you Access The Flock Urly Birds have Fistfuls of Cash.

Creative Real Estate Strategies Flipping

12% Cap Rate Gets Billions Of Dollars From Buyers

A 12% cap rate can raise billions of dollars. Access The Flock. 

Hopefully you can sell your property with that many buyers. I should say maybe you could flip properties if you could bring me enough listings to close those phone calls.

Cash Buyers List Arent Free

Cash buyers lists aren’t free. I don’t want Tire Kickers. They are the cost of freedom.

When I purchased a cash buyers list I made $100K.

Bird Dogs are determining the price of Flock.