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There Is Cash In Bird Dogging

Some sites say Bird Dogging is a scam.

They say that because you just collect a finder’s fee there is no risk - it’s a guru saying a scam.

I say that you do you have to bring me a listing, and you get you access to Urly Birds that have brought me Fistfuls of Cash.

Now, when I’m on the phone. All I have to say is, the OK is just a couple of dollars and then you can get the cash.

The best part is when you click Fistfuls of Cash - That’s when you are Bringing Me Cash; I want your subscription to renew.

Bring me listings that match with the most OKBirds. Use the Active Cash Buyer and Active Motivated Seller Listings.

When I say you need to bring me different listings, I mean you need to bring me listings where there is cash behind them. Otherwise, my OK is getting devalued, and I am getting cut out.

With just an access, this minimizes your risk.

You need to be bringing me listings all of the time once you are a Bird Dog. Your expenses shouldn’t matter, it’s the Flock.

Its Like You're The Bird Dog And They're The Urly Birds At A REIA

I just re-read what content is published on my site. And some of it is out of date - The Bird Dog Success still applies; It’s because I’m updating as I am doing a Startup. A lot of it has been pricing. 

Bird Dog Success

The Flock is Flocking

I want you to get the Fistfuls of Cash from the OKBird.

Some of the things that you can do...

It’s Like You're The Bird Dog And They're The Urly Birds At A REIA 

I just want to go to real estate investor associations and get Urly Birds - emails.

The more Urly Birds the bigger the Flock.

You Dont Have To Worry About Being Cut Out

Just Find Your BATNA

Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement

It sounds tough thinking that you don’t have to be cut out. But with the OKBird, everyone is OK. You just have to find you BATNA - your bottom. And you can worry about getting your inflated price. How long will it last? It’s all brand. 

Bird Dogs can bring you listings but if there’s no money behind them, you are cut out. They have to be OK. It’s The Mating Dance, vetting Bird Dogs each time. The best way to vet Bird Dogs is to give them an Urly Bird with Fistfuls of Cash that they can Bring You: To Bird Dog the Urly Birds you got to pay the OK.


The more Flock the Bird Dogs Bring Me the more Golden Egg I have.

You don’t need to use a realtor; We’re talking about not paying the bird dog: Why would you ever do that? That’s just war.

Paying The Bird Dog is paying the credit card.

The Flock is predictable.

It’d be nice to get $1M on there - the credit card.

How can I make you richer?

I Need The Bird Dogs To Be OK So There’s Flock: I Pay The Bird Dog And The Bird Dogging Brings Me Flock And That’s OK.

Real Estate Cash Buyers List - How You Can Make Cash

You’ve Got To Bring Me Cash.

If you’re searching for real estate cash buyers list, you’re looking to buy a list. This isn’t a cash buyers list free.

You can make money with low money down real estate, but you’ve still got to pay $3 for the list. You should make $50K off a listing.

You can buy mailing lists. Mailing lists work. Buy mailing lists for $600 dollars and make $100K.

I’ve got different listings. Ones with billions of dollars that generate cash.

You don’t want a quality list. You want a vetted list.

Size matters. The most effective way to built your list is the most cost effective.

You don’t want emails. You want Urly Birds.

The first results are ads. For millions of cash buyers. They’re not the only ones that can get beyond the firewall. I have Chinese Cash Buyers .. from Beijing landing on Join The Flock.

I was wondering what I was going to write with the $50K maximum that Bird Dogs can bring to the USA.

There’s videos on how to find cash buyers.

On Your Own Websites

You got to build in the Flock.

You got to build your brand.

You can use the Bird Dog Landing Page with your own your brand. If you do that, you got to buy the real estate. ..

Or arbitrage - consult - flip - wholesale - the Flock.

You’ve got to get emails. You’ve got to get emails at REIAs. You’ve just got to Flock at real estate investors associations.

You’ve got to create new fresh content.

Cash Buyers List: Bird Dogs Are Attracted To Urly Birds

How To Bird Dog Real Estate

Matching Buyers And Sellers Is How You Get Urly Birds 

Flock Is Your Networth

I’ve tried to close real estate deals before but the prices were so that I would get as much cash flow from the property in Cleveland as I would get Flock. No one answered phones. But now with Flock Technology Bird Dogs are Bird Dogging Urly Birds for Fistfuls of Cash and Bringing Me Cash.

When you click that you are getting Fistfuls of Cash that is when you are the most satisfied. I want you to click that button - recurringly - the most amount of times as possible. That is what I mean when I say Bring Me Cash. That’s what’s good for the economy. Some people say not to care about the economy. That’s just the people that run the economy, Janet Yellen, I got the impression, it's just make money with money. That’s for all the people running around from 2008. You don’t need to get cut out - You can just Flock. I was surprised to read that your most prized possession is your website: Most Bird Dogs don’t have websites. Real estate is an exponential curve - lots of Urly Birds. 

All The Money Is Made When You Are Bird Dogging Urly Birds for Fistfuls of Cash

With Flock Pricing You Can Make Money Wholesaling Real Estate Step By Step, Flipping, Consulting, With A No Money Down Real Estate Investment

Bird Dogs are matching. This article says that if you want to buy real estate, you need to be a cash buyer. Bird Dogs want to hold as much cash as they can possible: No one wants to make a downpayment on a property. You need to spend your time marketing. I’d much rather have Bird Dogs make Fistfuls of Cash than losing their shirt. If you are going to decide wholesaling rather than flipping, you are going to need a real estate lawyer. Bird Dogs want to get-rich-quick. It’s said you will make more money wholesaling than flipping. I want to promise you can make as much money as possible.

Real Estate Bird Dog Jobs

What is a Bird Dog in real estate?

You can go to stores with your iPhone and arbitrage Flock, get their email and match them with someone else. It’s said that you have to knock on doors to be a Bird Dog; If you go to a Real Estate Meetup you can get 8 of them in one session.

I Want Bird Dogs

You should start your own REIT. No one wants leverage. People write about owning 12 properties like it’s a big achievement. But it’s not. You need to scale. 

She says renting for cash flow is a great thing. But I was wondering of anybody not cash flowing. I’ve heard from someone I know that they breakeven cash flow from their rentals. I have cap rates so you should make money. I was wondering if I am the only site with cap rates, but it looks like all the sites use cap rates. It was taught in University. And the websites write about cap rates. Appreciation is ultimately determined by the Government: Their spending. I read in an article.

But I can tell whether real estate in the U.S. makes money by how much cash Bird Dogs are Bringing Me. The returns from real estate investments went up; As soon as Bird Dogs started Bringing Me more cash. It’s the price.

Paying The Bird Dog Is Paying The Credit The Card

I Pay The Bird Dog. Why Wouldn’t You Want To Join The Flock, Where The Price Is Where You Make Money.


I like the idea of being able to - using property to as a rainy day fund to get cash from the property when there’s war, terrorism. It’s like - bunkering down with all the assets so you can get cash and pay your way out. Now I’m playing Risk. It’s not Risk. It’s Monopoly. When you’ve gone bankrupt a few times you understand the value of having cash.

Investing For Cash Flow

All you need is cash flow. Even with cap rates, you still have to negotiate; The cash from the most recent months might not be there - exact from the calculation. There are entire books written to the subject. Some of them cost $12 to $123. The more expensive ones seem like encyclopedias industry that universities would use to teach. There are books on how to avoid costly mistakes. Mine’s The Urly Bird Blog about success. There are blog posts about lists of real estate books. They seem cool. The authors seem pretty excited about them. You’d have to read all of them just to write a blog post about them. They tend to feature common myths that would hinder you from starting Bird Dogging. Most of them have something to do with separating you from the pack. But I want you to Flock together. Birds of a Feather. It’s all about success. Real estate is all about getting people to pay you. The only real way you can make that happen is if you Pay The Bird Dog.

The first page of Google says that you don’t need a lot of money to make a lot of cash. I mustn’t be a Get-Rich-Quick Guru if I advocate Paying The Bird Dog. It’s a business. That means you need cash. Other’s advocate that you don’t need cash to make money. There are “proven" ways to make money. There are financial models for risk.

You don’t want to make money. You want to make cash. Needing cash seems scammy. The quickest way to make cash is to Drive With Uber.

It makes sense to make money in real estate. But, I don’t know about you, my phone doesn’t ring enough. If you want motivated seller leads, you better make sure they are OKBirds. I’d pay a lot for high quality real estate leads. 


You want to be a Bird Dog.

There has to be a spread between how much you are paying per Fistful of Cash and how much you are making.

There’s Lots of Gurus Out There

You want cash buyers real estate list and motivated sellers list being brought to you, and own real estate. You want a cash buyers landing page. You don’t want to be a property manager. Property management doesn’t scale. You can make millions, billions of dollars worth of deals - VNQ shares - that I provide because the Renturly is $2B and there is a spread on how much it costs you and how much you are making. The only way to make money is to have access to the cash buyers list. You can start your own REIT or use betas. The cap rates in MFRs seem realistic.

You Want To Control The List

Don’t worry about auctions - you never really know if you can make money - there are buyers and sellers - it’s the list.

The Most Successful Strategy In Real Estate Is Bird Dogging Urly Birds For Fistfuls of Cash:

I’ve Made $1M That Way.

Don’t worry about losing your shirt, it’s just a line item on your Monthly Flock. Know where your next meal is coming from.

Blogging For Cash

I rank first for nationwide list cash buyers real estate. It’s cash.

Get Fistfuls of Cash From Facebook and Google: Pay The Bird Dog

You can tell there is a lot of money in making money in real estate because of all the Ads on Google. It costs $3 to get a click, and I have the cash buyers list.

There are buyers and sellers. It’s all data. That’s where you get your money from. Just buy shares. I’m disrupting Facebook with OKBird. The difference is the brand. It’s my price. I’m not going to say what my price is because it’s a quote; It’s different for each account. It’s just that you can Bird Dog Urly Birds - be successful - for a lower price than you can get on Facebook, so Bird Dogs are Flocking. I don’t know how long it will last; I will just keep Paying The Bird Dog. That’s what you need to be doing. Paying The Bird Dog; Blogging For Cash. Facebook and Google are the only channels that work on the internet for real estate. The others are Daisy Chain cesspools. I shouldn’t be giving you all of my secrets. You need to be using Hootsuite to post to your Facebook Page. And make Bird Dogs rich!

That’s enough about Facebook and Google.

You Can Pay The Bird Dog - Blog For Cash

Bird Dog Gold Mines

The content they have on the internet about real estate is so generic. It’s about basic streams of income that you can make money. It would be good if they took a deep dive at the different types of land - like mines - that you can get money from. I want gold extracted from rock. I like getting money from Gold Mines. I posted about Russian Oil Fields. I have Bird Dogs Bird Dogging Russian Oilfields.

Real Estate Bird Dogs

Everyone’s played Monopoly as a kid. Collect rent. I know when people have called to collect rent. I know when people have collected rent in person - that worked for 3 years. And you can collect rent online.

Increase The Value Of The Property

You can invest in foreclosures.

This is one of the smartest things that I’ve read: 

One of the ways that the savviest real estate investors can make money in real estate is to take advantage of a situation that seems to crop up every few decades: When the rate of inflation is projected to exceed the current rate of long-term debt, you might find people willing to gamble by acquiring properties, borrowing money to finance the purchase, and then waiting for inflation to increase.

I can tell real estate is going to go up because Bird Dogs Bring Me More Cash. If you can predict that you will get more Renturly from the property buy the property. When the beta of real estate is more volatile, you make more money. Betas have been good at making money. 

Don’t trust what the banks say. Your math is right. Use net present value cash flow.

Own The Real Estate - Cash Buyers Make All The Money

Own The Real Estate Or At Least Use Creative Real Estate Investment With A Joint Venture: Always Get An Appraisal. They Have Lots Of Pictures In Them To Tell You What You Can Purchase.

I have lots of bank owned property. I can get you a Bird Dog that is not a Daisy Chain. There’s lots of competition for bank owned property. Short sales might be more competitive and you might get a lower price on a foreclosure because it’s been waiting longer. Hard money lending is a great business to be in. You can make money off the real estate. One thing I’ve noticed with real estate rentals is vacancy rates. It’s good to account for vacancy - You can use cap rate - like a normal part of calculations for real estate: I have cap rates; The real estate is worth a fortune. Mark Ferguson has a great idea, You can stay in one unit of the MFR while you rent out the rest of the units: A great way to dip your toe into real estate rentals.

Read The Ultimate Guide To Buy And Hold Real Estate Investing. There is appreciation when you buy real estate. That’s why you want to own real estate.

A hawk inflation is someone who believes that inflation should be held low. While a dove inflation thinks that inflation should be held high. High inflation slows the economy down and puts prices into real estate and gold. You want low interest rates. A dove is someone that has investments in Fistfuls of Cash: Real estate, gold, and cash; All the Bird Dogs increase the value of real estate. You make more money the more Fistfuls of Cash you bring me.

You Can Make $250 A Month From a Rent-To-Own

You need a business plan if you are going to invest in real estate. There are guides that you can download from the internet online. Or business plans that include pitfalls to avoid. It’s exciting to look at properties.

No one wants long-term strategies. If you want to do long term real estate strategies it’s best to look at who’s giving you the long term strategy. Like Rich Dad. Buy and holding is the best long term strategy. That’s because you have to buy and hold for real estate prices to go up. They want to get rich quick. Technology shares are 30%, get-rich-quick.

When I talk to Bird Dogs on the phone. They aren’t waiting 3 years for a contract to close; They expect to make money on that phone call. It takes 50 days to close a real estate deal. Larger transactions take 3 years to close, Bird Dogs that walk on the beach say.

No one knows what a lease option is. In Canada, it’s called a rent-to-own. Bird Dogs bring you money. You can make $250 a month, substantial money from a lease option. They are a great way to make money. Bird Dogging rent-to-owns/lease options works and makes you money. 

If I owned real estate, I buy VNQ shares, I’d be doing renovations all of the time. I’d be putting as much money as I can into this house.

For foreclosures you pretty much need a Monopoly on banks. No, one wants you to get involved with hard money lending. You need a license. You want a bank that can pay all cash; Cash buyers could be banks. Now, could be the perfect time to buy a foreclosed property.

You Can Get Cheaper Minimum Purchase Prices On Access The Flock.

You need to be a REIT to flip 2000 houses. Consulting, wholesaling and flipping is all contracts. It’s an arbitrage game and everyone is pricing you out - breakeven: except Flock Technology. You can buy properties in foreclosure and make money compared to bank REO. You can actually make money - probably - consulting, wholesaling, and flipping if you use the 70% rule. Bird Dogs bring me cap rates. To make sure you are getting enough money out of the deal. I’ve made over I don’t even want to say how many matches I have.  

Buy vacation rentals just so you can vacation there. There are different cities to buy vacation rentals. I have cap rates of different vacation rentals. Just Access The Flock and you can get Renturly. Maybe I’ll stay there; I’ll probably have to bring you a cash buyer while I’m there: The cash buyers are increasing the prices of real estate.

I like the idea of taking over mortgages and refinancing at lower interest rates. Investopedia says that it is worth refinancing your mortgage if you can lower the interest rate by 2%.

Nobody wants to buy land; I want more cash from Land - Commercial. There’s Renturly from land if you buy Mines and Oilfields. That’s where you make your money: Buying low. 

You need to be rich in real estate: Everyone knows how desperate you are.

Insurance payouts in real estate are just the cost of doing business. Insurance people are like the cops.

Home inspectors could be like lawyers and tell you not to do deals. Always inspect property.

You can buy notes. A note is a way to get a higher return from a piece of real estate. Note sellers are ghosts.

This is a get-rich-quick scheme. You can actually make Fistfuls of Cash Bird Dogging Urly Birds.

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