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Make Money Real Estate Investing No Money Down By Buying The List

Many Bird Dogs want to be successful with nothing but a lead with no cash. They figure they can get a cash buyer or motivated seller with no vetting in place and turn them around - match - them with a cash buyer or motivated seller. They have to find out that there is cash. When they turn around to match their motivated seller with a cash buyer - it turns out that the cash buyer is a Bird Dog Daisy Chain with no money. The Bird Dog doesn’t even have the lead. They just want your lead. They are going to pillage you.

Bird Dogs Want Your Freedom

"How to make money in real estate with no money down.” I don’t want that. If - or should I say when - I talk to you, it won’t be good. It will be like a mentorship. You better have a listing with cash - OK - behind it.

You better have a phone to find out if there is real cash. I only want the OKBird.

If this is a robbery. I don’t want it. I want you to be Bird Dogging for at least 12 months. Getting me that cash. 

Who’s the most desperate.

Pillaged Daisy Chains Brings You Closer To Cash Buyers And Sellers

Bird Dogs Are Successful With Creative Real Estate Online

I don’t have to say much and I can outrank most of the websites on the first page of Google.

I regret what I said yesterday about sending contracts. I don’t think it’s right. I think that you should get a lawyer and then close deals. 

You should be Paying The Bird Dog for Urly Birds, for The Mating Dance.

I just say, “You should send contracts;” You can send contracts on 20 hours a week.

Because that’s what you should be doing; Answering the phone.

If Tire Kickers are so poor that they can’t afford to buy a couple hundred cash buyers and motivated sellers then they will never get to the point of sending multiple contracts successively - like a conversion rate: 25 contracts, one closed deal.

The OKBird means that you can’t find the cash on Access The Flock anywhere else; It’s yours for the taking:

I just got a bunch of SFRs put on; Cash.

You must have your own channels. Like:

  • Email: Google Adwords
  • LinkedIn: Free
  • Facebook: Free

The free list means that all of the money has been taken. You want a list with serious cash buyers and motivated sellers. That’s what the OKBird is. Pillaged Daisy Chains. Flock is the price of Fistfuls of Cash. That’s where you’ll actually make your money.

You should be Accessing The Flock with the most amount of cash at all times.


Lets Cut Out These Daisy Chains

The Daisy Chains are simply the Flock without the OKBird; They are all the Tire Kicker emails.

These are the Tire Kickers that tell you they won’t pay based off price. There is no differentiating factor.

Maybe.. I don’t want all those Tire Kickers. I want to pillage Daisy Chains. And get to the cash buyers.

I made some changes to the site, which you’ll notice when reading this.

I just want to grow my list.

You just want to Bird Dog. Bring me a cash buyer that I can sink my teeth into. 

A real one. One with $20B did I say billion. I meant $20M. Real cash.

That’s what I want.

They come from the U.S. I don’t care where they come from. I just want them matched.

I want the Flock.

Bring me cash buyers from Beijing, Russia. The U.S. I don’t care.

I will just match them. And cut out Tire Kickers.

How To Use Closing Contracts To Be A Successful Real Estate Bird Dog

Bird Dog Real Estate

How to send closing contracts for deals.

The only creative real estate financing strategy you need is to access a cash buyer. I wrote 20 Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies and they all centre around the idea of bringing together cash buyers and motivated sellers. There are 20 strategies, all repetitive. If you use them in succession you will arrive at what I call just accessing a cash buyer, send them a contract.

  1. Access a cash buyer
  2. Send cash buyers contracts

It just takes getting over the barrier that believing that you will actually close the deal.

Some Real Estate Bird Dogs call it a waste of time. Some have spent 3 years trying to close $16M dollar deals and spent their time walking the beaches until the deals fell apart due to fraud.

The key to overcoming this is the to have the cash buyer and motivated seller pay cash. The OKBird. That way you know there is money behind the listing. The OK needs to be as high as possible.

If you don’t have enough money for the OK or you are looking for a free cash buyers list then scram. You are a Tire Kicker. There are other sites for that.

I have motivated sellers that are OK paying cash in the major cities with arenas.

Marketing For Cash Buyers

The only marketing that you need to know for accessing cash buyers is bring me a motivated seller with cash. There might not be cash in the property because they are motivated but I ask for cap rates with the cheapest minimums; I want properties that have Renturly. If you can’t get me the price for Flock from a property that is worth millions of dollars, then you are a Tire Kicker. As a Bird Dog you need to vet. If I ask for cash, the whole Daisy Chain will ask for cash to vet the cash buyer and motivated seller, and bring them together.

That’s when you send your contract!

Types of real estate contracts for bulk bank purchases - You can just copy contracts off the internet - You can just make sure there are no agency agreements. Get a real estate lawyer:

You don’t need to set up lots of corporations. I believe the joint venture is your best way to start a REIT with nothing but time; You can close cash, and collect names.

Some sites call these REO. But these are just Daisy Chains. You have to get cash buyers vetted with earnest money deposit (EMD). Bring them to me. The access fee is smaller. I don’t charge for impressions - they’re emails. OK. With cash.

So you get serious cash buyers and motivated sellers. Billion dollar contracts: No Daisy Chains.

So that you Access The Flock.

motivated sellers list

motivated sellers list

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cash buyers list

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creative real estate online

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nationwide cash buyers

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nationwide list cash buyers real estate

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