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15M 500 Mile Radius Texas Apartment Unit Matched With Albequerque NM

100 Fistfuls of Cash

5% Renturly

The radius on the cash buyer is really good: All across Texas.

The motivated seller is OK.

The cash buyers and motivated sellers are Flocking.

Bird Dogs are not caring about the Renturly, but are using the Renturly to get Cash Buyers - Cash - and Flock.

Bird Dogs Golden Egg Flocks for one day. There’s more Flock in the past three month. It’s slow.

All the money is going into the Renturly.

Theres A 40K Apartment Unit Motivated Seller

Bloomington IL

Only 2% Renturly; It’s like inflation.

The list of motivated sellers is real.

There’s less motivated sellers, mostly due to cash buyers.

Real estate prices are going up.

There’s more Flock.

Bird Dogs are doubling their Golden Egg.

11M Motivated Seller

How To Get Money From Baton Rouge Louisiana

Bird Dog Banks, Hotel, Casino & Gas Stations

$75K 25% Renturly

The cash buyer has all the money. Something tells me that there is no money in this listing; I’ve Bankrupted Casino salesman before. He doesn’t answer the phone.

I Only Have 1 Cash Buyer In Tennessee And Akron

They are Not OK.

That cash buyer can get the Renturly in Tennessee and Akron.

Renturly's going up. That’s eating into The Golden Egg of Bird Dogs.

Notes In US

I Got Some Action In Charlotte NC

10M Cash Buyer Is Attracting All Kinds Of Motivated Sellers

10M Cash Buyer For 187 Orchard Lane Glenwood Springs CO USA

$355K 8% Renturly

I’m getting a listing in Colorado.

There is a $10M cash buyer in Colorado.

This motivated seller is looking for cash buyers and has more motivated sellers.

The State of Colorado has a Company Profile.

Colorado has an economy that is based on agriculture, technology and mining.

There is lot of rock; You can tell by the picture above that there is mining.

The government is concerned with marijuana sales and gun control.

I Have A 10M Cash Buyer To Buy A Florida Apartment Unit

50% Renturly

The cash buyer is a repeat buyer and motivated seller. 

You can make $10K.