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100K Minimum US SFRs

Since November 19

6% Renturly

14 cash buyers

Pay The Bird Dog - Bird Dogs are getting paid

Bird Dogs want Active cash buyers. Need 1.5X as much Renturly.

Bird Dogs’ Golden Egg is increasing. Renturly is getting the Flock.

40K USA 15 Renturly

I updated the algorithm to 500 active cash buyers and motivated sellers. I’m getting lots of Fistfuls of Cash.

There’s going to be more Renturly. I inflated the price by a couple of Gold Coins. Bird Dogs are millionaires.


175K Florida SFR


Bird Dogs are making $800K every 2 years. The OK is going up. There’s going to be more Renturly. 

There are 40% bankruptcies and 60% Flock.

750K 15 Renturly Office Building


$750K 15% Renturly Office Building

The Fistfuls of Cash is still high. 40% of Bird Dogs are going Bankrupt. Renturly is going up. I’m not getting cut out. There’s more Flock. Bird Dogs can make $134K.

There is 2.36 times the Renturly as Cash Buyers.

Theres a 10M Cash Buyer Matched With 30K In Virginia

The cash buyer is OK.

REO - Residential.

20% Renturly

The Golden Egg is holding it’s value.

The Renturly is four times the cash buyers. I’m going to get cash buyers soon.

Romania Land

Residential Land

10% Renturly.


There’s Flock. Bird Dogs are trippling their money and Renturly is getting more expensive.

1M Miami Beach Florida SFR

20K 12 Renturly Philadelphia

Is matched with $10M cash buyer.

Both are OK.

There’s Been Less Bankruptcies in The Past Weeks

There’s more Fistfuls of Cash. There’s Flock: Bird Dogs are getting richer. Cash buyers and motivated sellers have tapered off.

100K Cash Buyer Little Rock AZ NYC Plainfield NJ Motivated Sell

I Have A $10M Cash Buyer That Is OK for the Motivated Sellers. It’s Not OK when Cash Buyers aren’t OK; Cash Buyers are Flock.

I’d like to be a $20M Hotel Cash Buyer in NYC.