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Russian Oilfields

Russian Oilfields

Chinese Cash Buyers

Chinese Cash Buyers

Cleveland, Ohio Cash Cow

Cleveland, Ohio Cash Cow

Make Money Wholesaling-Real Estate Buyers

Wholesaling real estate involves making money on contracts. Bringing me a motivated seller with a discount and selling the contract for more than a $300 profit to a wholesale real estate buyer.

I have billions in dollars from cash buyers. Millions added each week.

You Can Make A Wholesale Real Estate Cash Buyers List

Bird Dog deals. Bird Dog cash buyers.

Serious Cash Buyers

You need serious cash buyers that buy what they say they are going to buy from their criteria.

Once You Have One Discount Wholesale Property The Cash Buyers Attract Each Other

You only need one motivated seller under contract and you can put a bandit sign on the lawn to attract 7 buyers. Get their phone number and put it in your list.

Add their email to your real estate cash buyers list.

If you want a nationwide list of real estate cash buyers then you have to use the internet.

Bring it to me.

Bird Dog the cash buyers.

You will keep your list.

Cash Buyers have less conditions to remove at closing.

There’s Money In The List

To get started without a list. Add one contact.

The buyers and sellers attract each other and it grows.

Pay For Access So You Make More Than You Paid

Accessing a cash buyer is not friction; You can make 10X your money.

At real estate investing clubs match buyers and sellers.

Blogging For Cash-Paying The Bird Dog To Bring You Fistfuls of Cash

You have to Pay The Bird Dog For Fistfuls of Cash.

You have to be a writer. Or you can hire a writer for your REIT when you are just starting out.

I can build your Bird Dog Cash Buyer & Motivated Seller Landing Pages with the Cash Buyer & Motivated Seller API and install Wordpress, but you have to do the Branding.

These Landing Pages convert.

I can build an e-mail capture for your list for the cash flow.

That way you can build your real estate list.

Your real estate website will be streaming into my website for matching.

Income Streams

You can just start a REIT. Renturly from rent.

I recommend creating a brand and not selling Ads.

And get your income stream from the real estate. I don’t post Ads.

You can post Ads. You can probably make $7 a click from Ads.

Your Bird Dogging Landing Page Is To Start A REIT

You can get real estate from Fistfuls of Cash.

You can be a Bird Dog Asset Manager.

How much can you Make?

You can see how much you can make from the cap rate and proof of funds amount from the Fistfuls of Cash. You can make $5M in one Week.

This Is What You Can Do With Your Real Estate Cash Buyer And Seller Landing Pages

All you have to do is answer the 1st page of Google.

I'm Not Cold-Calling Anymore

I’m buying what matches.

That means that when you bring me the cap rate and discount for what I can afford I’m buying them.

I’m keeping my asset allocation right. And buying Flock.

Bring me Fistfuls of Cash. Bring me Renturly. Bring me Flock.

I don’t know if I am going to buy a 50% discount; I want 80%.

Maybe if I bring Fistfuls of Cash into the Bird Dog I can Access The Flock.

I’m waiting for a Bird Dog with $300 a month.

Keep bringing me Fistfuls of Cash.

I apologize for yelling.

The Reason That You Want To Own Real Estate - Renturly

The cap rate supports the property. It’s for appreciation.

The banks are banking on real estate.

VNQ real estate shares are 10% a year. That’s like 7% in Canada plus appreciation.

I’d buy an investment property in the States.

…Or have Bird Dogs bring me Flock.


You just need to beat 2%.

I buy for cash flow.

Let me explain the 2%. 2% is for inflation.

It might not be a thing for real estate investors — You can just use commercial real estate as a inflation hedge.

That’s interesting an inflation hedge.

Put your money into Fistfuls of Cash.

2% can be diversified away by buying Gold.

Or to buy the price.

Cash buyers don’t lend their money to motivated sellers! They buy all cash.

Pay The Bird Dog.

If you have more real estate strategies you can make more money.

Mostly they do the same thing over and over — Bird Dogging.

If I dug my head in cash flow I would make a lot of money.

Meaning, I mean the cash flow at the top of the page when you sign in to Access The Flock.

There are so many Urly Birds to Bird Dog.

You can work in real estate to make a SFR.

Free and clear.

You can make $5M in 5 years.

When you own the principle residence you can own the house free-and-clear.

Just bring me Flock.

Buying & Holding

That’s because you will generally make a more than the mortgage — robbing a bank — when you buy in an environment without discounts and when you buy remotely with Bird Dogs on the ground you have to buy the cash flow.

The US Is On Sale

Let me explain why you have to buy the cash flow when you buy remotely with Bird Dogs on the ground; You don’t know if the property value is going to go back up. Gold.

I made a phone call: Acquisition Managers look to steal properties for appreciation: 80% discounts across the United States and rehabbing them. They get the discount cause they are cash. They get a minimum of 5% cash flow, which I think is the same as the cap rate.

Debt Service Ratio

Bird Dogs can qualify for a 5% down mortgage: You can get more cash flow on more property because you are buying discounts.

Cap rate is important for debt service ratios.

You can buy at discounts and get a mortgage. That way you get the benefit of leverage. Good debt. Good debt is a thing. 

You can get more money from more valuable real estate, as explained by the loan-to-value LTV.

Discounts help the debt service ratio so you can buy more properties because the value of the property is more than the mortgage.

Rehabbing: Maximize The Value Of Your Property

Hire an Asset Manager to make repairs.

Good debt can pay for repairs.

So just bring me Flock.

I just looked at Cleveland, Ohio cash cows and it can be hard to finding anything with enough equity.

I don’t know if you want to buy anywhere with a storm season; I saw a report that says that Bird Dogs prepare for weather season. 

Some people are good at bringing you 80% discounts, while others have a hard time finding the deals.

I have Cash Buyers from China.

Remote Asset Managers can be horrible so you might need to get a better one.

You have to pick a OK Bird Dog Asset Manager.

Creative Real Estate Investing — Bird Dogging

If you want to buy real estate with no money down, then you need to raise money from a cash buyer — except they don’t lend money, they buy all cash.

So you need to bring them a deal. Find a motivated seller with a contract and introduce them to the cash buyer.

Hopefully you can get $300 a month out of the house — otherwise it’s not worth it.

Daisy Chains

This is where the network comes in. If you don’t have any money are you going to Pay The Bird Dog or are you going to crush the Daisy Chains yourself; Let them bring you value with a Bird Dog Cash Buyer and Seller Landing Page.

Fistfuls of Cash-I Just Got A Listing

I just got a listing in Atlanta with the cap rate and discount values. They are Fistfuls of Cash because you can tell how much money you can make from the listing.

I care about Fistfuls of Cash.

Golden Egg Is All Of Your Reserves

It’s Your net worth.

You have the Golden Egg after you do the Mating Dance.

Birds of a Feather: The Mating Dance are meetings.

USA Real Estate

USA Real Estate