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What are Tire Kickers?

When The Bird Dog doesn’t Bring you Flock.

Chicago MFR $1.2M

Chicago MFR $1.2M

Global Real Estate Is Gold

You have to sell Gold for Cash. 

Cash Buyers are Gold Forever; The return to Global Real Estate is similar to Gold.

The Chinese Bought Their Real Estate With Cash.

Chinese are Moving To The US.

The Chinese Cash Buyers Are Selling Gold To buy Discount US Real Estate.

The Chinese Cash Buyers use Betas.

I can tell because I am getting traffic from China at the same time as Gold went out of favor.


New York Cash Buyers

New York Cash Buyers

No Money Down Real Estate Investing

No Money Down Real Estate Investing

Things You Can Do At Real Estate Association Meetup

It’s good to know the board of advisors of the real estate association meetup.

You have to vet them to see who has money and that’s usually the board; They own real estate; buy and sell real estate.

But, you don’t have to do all of the other stuff – Like hand out business cards.

Let's Diversify - Real Estate

Bring me something with cap rates.

Ponoka Real Estate

Ponoka is local.

Detroit Real Estate

I’ve always liked Detroit since 2008, since I read it in an Economist Magazine.

Hawaii Real Estate

Hawaii would be cool. There’s lots of beaches there.

Florida Real Estate

Florida has discount properties.

The elections are decided in Florida.

Chinese Cash Buyers Real Estate List

Chinese Cash Buyers

Chinese Cash Buyers have over $1T.

I think Chinese like real estate listings with discounts and cap rates.

The Language Barrier

Chinese buyers are cashed up.

I think Chinese Cash Buyers are like Bird Dogs where they don’t have money.

They are Daisy Chains of brokers representing Chinese across borders.

That’s where the Private Jets come in — You got to be able to fly there to talk to them.

Just build your list of Chinese Cash Buyers

It’s not necessary to go to events or learn Mandarin Chinese.

I paid $600 for leads a decade ago, but you don’t have to pay $600 for Chinese Cash Buyers it’s only $4 — with free access.

I know it’s tough out there.

Chinese Cash Buyers are Bird Dogs

They can bring you Fistfuls of Cash.

Most Bird Dogs will not succeed by flying to China.

You can use Bird Dog Cash Buyer and Seller Landing Pages.

Bring me referrals from China.

Pay The Bird Dog is Internet Marketing — Use Social Media and Get Listings

It’s the same price $300 for access and a US SFR.

Even though messaging apps are experiencing tighter crackdowns, Access The Flock has access to China.

The Cash Buyers have no problem getting their money out of the country.

The Chinese government wants to keep reserves above $3T.

Bird Dogs Have No Money - No Money Real Estate

This is a great opportunity for someone selling no money down real estate investing products because Bird Dogs have no money.

Let them fetch you a Fistfuls of Cash!

Why do Bird Dogs have no money?

You can just get me money.

The more money you bring me the more Fistfuls of Cash you get matched with.

Let’s fall in love!

Birds of a Feather do The Mating Dance to create the Golden Egg.

These are not bankruptcies.

It takes more than 4 months to start a successful career as a real estate broker.

You need to have enough runway in your credit card to plan to last longer than the 4 months.

It takes 9 months to close a deal.

That’s pregnancy. That’s the Mating Dance to the Golden Egg.

Get a job, raise money from family so that you have $20K to start a business for the next 9 months.

That way you can bring me big money!

Researching a Broker

The biggest thing that a Broker can give you is leads.

You can work in their office knowing that you will run back to your parents place without leads. 

They cost $10 a piece 10 years ago and now they cost anywhere from $0.25 to $300 per lead.

Depending on whether you buy them from the Government or whether you buy them from the biggest Bird Dogs.

The Bird Dogs bring you money if you Pay Them.

There’s nothing like free Access

When you bring me Fistfuls of Cash you just have to wait and you get free access.

If you’re poor and bankrupt there’s nothing like Paying The Bird and bringing me Fistfuls of Cash.

That’s how you make money with no money down real estate and free real estate lists.

Because right now free is $4. That’s free access.

Bring me Fistfuls of Cash and you can get a Cash Buyer to access you. Or if you are using local real estate you can bring me a motivated seller and access a cash buyer.

Bird Dog

If you have no money you can Bird Dog for Cash Buyers with $5B or more.. and go bankrupt within 4 months.

You need a runway.

Pick A Bird Dog — Not A Broker

They can bring you Fistfuls of Cash.

If you want to start a real estate broker career with no money you have Pay The Bird Dog.

Most Of You Want To Own A Home — What Do You Want To Do?

A home is $25K with $300 a month Cap Rate.

If you Pay The Bird Dog — You can find a lender; There are lots of scams.

Find the richest lender.

Ways to Make Money In Real Estate With No Money — Creative Real Estate Online

The Flock from Bird Dogs is 3% X $25K = $750 commission from one home sale. Many sell bulk real estate. If you own one property you can cash flow $300.


Russian Oilfields-Bring Me A Listing From Verkhnechonskoe Oilfields

Countries have an interest in the Caspian Sea if oil from the Middle East gets stopped.

Maybe there has been an influx by Justin Trudeau into Canada of Syrian refugees because of U.S. airstrikes in Syria, but Russia stays out of it.

Russia has greater than 10 billion barrels of oil.

There’s oil in western and easter Siberia in Russia. 

Prior, there was oil since the 70’s in Western Siberia. In 2005 oil reserves were discovered in Eastern Siberia, according to Russian Natural Resources Minister Sergey Donskoy.

Privatization of the Russian oil industry contributed to climb of oil output. There are old oilfields.

They only produce 7 million barrels per day even though they have billions.

Russian oil is exported and 30% is refined locally.

The Russian government proposed tax cuts on oil in an attempt to stimulate production.

By 2011, Russian output increased to around $10 million barrels per day.

Russia is the 2nd largest exporter of oil in the world.

Western Siberia

There are expensive pipelines in western Siberia because they production takes place in west away from ice free ports.

There are risks in western Siberia.

The Bazhenov shale layer, which lies under existing resource deposits, also holds great potential.

“In recent years, the government has used tax breaks to encourage Russian and international oil companies to explore the Bazhenov.”

“However, most shale exploration activities in Russia have been suspended because of sanctions.”

East Siberia

East Siberia is traditional oil production.

There’s a pipeline.

Bring me a listing from the Verkhnechonskoe oil field or the Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye field.

Caspian Sea Oil

There is lots of oil in the Caspian Sea. Deposits in the Caspian Sea are smaller than in Eastern Siberia.

Has pipelines through it’s territory.


I don’t want to do deep water drilling. If the Baku oilfield isn’t underwater, I would like that.

There are high costs with extracting Caspian Sea oil.