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The Real Reason You'll Get Rich in Real Estate

You will get rich buying real estate using OPM — or Other People’s Money — because you do not have to save as much money yourself and can get your money to grow faster.

You have to be respectful of where money comes from. Money generally comes from someone who has earned it, gained valuable experience earning it, and from someone who can guide your decisions on how to structure deals with sellers.

You might feel like you are swindling money from someone to buy an investment because the pitch generally is that the investor can get a better return with you than they can get elsewhere. You are not swindling. It is a real business.

You are generally a bird dogger and need your own deal finding systems for the relationship to work. Profitable deal finding systems are hard to create and that is why you earn your money. Romana King says to find deals that cash flow so that you can hold them in both an up and down market.

The difference between real estate and financial securities or paper assets is that you need a license to raise money to buy paper assets. With real estate in most jurisdictions you can organize a joint venture between you and the investor and is typically legal without a license. It is a paper contract. Consult your lawyer. 

You can get started in real estate with no money using OPM. 

OPM Other People's Money

Using OPM allows you to buy property sooner because you do not have to save up

When you use other people’s money you can create a larger pie in a shorter amount of time. The real difference between using OPM and not that when you use OPM you remove your downpayment and exchange it with partners’ money. This allows you to buy more properties and focus on finding deals that cash flow for your partner.

You get an interest in more property sooner with OPM

Since you get control or own more property sooner because of using OPM you benefit from compounding. Since the amount of assets that you own or control is larger with OPM, your return is bigger than if you did not use OPM. This return compounds. Buying property sooner with other people’s money allows compounding to take effect more rapidly.

Develop a system to raise other people’s money for real estate investing

You can ask friends and family if they would like to invest with you in a piece of property that you find. They put up the money and get a return. You get a share of the property — usually 50%. 

You can also use the internet to setup lead generation systems for you to close. You can focus on local SEO (search engine optimization) and setup landing pages to capture a list of cash buyers and motivated seller leads.

Some possible sources of funding

  • The local real estate investor’s association
  • Family
  • Local private clubs

Have you had success using other people’s money in real estate investing?

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Michael Sadler

How to Turn Nothing Into a Fortune in Real Estate

How to Make Money in Real Estate

Be prepared for mental and physical health problems due to the stress of taking risks. This article on Business Insider is about how Mike Henkel would get really stressed growing a $10,000 investment to $4 million in real estate.

Fortune in Real Estate in California

Fortune in Real Estate in California. Photo by Ken Lund.

Risk it all by taking out loans

You can make a fortune in real estate by taking out loans like Mike Henkel did.

You might not even be able to get a credit card so you try to put deals together with no expenses other than a phone number. 

If you are going to own real estate, on the other hand, then you need to be prepared to take out a lot of debt — or leverage — to finance your property with the least amount of down payment. This can be risky because there are laws stating the minimum that you must put down to buy property in different jurisdiction. Some articles recommend risking it all by taking out credit cards. This is fine if this fits your appetite for risk and using hard money. Just be respectful of the fact that you have to pay this money back. In most cases loans with higher interest rates are meant for short term uses. Some people buy their property free-and-clear.

Care about your tenants by improving your property

What’s the point taking all of the risk if you don’t care about the property?

Many investors don’t care about the condition of the property. They care about getting paid. Some investors would rather offer discounts on rent than make an improvement to their property. This tells me that they are under capitalized or just aren’t good business people. If you want to invest in property you should care about making improvements to it to optimize it’s value.

Plan for your property to be damaged, budget to repair your property, and take people to court to recover costs. Real estate is built around contracts. If you want to enforce your contracts you have to take them to court often to get liens, judgements, and help getting tenants out of properties. Make sure to talk to your lawyers.

Condos make for better rental properties

What property type should you choose?

It’s been said by sites and realtors that condos make for better investments than single family residences. Decide whether you are a cash flow investor or capital gains investor, analyze your deals and make your decisions. It seems that mobile homes are popular right now.

Fortune in Real Estate in New York 

Fortune in Real Estate in New York. Photo by Sam Valadi.

Find partners that you can trust

Trust is key for all types of relationships in real estate. This article I wrote on Homes 4 Income explains why it’s important to build relationships with people on the ground when doing out-of-state or out-of-country deals.

Everyone that I interviewed over the past few years say that reputation is the most important thing when doing deals. It can take 7 years to build a handful of great relationships. Some of the people that you want to build trust with include contractors, wholesalers, investors, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, and banks.

Diversification is key

Diversification is important, as with any investment, so plan to buy lots of property, a big portfolio of real estate assets, or do deals. If you do deals by being the middle man, you only need a few good connections to strike it rich. Consider investing in assets outside of real estate to diversify as well.

Start local

Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in one of his real estate courses to focus on your local neighbourhood and get to know the market well. I think that focusing locally is a great strategy because you are not far from your property and know what is going on. It can be more difficult doing out-of-state deals because you have to build trust with the people you are dealing with at a distance. It’s good to be able to fly to meet cash buyers and motivated sellers face-to-face. After you meet buyers and sellers on Access The Flock Real Estate Marketplace you can meet them face-to-face — it’s up to you! You can become an international expert when you start local.

Know Your Neighbourhood

Get connected with local experts that know about the specifics of each neighbourhood before you invest. There are great sites like Neighborhood Scout that let you analyze neighbourhoods that you find on The Flock. There are such drastic demographic changes between close neighbhourhoods in the U.S. that it’s good to know people in those locations that your trust that you can joint venture with or consult and to visit those locations yourself so that you can see the difference in the areas that you are investing in. Some of you invest in such big packages that make it prohibitive to visit every single neighbourhood but it’s a good idea for smaller investors to visit where they are investing. Even some coaches visit where they invest.

Find a niche

Finding a niche is really important. You do not need to be expert in everything. You need to be exceptional at a few things and customers will buy, tenants will rent, cash buyers will invest.

Pick Trending Markets

Contrary to starting local, Forbes recommends going where the money is. In this article, David Lichtenstein recommends following hot industries in order to know where prices will go up. He believes that trend spotting is very important to accumulating wealth in real estate quickly.

Have good tax accounting

Claim capital expenses on your taxes to defer paying taxes. Rollover your properties to new investment properties so that you don’t have to pay tax on the sale of one property when upgrading to a bigger one with more doors that cash flows better. Learn the different tax laws in each market so that you don’t miss out on investing in all of the hot markets with the biggest price appreciation. Consult your tax professional.

Get control of as many properties as you can while mortgage rates are at historical lows

Debt is still debt. You have to be careful of taking on too much debt because interest rates can rise and you can be over leveraged, unable to refinance, and go bankrupt. With so many countries going into negative interest rates, who knows where interest rates will go. With low interest rates it is more affordable to own property.

Build a lead generation system

“Systems and technology have leveled the playing field.” -Josh Altman, the star of the hit TV show Million Dollar Listing. Some real estate investors have their own sites with lists of 80,000 cash buyers, which really helps them get deals done in their local market when a distressed seller calls them. You need to have your own lead generation system. Placester provides tools that will help you increase your sales.

Here is an article on the hottest real estate locations in the U.S. to invest in. Here is a post on where you can get a couple of cheap deals in some of those markets on The Flock. 

You can find partners on The Flock to do deals with once you Access The Flock!

How much are you going to make in real estate in the next ten years?

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Michael Sadler

How to stay positive when your buyers and sellers are stolen from you

Real estate professionals feel defeated and need to be motivated when they are closing a massive deal and find out that their buyer or seller has been stolen from them by the broker they were negotiating with to close the deal.

This article post from Zillow highlights how real estate agents fight over their clients by calling them “My Client”.

The NCND did not work. Most times you are not aware of deals being stolen from you because there is no evidence except for an excuse from brokers like, “They didn’t return my call.” In reality the people that you introduced started their own relationship without you. You are afraid of this but could never really prove it was happening to you.

You asked for no more Daisy Chains and Tire Kickers when really what you want is no circumvention and higher quality real estate leads. When you are negotiating real estate deals from a distance you can’t be sure that what you are dealing with is fraud. Even when you meet someone in person for lunch you can’t trust them. When you share buyers and sellers contact information via contracts that you sign they may be lost to fake companies that disappear and change their name. This means your deal vanishes. This happens all of the time. 

This article on how to stay super positive and motivated by Forbes provides a few helpful tips on how to get over losing your deal. I like the point about seeing yourself as unstoppable. You need a big vision for the future after you close your deal. Having a vision of success will allow you to see set backs as short term hurdles and make you unstoppable in the long run.


To get started, I will introduce you to higher quality cash buyers and motivated sellers so that you don’t waste time. 

The Flock consists of most of the top U.S. bank’s Asset Managers. This is an unprecedented opportunity to connect with the folks that will make your dreams come true.

Some of the people that you can access are so sensitive that people are paranoid about the information that rests on their computers because the information will give you access to these people and the money that you will make.

Now there is a system where you no longer have to worry about circumvention so you can get paid on your deals.

You might doubt whether a rating system is enough to keep Tire Kickers and Daisy Chains out of your deal. I’ve seen it, the Birds of a Feather algorithm cuts out Daisy Chains and Tire Kickers. You are left with top quality, trustworthy people at the top of your feed. If you rate the person using the Urly Bird Grade that stole your deal you no longer have to worry about them doing deals.

The Flock are Asset Managers from top U.S. banks, hedge funds, REITs, Real Estate Brokers, real estate investors, wholesalers, and principal buyers and sellers.

Who do you have in the pipeline right now? Make sure they are real.

Now, refocus. Get another buyer or seller and bring them to the real estate marketplace.

What has been the most motivational thing that has kept you going to achieve your dreams?

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Michael Sadler

How much cash flow do you need for a Lamborghini and Mansion?

To keep your assets and not go broke after purchasing a Lamborghini and Mansion you need to have assets that generate enough cash to afford the purchases and your lifestyle.

Assuming that you are starting out brokering long distance real estate deals from your basement office using free Skype calls you need to imagine what your lifestyle will be once you close a multi-million dollar deal. Many of you have leads to 100 million dollar real estate deals that you are trying to close. Imagining your lifestyle when you’re rich allows you to budget how much cash your assets need to generate for you to buy a Lamborghini and Mansion.

How much will you earn from closing your real estate deal?

Assuming you close a $100 million dollar deal and earned a 3% commission you will have $3 million. That is probably not enough to satisfy your appetite given your connections, deal flow, and the information sitting on your computer. You might be happy earning $20 million from a few more deals.

You could own a share of the real estate that you joint-venture (JV) by partnering with or bird-dogging for the buyer. This is how I closed my first deal and earned cash flow from the property that closed.

What are your cash flow generating assets going to be?

Real estate of course.

If you purchase tangible real estate the price of the properties going up and down might not affect the cash flow that you generate. The rental market affects the cash flow that you earn. If you purchase a REIT fund your cash flow could be affected by its variance because the approximate 4% yield (which is your cash flow) is tied to how much of the fund you own.

Let’s say you have $20 million and invest that in real estate that cash flows $800,000 a year using a 4% yield.

How much is your rich lifestyle going to cost?

It depends on the location that you want to settle and how much you travel to close more deals. A private midsize jet costs about $20,000 per flight in the U.S. Let’s budget for 10 flights during the year ($200,000 per year).

Private Midsize Jet

You could move out of your basement to office space that you own in the most glamorous parts of L.A., Texas, Ohio, New York, Florida, or potentially Missouri. These are the hot markets; You might want to settle there so that you can close more deals and be close to the action. Let’s budget for $100 per square foot per year for 5,000 square headquarters in California and mansion ($500,000 per year). Everyone is going to want to work with you.

California Office Space

What will your expenses be?

A Lamborghini Gallardo or Spyder that is a good investment because it has good parts can be rented out is about $100,000. Let’s not figure out the cash flow on it and assume that it is a one time expense even though it can be rented and requires maintenance.


Here are your total first year cash flow after closing $20 million in deals:

  • Real estate income: $800,000
  • Private midsize jets (10 flights): $200,000
  • California real estate headquarters and mansion: $500,000
  • Lamborghini $100,000

After you close your first $20,000,000 in real estate deals you will be able to invest in enough real estate to produce $800,000 a year in cash flow that you can invest in building your real estate empire further.

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Michael Sadler

4 Things That I Really Like About Real Estate As An Investment

There are 4 things that I really like about real estate as an investment: the social aspect of networking, automated marketing systems, that real estate is a tangible asset and that real estate provides long term predictable financial returns.

Real Estate As An Investment


You get to socialize while you build your network. Mind you, half of your network are crooks, a quarter of your network are regular people, and a quarter are the most elite people in society. You get to network using digital technology, in your office, or from the comfort of your home. You can also go to real estate investors meetups, which take place in almost every big city.


You can connect people all over the world to close a transaction. Part of making money in real estate is having a big network of cash buyers and motivated sellers who you can do deals with.

If you are just starting out in real estate as a career I understand how much pressure you could be experiencing deciding how to get involved with such a large financial commitment. You might be thinking about real estate as an investment and not the market that helps you buy and sell and that determines the value of your investment property. The network is the most important part of your real estate career. If you don’t believe me negotiate a multi-million dollar real estate deal and test whether the person whom you are negotiating with is trying to get access to your buyer or seller.

Most people that I deal with are in the middle of the deal. I deal with real estate professionals that are connecting their buyers and sellers for money. Most real estate investing strategies, along with brokering, follow the same pattern of matching buyers and sellers. 

Consider fix and flipping a property. Fix and flipping is when you purchase a property at a discount, make improvements, and sell it for a profit. When you fix and flip, you buy from a seller and sell to a buyer. You need to match the buyer and seller so that the property is not on the market too long. Your holding costs go up when your property is on the market. You need to bring buyers and sellers together.

You might be worried about investing in real estate because you are using your own money and plan on using a real estate professional. Most real estate professionals want to deal directly with the buyer or seller. If you want to become a real estate professional then you better deal directly with your own buyers and sellers.

Cash Buyer

One of the biggest things to watch out for when investing in real estate is getting cut out of the deal. You need to have your buyers and sellers under contract before introducing them to any other real estate professionals or buyers and sellers. If you do not have a contract with your buyer or seller their contact information will be used to build a relationship with them by other real estate professionals and cut you out of the deal without you being aware.

I’ve interviewed real estate professionals about their biggest problems for the past three years. There is nothing worse than spending two years trying to close a multi-million dollar deal to find out that the buyer is fraudulent. It’s really expensive to put deposits on property that you are planning on wholesaling to a buyer and not being able to find a buyer. I came up with a solution to your biggest problems when investing in real estate. The solution is this real estate marketplace which weeds through bad people and leaves you with serious cash buyers and motivated sellers.

A lot of gurus say that to get rich in real estate you have to invest in your education (and then sell you a $5,000 course). I believe that you need to invest in your network. Real estate professionals believe their network is their net worth and it is.

Even though so many headaches come up when dealing with your network there is a social component to real estate that I love.

You Can Automate Your Marketing Systems

You need to worry about sourcing good enough deals that cash flow. 

Have marketing systems allow you to run your real estate business in a more automated, efficient, and repeatable way so that you make more money with less headache in the long run.

Automated Real Estate Marketing Systems

It takes a lot of work to setup an automated marketing system for real estate. Having a lot of money to invest in marketing your property is as important as the cash used to buy the property.

You need to come up with your own marketing systems, which I have written extensively about to help you set up for own real estate investing business:

Real Estate As An Investment Is A Tangible Asset

When you are picking real estate deals to start your career choose local. Some cities are hotbeds for investing activity. Prices are being bid up and I see buyers and sellers there all of the time. Start local and build your reputation so that people outside of your city want to deal with you because they see how expert you have become in the area. They want to see that you can provide them the deals. You can make a cut for bringing buyers together with motivated sellers.

Tangible Asset

Become expert in your area before branching out. Let your network guide where you are doing investments.

Real Estate As An Investment Provides Predictable Long Term Returns

Even though long term historical real estate prices increase at a steady rate there are a bubbles are a concern in some cities.

Return on Investment ROI

When you start your career with out of state investing you can end up with deals with a low cap rate because prices have been bid up. Low cap rate means that your property generates a small amount of cash compared to what you paid for it. Property with low cap rate are not good buy and hold investments.

Something that can happen to you when you buy out of state is that you get drawn to properties which prices are discounted a lot. Price discounts are great but they might be in a bad neighbourhood.

If you aren’t ready to plunge into real estate investing consider investing in a REIT ETF fund. Returns are great compared to the risk you take and the cash flow is awesome. Investing in a fund is still investing in real estate but it lowers your overall risk by diversifying your investment and let’s you invest a smaller amount of money.

I can understand how much pressure you must feel needing to start a successful real estate business because the financial burden that comes with owning a house can threaten your life. Now you are going to be taking the risk with many properties all over the place. 

The four things that I like about real estate as an investment are the social aspect of networking, building and watching automated real estate marketing systems, that real estate is a tangible asset that you can visit and touch, and that historically real estate has provided reliable returns.

What are your favourite things about real estate as an investment?

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How to Minimize Your Risk When Investing In Distressed Property

Distressed Property

Real estate professionals should be careful about investing in distressed property when the property are in neighbourhoods with lots of crime and poverty because the property can be too risky, even though distressed property values are lower.

Generally, you’d think that distressed property is where the best deals are. If you aren’t careful you can end up with a property in poor condition and that can’t be repaired profitably. 

The attraction to pursuing distressed property is that they are cheap. Highly motivated sellers that are behind on their mortgage payments live in distressed property. Motivated sellers close quicker and price their property for less.

You might be on a beer budget and have champagne ROI taste. This appetite for high returns is risky. Your investment in distressed property might blow up in your face; You could be left with no cash and a property that is full of write downs. Write downs are losses. Write downs are when the value of the property is less than what you purchased it.

Losses can happen because you can’t find good tenants. When you purchase property in impoverished, high crime, low educated neighbourhoods with high vacancy you are left with poor tenants.

Unless you are flipping distressed property you rely on cash flow. Watch out and pick distressed property in a good neighbourhood. Good neighbourhoods have lower vacancy rates and people that can hold a job because they are educated. Try Neighborhood Scout to research profitable neighbourhoods.

Property in a lot of areas in the United States have high cap rates. Balance high cash flow properties for negative characteristics that can come with the neighbourhood.

Not all distressed home owners want to sell their property. Many want to stay in their home. Help them refinance their mortgage by building relationships with lenders. You can earn a finder’s fee.

Some distressed property are not worth your time

You can get distressed property that are in such poor condition that they are unable to be redeveloped profitably. Since you could be buying distressed property sight unseen and and that are out of state, you might buy a building that doesn’t produce cash flow.

Sometimes it is considered predatory to only do deals with highly motivated sellers that are experiencing financial distress. Many articles advocate using principled negotiation, which is finding win-wins. Other online articles recommend highlighting the pain the seller is experiencing, making it tough on the seller, and using a more aggressive close. The second type of negotiation is closer to predatory than the first because there is no empathy for the seller. There should be a focus on solving a real problem for the seller. Once you know what problem you are solving for a distressed seller the deal will be easier to close. 

You might consider yourself a problem solver providing a solution to someone in a tough situation. 

Access The Flock has motivated sellers that you can access.

The transaction cost might not be worth the investment unless you purchase in bulk. Lower net present value of purchasing one unit compared to the work to close the deal (sourcing a principal seller and the risk of dealing remotely) might require you to purchase more properties to make your business profitable.

The more you deal in bulk the more you run into fraudulent sellers. Don’t accept spreadsheets listing properties as verification that the seller is real. Try to get proof of ownership so that you know that you are dealing with the principal seller. You might have to sign a NCND (Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure). Even after signing this document fraudsters can still steal your buyer and cut you out of the deal. Rely on the real estate marketplace’s Urly Bird Grade, which is a consensus as to how trustworthy the seller is who you are dealing with.

The main risks you experience when buying distressed property are whether it is in a good neighborhood that can still be profitable given it’s crime rate, income and education. The condition of the property is also a concern because it might not be well kept.

What are your experiences purchasing distressed property?

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Michael Sadler

Crooked and Legal Methods Cash Buyers Use to Get Their Money

Cash Buyers

Don’t have one lense when viewing cash buyers because they can be both crooked and legal. When dealing with a fraud you are left in a world where you do not know what is real. When you deal with trustworthy cash buyers you earn profits and have good feelings.

These are some of the ways cash buyers are both crooked and legal.

Your Cash Buyer Might Be a Middleman

Sometimes buyers are really middlemen that build relationships with buyers. There is an article on BiggerPockets by Craig Covert that recommends to real estate investors that want to take on less risk to become millionaires should become wholesalers. He says: "The safe bet if you elect to be a Million Dollar Middleman is to be a wholesaler who usually works with cash buyers... The Middleman’s secret is to work backwards; marketing to find buyers first before finding good deals to sell to them.” Many Consultants also find end buyers and are middlemen. You are not dealing with an end buyer when the buyer is really a middlemen that finds money. You want to deal directly with principal buyers.

Your Cash Buyer Might Not Be Real

When most of the industry doesn’t have cash you spin your wheels a lot trying to put a deal together. It is key to build the right relationships with end buyers and vet them. You will not know if they are the end buyer until you have experience with them. Even bank statements supplied by buyers are forged. This is also how long Daisy Chains of middlemen saying that they know a buyer when really they know someone that thinks they know a buyer when they really don’t. The real estate industry is full of entrepreneurs that find it easy to get into the industry and try to put deals together and do not invest in their own marketing systems to vet buyers. That’s why I have the Flock where, after finding your own buyers, you can have them vetted by the marketplace without risking losing control of your buyers. Bring them to the marketplace.

Your Cash Buyer Might Be Laundering Money

Marc Cohodes, who used to run one of the largest Wall Street hedge funds thinks that money launderers are actually killing people and cannot explain where they get their money from after buying million dollar houses in Vancouver, according to this video on Global News with Amy Judd. Cohodes believes that the Vancouver market could go down 50%. He says that the Chinese government wants money to stay in China and that it is flowing out. He says it’s "not a supply and demand thing, it’s a follow the money, money laundering, thing.”  

I wouldn’t dismiss Cohodes comments as racism because he seems to believe he is advocating and voicing his concerns about a real problem. I know that there are a lot of fraudulent people that claim to be big buyers and this problem could be more widespread than I initially thought; There are a few big cities across North America that could be facing bubbles and it might be due to money laundering from foreign buyers. I asked Cohodes what makes him think that it is money he says he cannot explain it all in a few tweets. I am waiting to hear back whether we will do a longer interview.

Your Cash Buyers Pool Funds

I was at the Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association and they were educating investors on how to set up a fund that uses other peoples’ retirement savings fund to earn a higher return on investment than average investments like stocks and bonds. They mentioned that they aim for 10-12% return and I do not think that it’s worth doing this type of strategy because you can earn that return by investing in a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) fund with less risk because REITs are larger, have a more diversified portfolio, and more professional management.

Your buyer can be a REIT or hedge fund that pools money from everyday working people. These buyers can have billions of dollars. It’s hard to tell who is really a billion dollar hedge fund when you are talking to them because they are too good to be true when you speak to them. It’s good to act like they are the real deal when you meet them. Protect your sellers contact information.

Your Cash Buyers Have Day Jobs And Get Mortgages

Some of your cash buyers are ordinary people that work. They aren’t entrepreneurs in the sense that they get in the middle of trying to put deals together. They are mostly investors. They have the cash. They might not have billions of dollars but they can help average real estate professionals close real deals. Their story is more believable so there is less chance of fraud.

Lots of cash buyers build relationships with lenders all of the time because they use funds from mortgages to buy investment property. I don’t know how realistic it is for your cash buyer to already have taken out a mortgage and be ready to buy because mortgage brokers and real estate brokers generally work with these types of buyers to prepare them to make a purchase. I have seen in my database cash buyers get their funds from mortgages nonetheless - even high interest rate mortgages - and are ready to buy.

Some buyers use vendor financing. Vendor financing require that the buyer have direct access to the seller so that they can negotiate with the seller to provide a mortgage for them. You can also try to negotiate the deal for the buyer and seller.

These are some of the ways that cash buyers are both real and fake.

What have you done to determine whether your cash buyers are real?

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Michael Sadler

Should You Get Your Real Estate License

I think it’s good to get your license if you are a consultant because you will be putting together out of state transactions and you do not want to deal with complaints, even though some jurisdictions are flexible about whether you need a license to be a consultant.

Should You Get Your Real Estate License

Most professionals hold licensed real estate professionals to a higher standard, even though some wholesalers avoid licensed real estate professionals when putting deals together. More people might deal with you if you show your license number in your emails because people do not want to deal with scammers. I spent years finding out what gets in the way of putting together large real estate transactions and most of the problems are eliminated if you go through the training that licensed real estate professionals go through. Licensed real estate professionals know their clients and do not bring them to the marketplace or enter a negotiation to promote their client until they have validated the client’s identity. Verifying and vetting buyers and sellers is a privilege in the industry. 

Licensed real estate professionals still run into Daisy Chains & Tire Kickers when they don’t use the Flock. Licensed real estate professionals have troubles marketing their clients so they gladly accept another professional bringing them a buyer or seller. The problem is, that other professional will also gladly accept another professional bring them a buyer or seller so you get a long Daisy Chain. Licensed real estate professionals are not immune to Daisy Chains unless they access the flock.

How have you found getting your real estate license has helped you?

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The Highest Quality Real Estate Leads In The World!

Access The Flock has the highest quality real estate leads according to it’s algorithms that filter and weed through Daisy Chains and Tire Kickers for you. The result are you making money by accessing cash buyers and motivated sellers.

I never knew that this would be the result of three years of working with you to get feedback, tweak, and testing headlines, form fields and the Birds of a Feather matching algorithm that weed through Daisy Chains and Tire Kickers.

There are bad people out there. There are bad people in my database. I don’t know who the bad people are, even after talking to them. I’m not like some real estate coaches that are wholesalers that can tell who’s fake within the first five minutes. I doubt that most of you are like him. Most people need community consensus about a person so that they get downgraded and filtered out of your list of leads that you can use to close mammoth and smaller sized deals all over the world, but mostly in the United States for now.

There are a also a lot of high quality people in the database. These are the Flock that you want to access. These are the bankers that control the flood of real estate that comes onto the market across the U.S., the hedge fund and billion dollar buyers. These are also the high quality local professionals that have their own powerful lead generation systems who just need a match.

Real Estate Leads

Access The Flock - It’s Changing The World

Access The Flock is connecting smaller, local real estate professionals with some of the harder to access people in the world.

By accessing the flock and rating your match, you are changing the way the real estate industry does business.

What would you like to see from Access The Flock Real Estate Marketplace?

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