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Buyer and Seller Uploads Are Good For Offline

Michael Sadler

Does Your Match Answer The Phone?

You will know if your match will respond by looking in your AccessTheFlock.io account before contacting them.

Grade your match a 7 if they answer the phone or email.

Grade your match to a 6 if they do not answer the phone and leave a note in AccessTheFlock.io. Leaving a note lets you keep track of how many times you tried to reach them with no answer. If you have 5 no responses they might be dead. If you think they will never respond grade them to a 3. 

Michael Sadler

AccessTheFlock.io Has Buyer and Seller APIs

Buyer and seller APIs are a marketing solution.

Hire a web developer to build landing pages on your website using AccessTheFlock.io’s APIs using your email as a hidden field on the landing page and get matched with cash buyers and motivated sellers in your AccessTheFlock.io account.

You can put your brand on the landing pages.

Michael Sadler

AccessTheFlock.io On A Tablet

You can use AccessTheFlock.io on a tablet with split screen using public wifi.

Michael Sadler

Making Money From Divorce Leads

You can make money with divorce leads with the right marketing system. You get cash flow from real estate when your leads close. If the divorce leads that you access from court houses are motivated sellers you could buy property at discount and profit. If you can not buy property at discount you can still buy and hold for the long term. You can also flip real estate from divorce leads. You can also match motivated sellers with cash buyers.

Divorce Leads

After you get a lead you need to nurture them with emails or phone calls. Get their email and phone number on landing pages after sending direct mail. Put your URL on your business card in an envelope. That way you have business cards and a memorable URL. Budget $16,000 and 9 months for direct mail to become profitable. Keep sending direct mail or you will burn through your cash. You have to follow up via phone to collect documents. Use a spreadsheet for Matches and earn cash.

Michael Sadler

Using Social Media With AccessTheFlock.io On Your Desktop

Traffic from social media goes into your AccessTheFlock.io account if you use a desktop to match. It’s fun.

Michael Sadler

Your Government Can Turn You Into Anything

With education from the government - brainwashing - your life can be planned 2 years in advance. There is psychiatry.

Your government can control identity. You can budget to buy identity from the government. Your government can give you a title.

With access to information government can control social interactions.

With access to information government can control land.

Michael Sadler

Why are houses only $40,000 in Clinton, Missouri?

Michael Sadler


I don’t know anything about terrorism.

I think security is supposed to be a secret.

As founder of AccessTheFlock.io I have thoughts.


People are emails and contact information. Listings are buildings and cash buyers in bank accounts.

It’s like terrorism if I can connect them.

I think they are laughing because they have all of the power and I am a website.

It’s hard to get a listing when you are looking at real estate.

How do you turn a listing into cash? How do you turn people into cash?

How do you turn people into gold?

Real estate.

I think it’s about the countries.

The people. The networks.

How do you invest in real estate?

Michael Sadler