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No Money Down Real Estate Investing

No Money Down Real Estate Investing

There are many secrets to no money down real estate but one truth:

Can you make $5M in years?

No Money Down Real Estate Investing

I think that most of the advice out there on raising money and doing deals is crap.

Do you need money to make money in real estate? Probably.

Does that hurt your confidence so that you can never close your first detached sfr?

What is this advice on having to close big deals?

Having to have an income of $100,000? Or cash in the bank?

I just don’t understand.

Deals are made up of nothing but value.

If you bring value to the table than you got yourself a deal.

That value does not have to be cash.

It has to be money.

It has to be value.

I dare you to bring a list to the table and see how far that gets you in your next deal!

Michael Sadler

Different Types of Property Investment - That You Can Access!

I like different types of property investment.

Different Types of Property Investment

Let’s Access The Flock.

This cash buyer is Accessing The Flock!

They have:

That they are looking to purchase.

With $10M Cash.

There is also:

  • Note
  • Vineyard
  • Junk Yard
  • Casino
  • Storage Facility
  • Mine
  • Oilfield
  • Farm
  • Lumber Mill and
  • Restaurant

That you can buy.

You can do a joint venture (JV).

Michael Sadler

Real Estate Strategies That Will Get You Fistfuls Of Cash

If you are looking for real estate strategies that are less than or not quite creative than read on below.

There are real estate assets and there are strategies.

Choose your real estate assets according to what you are buying and selling. 

It’s like a trading game.

If you have a $15M apartment building in New York then you can get matched with a cash buyer.

That’s when the money is made.. and everybody knows it!

Buy And Sell

You might have a few billion dollar portfolio; That might all be what you need… but if you are playing the game then you need to buy and sell.

The strategies that follow different buying and selling are found here: the Fistfuls of Cash: 20 Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies.

The different assets are found here: listing a cash buyer or a motivated seller.

Mostly detached SFRs or houses… that you can get in the middle of.

Or commercial and industrial property that range from Office Buildings to Luxury Hotels, Mines, and Oilfields.

Once you Access The Flock…

Other People’s Money — OPM

One of the best strategies is using Other People’s Money!

You can joint venture. Find a deal and get access to a cash buyer!

Buy & Improve

Make improvements to property. Command the most exact and optimum amount of rent that you can get for the property for the market — location.

Don’t leverage, use cash buyers. Use the property as a bank.

The less the mortgage the more the rent. That cash flows.

This keeps you protected in case of market turmoil — when prices drop and you still have equity!

Access The Flock!


Remember, it’s about the cash.

Keep it in a bank.



Michael Sadler

Best Real Estate Investments

Some of the best real estate investments that you can get are from the Banks.

The banks are buying shares globally for their depositors of real estate assets from the marketplace.

This means that you have unprecedented access to cash buyers and motivated sellers from some of the biggest banks in the world, on a global scale.

If you are looking to research selling US homes to Chinese cash buyers you can access the motivated sellers that are selling the US homes to Chinese cash buyers. And you can access the Chinese cash buyers by listing a motivated seller.

I should say that the marketplace is a listing site, but I think that the data represents the assets that they are buying. They are paying to Access The Flock.

I think that real estate has gone up since the 40s.

There are all kinds of real estate estate investments. But, in the aggregate there are REITs (real estate investment trusts).


Everyone is searching for how to start a small REIT. Or how to be the CEO of a REIT with little money… to start with..

The listings represent what is inside of the corporations. I can’t say for sure. And then when you are connected you can trade the actual buildings or real estate assets or sign over shares.

I’m not advocating this. This is just what I am seeing.

Families are buying these REITs.

Real Estate Assets

I’d like to talk about the real estate asset types that are the best investments but it’s really about constructing your portfolio or REIT so that it owns the most highly cash flowing pieces of real estate or notes.. because you have to pay out dividends from your REIT on a recurring basis. You can’t hold on to the cash flow that your REIT or REITs generate.

Let’s just assume that depositors money is going in to buy shares of REITs that buy real estate assets.

You can just keep your cash in a bank!

Michael Sadler

Investment Property Strategy: Playing The Game

For you rental.

Buy and hold investment property called rentals.

Rentals are a great way to make long term income in real estate.


Instead of buying a fund, or in addition to buying a fund you can purchase real property that is attached or on top of land and rent and maintain the buildings and land to tenants for cash flow.

You have to budget about a 1% maintenance cost and if the property is a commercial piece of property you have to budget a 3% marketing expense to keep it going.

Some common costs for residential buildings or sfr detached residences include PITH (principal, interest, taxes, heating) for mortgage qualification. Because getting a property without cash often requires a mortgage. Unless you are a cash buyer — access motivated sellers here.

These properties are so good that they qualify as the best ways to get discount property across the world!

That is what you want. If you buy cheap you can profit long term from your rental.

Okay, back to PITH. PITH is used by mortgage brokers and banks to determine whether your GDSR is out-of-whack or too high.

The GDSR is your gross debt service ratio and tell the banks how many rentals you can own.

Some people and funds get away with owning 60 or more properties when individual banks and alternative lenders only allow 4 units; 4 doors for you to own.

Your investment property strategy should include scaling the number of doors that you own. Or really the amount of cash flow that you can get.

Scaling the amount of cash flow that you can get will probably help scaling getting more doors because banks will look at using the cash from the property to cover the loans that they give you to scale further.

I don’t know how funds scale to own billions of dollars in real estate when there are traditionally caps on how much property a bank will lend to property owners — They cap the number of doors.

Maybe you will have to become your own bank.

Somehow lending money and generating cash flow for investment properties.

Above I said that the focus would be on rentals.

But, you can have an investment property strategy for raw land and commercial buildings.

If you are looking for the most discounted sfrs in the United States I have those. Access motivated sellers.

Apparently in most markets — or a lot of markets the single family residence isn’t even profitable to invest in. In other words, meaning, it does not cash flow.

These ones that I link to are generally the hottest property on the market.

You can call the motivated sellers and strike up a deal following any of these strategies.

The way you get matched determines the niche that you are in.

If you are searching for raw land or commercial just say so and you will get matched with that neighborhood of investor.

They are all the Flock.

Commercial Buildings

Banks look at commercial buildings by how much cash flow they generate.

They are all kinds of formulas that are good to know but the most important is the cap rate (Net Operating Income / Asset Value).

That will tell you if you fairly paid or overpaid for the property.

Strategy for Detached SFRs

If you want to accumulate more properties then you have to buy those detached sfrs that cash flow $500 a month. $250 if you joint venture.

Owning 75 cash flowing doors allows you to buy 1 detached sfr a month.

You can pay all cash!

Strategy for Choosing a Market

With the advent of the internet.. you can invest in any market in the world. Access The Flock has the highest quality real estate listings.

I recommend subscribing to the email list and saying goodbye to daisy chains and tire kickers.

You will get some good appreciating property at discount in the hottest markets that you can add to your portfolio and maintain for the long term.

With Detached SFRs mostly you could do a rent to own.

Yesterday I talked about the Best Real Estate Investment Strategies.

A rent to own is a real estate strategy where you make more money for a few years while tenants save money to buy the property from you in a few years time. 

The extra money that you make above rents for a few years is considered option money and can count towards the downpayment of the property — but is money in your pocket.

The rent to owns are riskier because you generally attract or have from lists of tenants that are losing their house initially or are in worse financial positions because of divorce and health problems and there are more problems that cause financial distress.

There is Fistfuls of Cash: 20 Creative Real Estate Investment Strategies if you would like to read more about 20 creative real estate investment strategies.

Don’t strive for losses.

Consider your time horizon and whether you want growth or cash flow — you want both.

If you are flipping, I mentioned yesterday, that you want to get a spread from cash buyers and motivated sellers as quickly as possible. Same thing for wholesaling.

Michael Sadler

Best Real Estate Investing Strategies

I’ve already written about the best real estate investment strategies.

I think that the best one is.. it’s a secret you have to read Fistfuls of Cash: 20 Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies to find out.

If I do a quick Google search I’ll find some of the most currently highly regarded investment strategies for you to make a quick buck.

Or if you are like the Chinese, have a long term buy and hold wealth strategy.

Best Real Estate Investing Strategies

Airbnb Investment Properties

Airbnb investment properties seems to be a trending thing.

I’ll look more into that for you.

The definitive strategy, which I most recommend is blogging.

That way you have your own media center sandwhiched between both buyers and sellers.

I’m assuming that you are low on cash. I do not know how you would make quick money on Airbnb with no money. I thought that that was just for rentals and owners.

If you are already an owner, you could rent out the property on Airbnb, basic.


I think that that is what it is intended for.

Airbnb is like a place to get renters.

The more renters that you have the more that you can cash flow.

That solves that.

Commercial land is a fun way to make money if you have a few million and ready to invest in Arizona.

I should say that Airbnb is mostly used for short term rentals.

It might be more appropriate to use a site like Craigslist to rent out property or even a social media site not just mostly a listing site.

But you probably know what you are doing and have experience renting out units for cash flow.

Longterm buy and hold

As I mentioned above and in a previous post, Chinese cash buyers like longterm buy and hold strategies. I also mentioned in a previous post that Chinese cash buyers have been buying in New York.

There is one article that states that Airbnb rentals have been more lucrative than traditional buy and and hold rentals… possibly because of the vacancy rates.

Maybe Airbnb is such a good channel for getting tenants that the vacancy rate remains lower.

I guess there are laws for using Airbnb as a rental provider service for some situations.

Buy and holds are good for all kinds of scenarios. There are different property types that you can buy and hold.

Sometimes mobile homes is considered the best buy and hold real estate asset in the United States… but it’s not for everybody.

If you buy and hold a duplex you can live in one half of the duplex and have a tenant provide rental income in the other half.

This is great if you wan to keep an eye on your tenants or mostly your property.

You can do the same thing with single sfr detached property where you rent out a suite, and make money.

Apartment buildings. You can own apartment buildings.

Different markets appreciate faster because you can buy lower in the market cycle when cash buyers and motivated sellers appear in different locations at different times.

The difference between active and passive investments

With passive investments, you don’t need to spend as much time managing.

With active investments you have to manage.

Some passive investment strategies are buy and hold. 

Even though with property management, buy and hold aren’t really passive real estate investment strategies.

You can get a property manager.

Might as well get a REIT fund.

If you invest in shares and buy shares of a REIT fund, that is as passive as you can get. It returns on average 10% a year with a 4% cash flow yield.

Everything else, I’d consider active or managed investment.

Because you have to manage something.

With more management comes more profit.

Because you are taking more risk.

If you buy a real estate ETF, you have the real estate market investing in real estate and you are investing in their funds.

They might make more money then you do possibly because they own more shares.

Flipping property

Flipping property is an active investment strategy because you have to buy, renovate, and then sell the property at a profit.

Flipping property is one of the best real estate investment strategies according to some sites.

It’s best to buy from motivated sellers if you are going to actively do this strategy. If you are going to flip.

The risk with flipping is time. You have to have the property back on the market quickly to avoid the market from changing and from carrying too many carrying costs.

Commercial property

I mentioned commercial property above.

I only mentioned it because it’s the most current and active commercial piece of property.

By active, this time, I mean that someone — a motivated seller is actively trying to sell it — probably at a discount where you can make a profit.

Remote versus local

Some strategies are remote versus local.

Back to commercial land.

It’s definitely the most risky. Well, relatively one of the most riskiest types of real estate to invest in because it’s commercial and because it’s land. Not residential and not developed with any buildings that generate cash flow.

You need to know more math to do commercial buildings.

Like cap rate.

And you need to know about zoning and working with governments on planning water pipes and such.

 Back to remote versus local.

Local real estate investor’s associations

They are definitely local.

On occasion you get someone from Ohio. Which I just got listing on the site.

But, you can definitely meet people from Ohio without going to a local real estate investors association.

Unless, your real estate association meetup is in Ohio, then you can defintely meet people from Ohio in a Ohio real estate investors meetup but you can also probably meet people that aren’t from Ohio at an Ohio real estate investors association meetup.

I wonder if I will attract more people to the site from writing about Ohio so much.


Blogging is your strategy.

With landing pages you can get the highest quality cash buyers and motivated sellers that you can implement any of these strategies with!


I wrote about wholesaling yesterday. 

Michael Sadler

Learn Real Estate Wholesaling

Learn Real Estate Wholesaling

Consult with a lawyer in your location to see if wholesaling is right for you.

Better yet.. share an office with a lawyer.

I think that the laws for real estate middle-manning are different in Canada compared to that of the United States and Mexico and the rest of the world.

In a couple of the provinces in Canada, which I don’t want to name for some reason there are agency agreements when you are a broker.

In the states everything seems to revolve around the state by state defined term broker.

It’s the internet.

I am communicating and matching the world with real estate cash buyers and motivated sellers.

If I travel to the states I just say that I am matchmaking.

Don’t enter into an agency relationship without having a license.

I don’t care if you have your license, just bring me cash buyers and motivated sellers and I will make you rich!

On the same day that there is terrorism in Las Vegas you could be wholesaling all kinds of real estate assets to cash buyers.

Right now I have over $2B on the cash buyers list.

Make money accessing cash buyers and motivated sellers.

I don’t know why you would want to make money wholesaling; This one article said that the wholesaler made around $300K in one year wholesaling.

“Send me your list!” One woman cries.

That’s what I hear on LinkedIn.

Your list is your most precious asset. But you already know that!

It’s what puts you in the middle of the cash buyers and the motivated sellers as the intermediary so that you can make money.

Starting a website

Starting a website and using a blog is a great way to wholesale real estate.

You can use my cash buyer and motivated seller landing page APIs so that your cash buyers and motivated sellers — from your website — get matched and you can make money.

If you are using LinkedIn or any other site — there is copyright — but if you have permission from the user to match them you can sometimes list them on Access The Flock and get matched. It’s fun and you can make millions — right now!

This is what I want you to list: 

You will get matched!

If this one wholesaler is getting paid $7,500 per assignment then they are making more money than I am every time they Access The Flock.

You make money accessing cash buyers and motivated sellers — right now!

What do you need to wholesale real estate?

You need:

  • a contract
  • a media center
  • a fax machine
  • a phone

The most important thing when negotiating a wholesale deal is the spread!

Once you learn this, you never really have to learn it again because it hasn’t really changed in the last ten years.

Just add “and/or assignee” after your name if you are using your personal name in your contracts where it says to list your name.

In a previous article I said that you needed — because a coach told me he uses thousands of dollars for earnest money deposits to test whether wholesalers are serious — well, thousands of dollars!

In other articles that are at the top of the heap that rank first on Google — it says that you can get away with $100. $100!

With your media center and Fistfuls of Cash you will be turning over $7,500 assignment fees in no time!


Some people say that you can wholesale with a contract by saying that you are selling the contract and are not a broker. 

In the U.S.

You can take subscriptions through your website.

But then you are in a different business..

It sounds like it’s better… and yes you might hate me for this… but I think it’s better if you made money online by getting your real estate license first.

That way when you send emails to buyers and sellers you can say that you are licensed at the bottom of the emails.

That way you can use a website to post deals.

There is the argument for using a double close; Where you own the property for 5 minutes.

I guess that owning the property is not wholesaling and is real estate investing.

Wholesaling With No Money Down

Is it possible?

Well, no.

There is an earnest money deposit. You need those Fistfuls of Cash to make a deal!

I guess on some websites it says that you can wholesale without money.

But, it’s a numbers game!

If you ask to buy a contract from a motivated seller for free! Well how does that motivated seller know that you are real.

Contracts need dollars attached to them to be contracts. Something of value.

“Hello, I want to sell your house with no money.”

If you are in the contract business then you should/need to attach at least $1 to that contract.

Different parts of the world probably have different contract law.

And then you need to invest in a website because how else are you going to pull all of the cash buyers and motivated sellers from your favorite copyrighted websites?

I don’t even think that you need to get your phone to ring. You just need to get an email. Through your website!

Invest in building an asset — your website that pulls in cash buyers and motivated sellers.

Use my APIs.

Make money automatically matching those cash buyers and motivated sellers.


You might need a fax machine.

They say that you need to know a lot of math to be a good wholesaler.. but you need to know the spread.

If a house costs X and cash buyer will pay Y, you just need to know the difference between X and Y.

Having good marketing will let you know what those two numbers are pretty quick.

A phone is good to have too!

Or just use email!

Let the cash buyer figure out his profit — and see if he will actually tell you his number!

Hang up if there is no spread.

Or just use email.

Just remember, it’s a game.

How do you find deals?


Getting paid

Give an escrow and title company your paper work.

Get the cheque.

Michael Sadler

Should You Hire Hardwood For Your Rental?

Hardwood Floor

Some of you reuse the same carpeting in multiple sweets because of cost but should you consider using different flooring for different buildings because of gains that could be well… gained by higher rents for the building?

I think it’s pretty cheap to reuse the same flooring in different buildings and store it in a warehouse because it’s unlikely that the same flooring works in different buildings.

Think of the quality of life of the tenant. Will they be happier if they had flooring that helped their mood?

Maybe you have to consider the rents for the area and not overdo your flooring but even so, optimizing flooring based on maximizing rents should be a possibility.

If you think of brand you could be known or your properties could be known for a certain appeal.

There are a lot of modern houses that seem to compete on being modern.

There are buildings that stick out in older neighborhoods and probably attract a better tenant willing to pay and brag about living in a place like that.

If rents are capped by government or the economy then don’t overdo it.

It could be argued that the flooring will just get damaged so it needs to be stain proof but isn’t that something that a tenant pays for with a damage deposit?

I’m not an expert in tenant agreements but these are just a few thoughts for flooring.

Maximize value.

Access The Flock.

Make money accessing cash buyers and motivated sellers!

Are floor installers licensed?

There are licensed flooring contractors. The licenses are state by state in the US.

In Canada there are Floor Covering Installer licenses and contractors province by province.

Should you install or refurbish floors yourself?

I guess that depends on whether you are flooring a house or a commercial building.

There are definitely pros and projects that handle larger commercial buildings.

You could touch up flooring on a house.

Or hire it out for maximum efficiency!

Let’s just consider the case of an installation:

Should you install hardwood or other types of flooring like:

  • carpet,
  • laminate

Which one would you choose for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1,500 sq. ft. single family detached residence with a 20% cap rate in Ohio?

I don’t actually know the dimensions of the house that I just linked to but you can access that motivated seller!

With a 20% cap rate at around $35K, that’s $7,000 net operating income or call it close to cash flow. 

So, cash flow would be around $583 a month if you use the cap rate and rents would be $700 a month if you use the 2% rule.

The 2% rule states how much of a property rents for per month to cash flow compared to the Asset Value:


(2% rule) Rent: $700

Maintenance: -$117

Cash Flow: =$583

Now, I see why you are so weary of maintenance costs.

How much is carpet vs laminate?

Carpet: $0.34 per sq. ft. * 1,500 sq. ft. = $510

Laminate: $0.87 per sq. ft. * 1,500 sq. ft. = $1,305

And have, $117 a month * 12 *10 years = $14,040,

$14,040 - $1,305 = $12,735 leftover a ten year period for maintenance.

If you use the difference between the almost cash flow at $583 and 2% rule for rents at $700 a month you could spend $700-$583 = $117 a month on maintenance or operating costs.

$117 a month works out to $14,040 over ten years for operating costs.

Hardwood can be a great choice because it adds value to a house according to many hardwood installation professionals.

There are a few tricks to watch out for if you are installing your own hardwood. The first is whether you are installing on rectangle rooms or whether it is angular walls.

The difference can mean DIY and hiring a pro.

The other aspect to doing floors yourself is the clean up and disposal of the floor.

Professionals can dispose of the waste easily.

Types of Flooring:

There are many types of flooring.

Consider tile in more humid climates.

Carpet is a good sound insulator but hard to patch if there is a tear.

Hardwood is expensive and lasts a long time but can dent.

Rentals need more durable and neutral colored flooring.



Michael Sadler

I Know You Want A Foreclosure

Please don’t take my house.

Dog eat dog world.

The sad thing is that you will profit from foreclosures.

If you have a list that will feed you.

Access The Flock.

There are benefits to purchasing foreclosures

I don’t really know what the benefits are from investing in foreclosures.

People care about cash.

Fistfuls of Cash

If you are a cash buyer and the seller is motivated then you can be the only person in the room that knows what they are doing.

If you are buying the place then you can do all kinds of fancy strategies with the tenant. If they turn out to be homeless… you can find them a home! And profit!

I like keeping tenants happy. Happy customers are the hallmark of any business.

That might just be blowing smoke and no one agrees with. So let’s just focus on the dollar.

Here is an article on managing tenants. Just screen for tenants!

You might not want a homeless person for a tenant. But you might want someone that just faced foreclosure.

There are credit cards that repair credit over the term of a rent-to-own purchase contract.

Give the person that faced foreclosure a budget and help manage their story as they make payments.


You can control tenants with the dollar. I have written a few articles about managing relationships with tenants.

Apparently tenants break doors. I don’t really like that saying but it is monopoly after all.

Do you get a return when you invest in foreclosures.

No one seems to care whether you are rehabbing the property to improve neighborhoods.

When you buy foreclosures you can stretch your dollar. This means that you can possibly afford to buy in more profitable neighborhoods and do repairs.

I have motivated sellers all over the U.S. in the hottest markets that you can access.

Investing in more profitable neighborhoods means that you will get your ideal pick of tenants — compared to investing in demographically poor neighborhoods.

If you are not concerned with saving a down payment and would rather JV with a cash buyer you can partner with a cash buyer if you are or have a motivated seller.

It takes a deal to attract a cash buyer.

It used to be that accessing these pocket listings was the hardest part; Finding a good deal.

Now you can log on to the internet, get a name and access even more listings — sometimes.

I’d like more listings to appear on Access The Flock; It’s a great communication channel.

But if you meet someone on Access The Flock and hear about even more listings then you are getting even more access.

These are the type of people that have more listings. All you need is a matching buyer or seller.

Foreclosures take investment.

Some realtors say that flippers don’t make money buying, repairing, and selling foreclosures.

I know of a couple great neighbourhoods that have benefited from rejuvenation that comes from turning an old house into something modern.

And they have made money!

Do you have access to the Flock?

Get a buyer and make a deal.

There are risks to investing in foreclosures

No one wants to embarrass themselves unless you are a professional.

The risks are making the deal.

Some blogs advocate that it takes time to deal with banks. There is a difference between foreclosures and short sales in some jurisdictions. You can buy foreclosures some places before the banks acquire while with short sales banks already own them and might be tougher to negotiate with.

Banks might actually have a good negotiating process. But, if you read my 20 Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies there is a section on short sales and it says you can wait one year before being able to acquire property from a bank. REO.

I don’t want to talk about the downside of investing in foreclosures. You could lose your shirt. 

If the lifetime of the property runs out.

The other risk is weather. Right now there is a Hurricane in the southern states and the Flock are still receiving emails.

One serious risk of investing in foreclosures is foreclosure.

You could lose all of your money and face bankruptcy multiple times on your way to success!

If you would like more motivation please scroll to the top of the page.

Keep your contracts in a specific location that you can access. Use a calendar to remind yourself of the end of contracts.

Have a plan for what happens at the end of a contract.

If it is a rent-to-own strategy that you are doing with the foreclosure, make sure that you know if you are selling the property and what is happening to the funds from the tenant.

If it is a buy and hold then keep track of tenant agreements and key dates in those contracts.

Some lawyers consider foreclosures predatory and may tell the motivated seller not to go with agreements that are profitable.

Access The Flock.

These are some of the benefits and risks to investing in foreclosures.

Michael Sadler

Why Would You Ever Want To Make Money Wholesaling

Real Estate Wholesaling

I go to these real estate association meetups and there are a few wholesalers.

Some wear suits. Some seem interested in learning.

Everyone in the room is competing versus each other.

It’s like it follows some kind of law.

I don’t really think that people are making money after five years of doing it because they don’t have a lot of competition figured out.

The only one that I see that takes all of the money is the man at the front of the door providing access to the rest of the real estate professionals, which are investors that have some sort of association with the MLS.

What happened to the days when you bought at discount?

You had to find a good deal.

What are the good marketing channels for you to spend your time and money?

That’s about it.

Once you figure out marketing channels that are legal and attract buyers and sellers. You can get more buyers and sellers!

Associations are a valuable way to get buyers and sellers.

Use Landing Pages For Wholesaling To Create Access To Chinese Buyers

Blog your way to China!

That’s what I’m doing!

I think.

It appears that everyone wants landing pages and to wholesale real estate. Why not use landing pages in your wholesaling business?!

That’s an idea!

You might get a list of $180M cash buyers.

Realtors have pocket listings.

They have off market..

With a list of $180M cash buyers you can make some money.

If they match!

These cash buyer and motivated seller landing pages match!

You only need a few good buyers.

Everyone tells me you only need 3 good contacts.

It’s all about vetting them.

There are so many newbie investors or people that are creating websites that don’t have developers.

Everyone needs a website.

There are only a few cash buyers at associations over the span of a few years.

It’s like a military secret that there aren’t actually cash buyers at real estate investors meetups.

Maybe people have aspirations of becoming cash buyers.

How can you start when everyone is starting.

The best way is to focus on building links. Or handing out business cards for a few years.

You might get a couple cash buyers. But who knows if they are serious.

Cash buyers like to shop and look at what gets their attention. Which is motivated sellers.

Wholesaling is about access to buyers and sellers

Find a marketing channel that works for you — if you want — ideally your website.

Build your website to be the main channel of attracting both buyers and sellers. 

Use the cash buyer and motivated seller APIs to build landing pages.

You want your website to be the way that you attract both cash buyers and motivated sellers.

No one wants to enter a negotiation 

Unless you just like to talk.

Exit the negotiation when you know you are not going to get what you want and can get your next best alternative elsewhere.

You will look like an executive and save a lot of time throughout the day.

I have still not perfected this skill.

People in the real estate industry are aggressive and want that dollar!

You can use assignee

In a real estate purchase and sale contract add “and/or assignee” at the end of your name.

Sign the purchase contract in your name. Assign the contract to the buyer using an addendum.

I have lots of buyers and sellers and could be doing this all day.

Too bad it’s too efficient; I’d be cutting everyone out of deals!

There are millions on the table.

The deals you find can’t be on the MLS

Buyers and sellers do not like listings that are found on the MLS. They want something that is different, off-market, discounted, and can’t be found anywhere else.

Professionals keep pocket listings of off-market property.

You need a buyer or a seller to start getting more buyers and sellers because buyers and sellers attract each other.

Use your website.


Michael Sadler