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What Renturly Means To Me And What I Want It To Mean To You!

Renturly allows me to exercise my entrepreneurial muscles and serve you as efficiently as possible.

Listings are popping up across north america! Everyone is now right in my backyard and I have been forging great relationships with our first listers of property. After a listing is posted, I start contacting the lister and learn a little more about their business and the market they operate in because I am interested. It's really exciting for me when I get notified about a new listing! My eyes get really big when taking in the photos of real estate, the financial details, and viewing the neighborhood on Google Maps! I get to make new relationships with people that are all over the world to help facilitate the deal.

It means a lot to me to have a successful business that involves lots of people and is profitable. It would be a dream to have Renturly provide real value to you for a long time!

The main types of people that benefit from Renturly are sellers, renters, real estate investors, and property managers.

Investors spend a lot of valuable time building relationships, prospecting real estate, analyzing property, negotiating deals, and maintaining property so that they can earn positive cash flow from their investments.

Property managers tend to spend a lot of time maintaining relationships with renters to help investors.

In most local north american markets, renters are having a hard time learning about available property that is for rent because it is rented out so quickly.

Right from launch, Renturly includes features that help streamline the work of all of these people, even with their diverse needs, making it the win-win solution when selling to the investor-buyer and property manager.

This is my vision for Renturly, one that I am working night and day to make a reality. But Renturly is only as good as the service it provides.

Please make Renturly better -- the best -- by sharing your thoughts on how my company can improve your real estate experience.

Michael Sadler

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