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Make Money Accessing Cash Buyers And Motivated Sellers

Build Your Vetted Cash Buyer And Motivated Seller List

Renturly Proves to be a Great Investor/Buyer Management Tool

Access Your Vetted Cash Buyer And Motivated Seller List Now!

Bird Dog the cash buyers list and motivated sellers list. And Pay The Bird Dog.

Need help interviewing, vetting Investors/Buyers? Use this automatically updated and generated bulk REO Investor/Buyer interview PDF from the Renturly system so that you can input collected information into the system and get matched with vetted sellers and bulk REO!

While doing a demo of Renturly, the bulk REO marketplace to a Buyers’ Rep assistant, I learned - again - how happy and enthusiastic end-users and industry members get about using Renturly as a solution for managing too much investor information because:

  • As the number of Investors increases - that you firm deals with - the information to manage is just staggering,
  • Renturly provides social networking potential where your saved data about your environment is matched with sellers/listings/portfolios/property/assets and not just with your own data
  • Using a spreadsheet is by far a less smart alternative
  • Renturly saves on having to remember any information about your environment!

Based off of this users excitement - and by my asking - $20 per month does not seem unreasonable for him to pay, even though it is free right now!

One thing that I am wondering is how much and what kind of education do I need to provide to you as “onboarding” so that you start to use the software regularly in your business. With this individual it seemed like 1 hour on the buyers’ order form was enough and that we would need more time for me to fully answer all of his questions about creating a portfolio with "listings", or assets and property in the terms that I use another day. Which, begs the question: Do you want me to create a screencast video answering all of the questions that came up during this demo so that you can start adopting the software quicker, on your own, or would you like me to answer your personalized questions about your business in order to “activate” you using the software?

Bird Dog the cash buyers list and motivated sellers list. And Pay The Bird Dog.