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Make Money Accessing Cash Buyers And Motivated Sellers

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I'm so tired of Tire Kickers in bulk REO - and so are YOU!

Access Your Vetted Cash Buyer And Motivated Seller List Now!

Bird Dog the cash buyers list and motivated sellers list. And Pay The Bird Dog.

After two different days interviewing customers - bulk REO buyers and sellers - I have found that you may be tire-kickers because you did not follow through with something: send me large dollar amount bank proof-of-funds (POF) - if you are a bank or direct to banks you should be able to follow through, and show-up for a scheduled telephone interview! I did fortunately hear back immediately from one person that I had a scheduled phone interview via LinkedIn with saying that he had a conference call run long, so that at least shows that he is serious about being in the bulk REO industry..

It just does not make sense to me to have the interest of a bulk Buyers’ Rep for an hour over the phone and then not have his assistant follow up - as promised - to learn how to populate Renturly with buyers’ orders!!!

Well, one of the biggest problems that Renturly solves for you, along with removing Daisy Chains in your contracts, is removing tire-kickers from your business. I guess, then, that’s why I am doing a lot of the leg work for you interviewing potential customers for the Renturly bulk REO marketplace and sourcing exclusive supplies of bulk REO for your Buyers’ Reps and their Buyers!

The newest feature coming out next allows Buyers’ Reps and Buyers upload Buyers’ bank proof-of-funds (POFs) so that everyone knows the buyers’ orders entered into the system are serious and vetted! The system will also scan the uploaded bank POFs for the total value and use that to match and let you filter matches based on the manually entered value being accurate and vetted by the system.

One problem, at first, that the Buyers’ Rep brought up was that he would have to get the Buyers’ permission to upload the bank POF to a system.  Uploaded bank POFs unlock - allow me to - supply the marketplace with exclusive bulk REO for Buyers to do deals with. One of the biggest justifications the Buyers’ Rep said that he would explain to his Buyers is that the system would not only unlock an exclusive supply of bulk REO to do deals with, it would completely rid our contracts of Daisy Chains so that we can earn more money per deal. Renturly’s commission would then be 10% of that Buyers’ Rep commission!

I hope that you enjoy this new feature called “OK-Bird” because everything is “OK” now that bank POFs have been verified upfront by our system, so that you do not have to deal with tire-kickers any longer!

Bird Dog the cash buyers list and motivated sellers list. And Pay The Bird Dog.