Make Money Accessing Cash Buyers And Motivated Sellers!

Bird Dog The OKBird For Fistfuls of Cash

Cancel At Anytime

It's nice when the birds flock together. Unfortunately... you don't have any matches!

Some things that you can do to access more of the flock are:

You need to:

access your buyers list and enter a Motivated Seller or

access your sellers list and enter a Cash Buyer.

Bring Me More Fistfuls of Cash:

  • Higher Proof of Funds
  • Cheaper Minimum Purchase Price, with Cap Rate
  • Wider Radius

  • Improve your Urly Bird Grade; This allows you to Access The Flock because it signals that you are not a Daisy Chain or Tire Kicker. You can do this by getting Cash Flow,
  • Make sure to save locations and asset types/building types because my algorithm depends on matching assets in a specific location. When saving locations include country name, city name, postal/zip code, or exact addresses and leave out any other descriptions because the algorithm turns your location into a specific geographical coordinate for matching,
  • Buyers need to be able to prove that they can pay the minimum purchase price,
  • Be the Principal buyer or seller and not a distant representative,
  • When you unsubscribe from your profile, click Cash Flow and make sure you buyers and sellers are Matching under Access Buyers and/or Access Sellers.

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