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Cash Buyer Landing Page That Matches You With Sellers

Cash Buyers Landing Page That Matches You With Sellers


Cash Buyers Landing Page

If your leads dry up your business dies.

Real estate blogging is just one of those nasty things that you have to do to get started in real estate.

It takes words to attract cash buyers and motivated sellers to your landing pages. Or you could just pay for traffic!

If you want, you could use my landing pages. They are probably the best on the market because of their ultra high conversion rates and matching algorithm. They match!

You will have a fully automated real estate business that produces cash flow when you close deals!

You can’t get visitors to fill in your landing pages if you don’t have any Moz Domain Authority. Ranking in Google is the best way to get leads. 

Social media sites are filled with acceptable levels of fraud.

If you want someone to pay you asking them to pay you is the only test. That and you can use the Moz Open Site Explorer Spam Score to see what is really going on on your site — and into my system.

I don’t want spam.

When you use my landing pages, your account is authenticated using your email.

But enough about my landing pages and more about your blogging. 

You need to blog to capture leads. Landing pages capture leads. Use mine. You’ll get paid by a realtor or investor, cash buyer, or motivated seller when you close a deal.

Making money is what it’s all about in real estate because it validates that your network is real.

I’d rather listen to the guy that made $5M in 5 years then the guy that hasn’t.

I’ve been at it for 4 years writing algorithms with industry feedback and I know that your website does not get started without a hundred blog posts.

At $1 or 10 cents a word it costs a fortune to have a blog that has mild Domain Authority.

Maybe you are better at making your content go viral every time you post and earn links. But for me, I only earned a few links from visitors from a year of blogging.

Maybe if I was a better writer I’d earn more links?

The question is: “Are you a good enough blogger to write for yourself or do you need to spend some of that startup fund on a brand specialist?”

It’s takes time to develop your voice when writing. Use your own voice for writing about real estate. 

Write like you speak.

If you write like you speak you should have no problem hitting 700 words per writing session. Before you get tired.

Blogging is the cheapest way to get started in real estate because it’s super inexpensive. It does cost a subscription to istockphoto for photos.

Don’t focus on how many blogs you publish a week. Focus on how many blog posts you have in total. That will increase your likelihood to get links form readers and will increase your Moz Domain Authority.

Better yet. Don’t focus on the number of blog posts that you have. 

Find buyers and sellers.

If you write to a marketplace of cash buyers and motivated sellers with a landing page you will get deals to close.

I have billions of dollars worth of cash buyers on my site that you can access.

ReSaas says that real estate blogging is hyper competitive because there are so many big blogs. 

The growth of a blog attached to a network is exponential and converts. It’s an uphill climb to have a website that competes with Zillow and the like.

You have got to have celebrity access. I mean, where do you get those blogs about mansions that just come on the market.

You don’t really need celebrity access. Even though access is what real estate is all about. 

Have you tried driving up to a gated community where the cash buyers live? 

Try getting access to that!

With your computer you can. Even with a saturated market!

What are you trying to rank for? Probably cash buyers and motivated sellers!

Everyone writes differently. Probably because everyone has different business models.

You could write about finance. Or you could write about the real estate industry.

Pick an industry to write about.

I’d tell you that writing to earn links on your own blog is all you have to do to grow a real estate blog for a real estate business. But you’d run out of energy trying to earn links while you write.

The links do come from blogging. On your own site.

Guest posting works too for links.

Answer the first ten pages of Google for a question buyers and sellers are trying to get answered. The number one question buyers want answered is: “Do you have any motivated sellers for me?” And the number one question sellers want answered is: “Do you have any cash buyers for me?”

I think this blog post is crap.

You need a website for deal flow. Leads.

If you spend the first decade of your business blogging building up your proprietary lead source. You can have a career in real estate that doesn’t run out — as long as you don’t run out of cash flow.

If you get tired of blogging without closing deals. You could sell the leads.

You also need to spend time on your branded business card because your contact information is your net worth in real estate. Your network is your net worth. 

You get to keep your buyers and seller with buyer and seller codes.

All you need to do is get contact information at events. 

This is better.

You have to be online.

Should you use Hootsuite to post your content on social media?

You should write your social media posts yourself to get started and build your network — if you aren’t hiring anyone to do it.

Ideally — you want your data and content to be automatically fed onto social media using Hootsuite so that your brand grows virally!

I think the goal of your blog is to get more cash buyers and motivated sellers so don’t worry about whether your blog is read.

Focus on whether your blog converts readers of your blog content in users filling out forms.

If you do that you’ll be a millionaire.

I think this advice is realtor and MLS listing specific. But if you want exclusive and proprietary cash buyers and motivated sellers then you need to share your buyers and sellers via your email list to attract even more buyers and sellers to your blog and landing pages!

Buyers attract sellers and sellers attract buyers. Blogging is for conversions.

Say what you mean. Blogging is for communicating.

Location targeting for real estate in Google Webmasters is important because you will get leads where you target except for locations with firewalls.

If you are too tired from trying to close deals in escrow then you could just put up a landing page and use social media. You could put your leads onto an RSS feed into Hootsuite so that you have an automatic feedback loop. Users on social media will see your buyers and sellers and fill out forms on your website!

What is a niche and why do you need one?

A niche is a group.

Audience. Target market. Followers. Your List.

They could hate you but want what you have.

Google topics that these people search for and write blog posts about the first few pages of answers.

Googling will give you lots to talk about.

You will know that you aren’t talking to yourself by getting conversions.

My landing pages convert!

Use Google Webmaster tools to find keywords that customers use to find you.

My keywords will probably be different from yours.

You might specialize in a market like California or Florida.

Good luck ranking for California or Florida house.

That’s Zillow territory.

But you could write and learn what words to rank for over time.

Write like you speak and you may never get tired.

That’s just a guess. I’ve been at it for four years.

I can’t stop talking about real estate and you are reading this!

Just click something…

Make blogging a habit.

You can get thousands of buyers and sellers real estate blogging.

Keep your cash buyers and motivated sellers in a secure database.

Hire graphic designers and brand specialists to be different.

When you use my landing pages your cash buyers and motivated sellers go into your buyers and sellers database where you can Toggle Match and access buyers and sellers.

You need to write a separate form to capture the email associated with the buyer or seller code on your landing page.

Hire a web developer using my API.

You’ll get matched! The conversion rate are as high as 60% to 80%.




Michael Sadler

Toggle Match

The most important thing is that when you save a buyer or seller you Toggle Match to matching so that when you Close the Deal you have a feed of buyers or sellers. It’s instant!

Toggle Match is the new test.

I already have feedback that one customer Toggles his seller off the market to not matching after receiving a his seller was just viewed alert!

I lose so much money when you Toggle your buyers and sellers to not matching.

This keeps your database clean!

You have to update the quality of your buyers and sellers as time goes on.

If you use the system you become an investor. This is good if you are just starting out!

Data in the system is proprietary and can be said to be mostly off market. You can’t find deals like this anywhere else.

It’s quicker load times when you grade a user!

The price is still $20 a month for matches. The matches are buyers or sellers.

Everyone wants more buyers and sellers!

Don’t forget to Toggle Match to matching and you will close a deal!

Michael Sadler

Fistfuls of Cash

Fistfuls of Cash

Michael Sadler

The Price is $20 A Month Because Of Possible Gaming Of Toggle Match

The Price is $20 A Month Because Of Possible Gaming Toggle Match!

Michael Sadler

Filter Buyers and Sellers By Codes

Now you can filter your buyers and sellers by codes.

You can get your buyer and seller codes in your Close The Deal matches feed when you hover over cash buyers and motivated sellers.

These codes are public.

Filtering buyer and seller codes from matches help you share buyers and sellers quicker on social media and toggle match after speaking with them!

Filter Buyer and Seller Codes

I recommend keeping your buyers and sellers in a localhost MAMP database.

I recommend having the Buyer And Seller Code as an auto incremented primary key so that each person has a unique code.

You can verify that they are unique by searching parts of names before inserting new names.

This is most secure compared to online alternatives.

These transactions are large!

Michael Sadler

Price is $1 Per Match Per Month


I changed my mind on the price… again!

The revenue is $1 per match! Consistently!

The goal of the marketplace is for you to interact or get matched!
The price is friction for that to happen.

I think if I charge $1 per match I will earn more subscriptions because more investors will pay $2–3 a month to a feed of matches getting access to buyers and sellers than if the price is a flat rate and higher.

This is a two-sided marketplace. Which, means, that someone else can pick up your tab to access you if you don’t pay.

For now conversions are at level with the $1 per match per month that allow for interacting.

When the site scales the $50M cash buyers can pick up the tab! Or everyone else can pay to access him!

Give me some feedback on the price!

Michael Sadler

Feed of Matches

I changed the price to $20USD because of scaling constraints.

The load time was reaching 60 seconds for 1200 matches. I reduced the load time to 3 seconds for a 100 matches. 

More matches get fed into that matches table.

When you update your buyers and sellers your feed gets updated at the top so that you can access previous buyers and sellers that you were working with.

No worries about losing contact information.

Michael Sadler

Wholesaling Real Estate: The Mating Dance

Mating Dance

I love wholesaling. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like the contracts and earnest money deposits in the States or the downpayments in Canada. 

What I love about wholesaling is the quick matching of buyers and sellers. You still need to use the phone and interview buyers and sellers. Collect documents.

The only thing that gets in the way of success when wholesaling real estate is fraud.

You never know if you are wholesaling a real billion dollar portfolio until you get your fee held in escrow from the buyer.

Do you really think that your website is strong enough to get a seller quick enough before your contract runs out? Mine is. 

Mine instantly matches buyers to sellers and promotes them virally to attract even more buyers and sellers

If you want to wholesale you need a viral marketing machine that automatically brings you buyers and sellers.

If you do wholesaling long enough, the only difference between you and the crowd is your logo.

If you have a different experience that you repetitively do then you are a winner. 

That different experience when wholesaling backed by a logo is money.

Forget all of the people. Currencies depend on marketplaces. Turn your logo into an asset.

It’s up to you to decide where you place your logo— letterhead — in real estate it’s value is backed by the size of your network. Flock.

Real estate wholesaling can be done with limited funds compared to the other strategies according to Brandon Turner over at BiggerPockets

I think it’s true.

The part where I disagree is that almost every startup takes $16K to get going.

The only thing that you have to worry about with wholesaling is whether you have enough leads coming in at the top of your marketing funnel for the amount of runway you have. It should take 9 months to close a deal if you aren’t a good closer — because you have to get desperate enough to learn to close the deal.

There is so much money out there but you have to remember that each connection is only worth $1. I don’t know where the money comes from if there is a marketplace competing to close deals. 

The lead sites want buyers and sellers and are investors — probably. The sites charge far more than $1 a lead but I think it’s military that controls the price of real communication between buyer and seller to be a dollar.

You need to connect with real buyers and sellers. They don’t have to be cash buyers and motivated sellers — but principal. Not direct to or a representative of.

If you have the Flock’s landing pages on your websites then you can see if you have real buyers and sellers. The price of the communication is $1 per match. 

Is the communication all of the money or not?

I don’t know.

I have billions of dollars in cash buyers funds on my site. It’s like real cash when they are matched. 

Are you making money as a wholesaler when the price of that deal is $1 dollar. 

It’s absurd to pay $500 a month at another site for a list of leads or $2000. You probably get more leads at a higher price.

So, how can you make money at a lower price on my site when my matching algorithm prices out middlemen. 

Maybe I have it all wrong. A pop costs a dollar — or a soda in the States — it doesn’t mean that the price of soda supports the American dollar.

How can you have 300 contacts and not make money? You should be making $150M in commissions on my site.

You become the middle man when you use my landing pages.

If you can pay a $1 a match then you are in business.

The network pays for those who can’t pay.


Are you traveling all over the world doing deals or are you doing it locally?

Most wholesalers are marketing different locations remotely because that’s where the marketplace is.

Locations are important.

With a central server you can do deals remotely from anywhere in the world; The locations are digital — but real!

On the motivated sellers list and cash buyers list the dots on the map overlap. So it looks like there is only one seller in the location. All the dot tells you is that there are buyers and sellers in that location — You need to list a buyer or seller to access a list in that matching location. 

If you list a buyer, or from your landing page, that buys everything all over the States you’ll get 100 matches. 

If you list a buyer that buys in one market for a few asset types — or buildings — you’ll get 3 or 4 matches.

The number of matches that you’ll get grow over time — so these numbers are not static — You’ll get more!

The question is: “Do you want to send contracts and close deals locally.” 

I know professionals on LinkedIn that post pictures of them closing deals using FaceTime and messaging apps without even meeting their buyers and sellers in person.

If you submit 30 contracts you should close one deal.

Locations are pretty messed up on the web. The best location server by far is Google Maps. That’s what I use on my site to match. Even the best analytics companies don’t have reliable locations. For me anyways. Whenever I use my site at a different location my analytics shows the wrong location and the profile on my website even shows the wrong location. The matches locations are accurate but I’m not sure about analytics or the profiles — if they keep changing.

Are people traveling doing deals? 

It’s pretty easy to see a list of buyers and sellers on your phone and use it to look up what you listed on the Flock using buyer and seller codes if you are using the spreadsheets. You can use Google Sheets and it’s pretty easy.

I use the spreadsheets to send emails to matches buyers and sellers

The Legal When Wholesaling Real Estate

Don’t set up too many corporations when you are getting started out. You can file a corporation yourself if you fill out the paperwork rather than hiring a lawyer. 

With corporations, you have to use double entry accounting each year and not the cash method. Double entry accounting can take more time. That might sound funny to say!

I think wholesaling is legal if you don’t represent the buyer or seller in an agency agreement. I’m not a lawyer but why can’t you invest in real estate?

I think it’s different in every jurisdiction. 

Lawyers are expensive.

It takes 30 contracts to get a closed deal. 

You should hire an attorney.

Consider it a apart of your $16K “no money” startup budget. Don’t forget to order business cards.

The key to the steps is assignment in your purchase and sale contracts so that you can flip the contract — not the real estate — to a buyer from a seller.

If you are getting money upfront from the buyer in escrow then you can sign the purchase and sale contract with the buyer first using an assignment where you write your name.


You need a blog.

Big websites have 100s of thousands of visitors to their website each month. Mine just converts real virally.

Landing pages are useless without a advertising budget or a blog. Google Adwords is expensive. Buyers and sellers on Facebook fill in forms for a reasonably price. Send business cards in direct mail with your landing page on it.

Get cash buyers from your landing pages. In other words — your website!

If you have two landing pages — one for buyers and one for sellers you can send contracts out to each hoping to close a deal.

I like the idea of getting a deposit in escrow from cash buyers — cause you know they have the cash!

That way when the deal closes with a lawyer you get paid — and don’t have to worry about getting cut out.

If you do get cut out, just consider it your 29 tries out of 30 that convert to a closed deal.

You should net millions.

If you don’t, you will have a valuable list of cash buyers and motivated sellers.

These lists propel your career forward. Each buyer gives you a seller and each seller gives you a buyer. Sometimes it multiplies — over time!

It just takes time.

Even a really viral marketing machine takes year to grow cash flow when it starts on a small budget.

I think that’s enough for marketing — You just need names.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to wholesale a real estate deal.

It takes time and money to wholesale contrary to this because you have to set up your own marketing system — purchase one — and have money for earnest money deposits.

If you love rejection you can try submitting purchase and sale contracts without earnest money deposits.

You are competing versus other investors — even ones that are just starting out submitting contracts.

Why not scale your marketing system to close many deals and not just one?


You need to follow up to collect documents for weeks.

Where are you going to get your first buyer and seller?

Social media.

I agree it takes time.


What skills do you need to be good at to be a profitable real estate wholesaler?

You need to know your personality type. Everyone is a driver. 

Are you a driver or are you analytical?

Drivers close deals and don’t always look for win-win solutions. You see this all the time in the real estate industry. 

Analytical people are good for doing the math and problem solving.

Try closing a deal with a win-win in an environment of people that are out for themselves — or are drivers.


Profit is made by calculating after repair value (ARV) minus expenses.

It’s like an income statement for each deal.

Each middleman needs their cut.

That has been Wholesaling Real Estate: The Mating Dance.

Go get a landing page installed on your website!

Michael Sadler

AccessTheFlock.io Buyers, Sellers, and Matches Pagination

Now you can page through your buyers, sellers, and matches with the click of two buttons.

The buttons are at the bottom of the feed for easy scrolling down.

Cash Buyer and Motivated Seller Pagination

The pages are 100 in size.

Now when you install the cash buyer and motivated seller landing pages you can control your buyers and sellers more easily without your account overflowing.

New cash buyers and motivated sellers appear at the top of the feed.

There is no search; You can access profiles. 

Where buyers are looking and assets for sale are underlined so you can view the deals in one screen before contacting and rating your matches.

It’s still $1 a month per match.

Michael Sadler

AccessTheFlock.io Toggle Matches

You can take all matches off the market with the click of a button and put them back on just as easily.

If you want to toggle one buyer or seller you can click Toggle Match and the system will recalculate the match — Or it will match!

Every match gets an email. Emails go out. It goes on Google.

Emails go to the right person. It’s not spam.

Divorce Leads

Michael Sadler