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Michael Sadler

Higher Quality Buyer and Seller Matching Algorithm

You are more likely to do deals with Renturly’s higher quality buyer and seller real estate matching algorithm; It keeps down the noise and leaves you with real dealmaking possibilities. As such, there are currently only 5 real matches. Keep in mind no one is graded in the system and that is the real way of knowing whether someone is a Daisy Chain or Tire Kicker so I will be making access to buyers and sellers that aren’t rated free because you will be doing the work of initially vetting them out and providing that feedback to the community. Your incentive to rate people is that the higher people’s Urly Bird Grade the more likely they are to show up in search results and the higher they rank; So they get more business. Likewise, low graded Urly Birds will tend not to show up in results and will show up lower in results as a signal that they aren’t worth your time.

Renturly has a new more strict buyer and seller matching algorithm for you to close deals with!

 It's nice when the birds flock together. 

Some things that you can do to access more of the flock are:

  • Make sure to save locations and asset types/building types because my algorithm depends on matching assets in a specific location,
  • Improve your Urly Bird Grade; This dramatically boosts your ranking in results because it signals that you are not a Daisy Chain or Tire Kicker. You can do this by asking people you know that trust you to vote you higher on Renturly,
  • Be the Principal buyer or seller and not a distant representative
  • Make sure you aren't asking too much commission as a seller. Likewise, make sure you can pay seller's commission as a buyer. 3% is industry standard.
  • Buyers need to be able to prove that they can pay the minimum purchase price.
  • If you are a seller, add properties to your portfolio too; It adds more points and ranks you higher with buyers
  • Great locations get extra points and War zones get points taken away.

Michael Sadler

The Buyer Widget For Your Website is Done!!!

It took a couple of months and it’s finally here for you test out.

Go to the Welcome page here: http://www.renturly.net/site/welcome and follow these steps:

  • Insert your website
  • Copy and paste the lengthy code on to your website where you would like the widget, and that’s it!

The buyer widget is designed to give you more buyer leads and access to the network of sellers on Renturly so that you are instantly matched and can close a deal right away. You will get an email of your new buyer lead and a link to the Birds of a Feather Real Estate Matching System where you can browse the matches.

I am still testing to make it non-circumvention when traffic comes to Renturly through the widget.

Michael Sadler

Renturly Is Not Continuing The Affiliate Program

Renturly is not continuing the affiliate program because it did not generate any referral revenue. 

Michael Sadler

1 Month Free Trial Under New $19.99 Monthly Plan

A few customers recommended that you get a 1 month free trial under a $19.99 plan so now you can try 1 month free!

Existing subscribers get to benefit from the 1 month free as well. They have been switched over to the new $19.99 monthly plan. 

Michael Sadler

Birds of a Feather Now Shows POF Amount, Relation to Seller/Buyer

Now Birds of a Feather Real Estate Matching System now shows the buyer’s POF amount, and each user’s relation to seller and relation to buyer, such as whether they are the seller or buyer, direct to the seller or buyer, or know the seller or buyer’s representation. This better helps you decide whether to close the deal all in one screen.

Michael Sadler

Legal: "Unsure whether it is even allowed under..."

It was mentioned to me by a realtor that paid 5 months subscriptions before cancelling was that she was unsure whether Renturly is even allowed under her rules and guidelines.

Some take-aways from legal advice is that Renturly is not collecting commissions, it is an information source for other registered dealers and brokers, and it is state by state and province by province dependent.

Michael Sadler

"Public - Matching" Is Now Default So That You Can See Your Leads

“Public - Matching” is the status that when set allows you to see your leads when you save a portfolio, property, or buyer’s criteria.

Previously, the default selected was for “Private - Not Matching”. 

Now that the default status is “Public - Matching” you will always be able to see your leads right after you save a portfolio, property, or buyer’s criteria unless you select “Private - Not Matching” and prefer it to be private.

Michael Sadler